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New patch coming 2 October
At the official Sims 2 BBS, MaxoidLucky posted a message that a new patch is in the works.
Go see it here: Patch message

New cheats 3 October
2 New cheats have been found:
boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false With this cheat, you can place objects outside the grid.
intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 8 With this cheat, you can invite more people to your parties.
For a detailed explanation about these 2 cheats, click here: New Cheats

Something different: shexxeh_ciara, from my forums, discovered a secret page on the Sims 2.com. Check out this odd page yourself here: A Llama in every home

New poll 3 October
Time for a new poll. The new question is which aspiration you choose most often. Click here for this new poll.
Last weeks question was what you thought about The Sims 2 now it's out for awhile. Almost 3 quarters is most satisfied with it. 2264 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about the game?
- I love it! It's fantastic!: 52%
- I think it's a pretty good game: 21%
- It's ok, but I expected it to be alittle better: 11%
- I'm alittle disapointed in the game: 2%
- I don't have it (yet): 14%

New minigame 5 October
2 Days ago, I told about the page A Llama in every home. Now, shexxeh_ciara, (from the forums) found yet another page! It's a very funny shooting game.
Go check it out here: As if we need a website

Skinpack 5 October
Gamespot has several skins up for download but now they added a skinpack wich contains outfits that you can unlock in the game like the grim reaper, astronaut, maid, etc.
If you want to download them, you need to register but that is free. Here's the link: Unlocked skins

New chat 6 October
On the Sims2.com is announced that tomorrow, there will be a chat with Producer Thomas Vu and Art Director David Patch.

Chat transcript 8 October
The chat transcript has been posted on Thesims2.com. Go read it here: Chat transcript

Developer interview 10 October
Gamespot posted a developer interview 3 where several producers talk how they enjoyed making and playing the game.
Go see this video here: Interview

New poll 10 October
Time for a new poll. From almost all review sites, the game had very high ratings. What rating would you give? Answer this question by going to the new poll here.
Last weeks question was what aspiration you mostly take for your sims. Almost half prefers the family one. 2280 people voted and here are the results:

What aspiration do you use most?
- Fortune: 11%
- Knowledge: 12%
- Family: 49%
- Romance: 22%
- Popularity: 6%

New article 12 October
Gamespot posted an article where they look back at the devolopment of the game.

"The Sims 2's development apparently started in earnest some three years ago, in late 2001, when a team of about 10 developers began to lay the foundation for the sequel's highly enhanced graphics engine, making the jump from 2D environments to a fully 3D world with large, colorful 3D characters."

Read the entire article here: Gamespot article

Haloween objects coming 13 October
Gamespy posted an article where they mention that Thursday October 14, there will be several haloween objects for download. A giant pumpkin, an inflatable black cat, and a bunch of monsters popping out of a cauldron.
Read the entire article here: Gamespy article

New pics 14 October
As read in the article from Gamespy yesterday, today you can download some custom objects. Click on the Custom Content Browser as pictured left, to connect to TheSims2.com.

Update: Now you can also download them from the sims2.com exchange here: Haloween objects

Houses 17 October
Simc233, a member of my forums has created 2 houses from the early previews that weren't placed in the game. Left is the house from the very first pictures; When there was still weather in the game, and right is the house from the twins movie. You can download these houses here: Preview houses

MikeInside, one of the mods in the forums, has created several tutorials for house building, like circular stairs, bridges, custom roofs, etc.
I've placed this page in the 'info center', but you can go to his page right here: The Sims 2 Inside

And lastly, have you already found this little cottage in the woods yet? It's nothing special really but it's pretty small and not everyone may have seen it yet. It's in the Pleasantville neighbourhood.

New poll 17 October
A new poll. The Sims 2 is here officially a month now. To those that stopped playing sims 1, do you miss your old sims? Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was what rating you would give to the game. 79% give the game a 9 or higher. 1973 people voted and here are the results:

What rating would you give?
- 10: 32%
- 9.5: 25%
- 9: 22%
- 8.5: 10%
- 8: 5%
- 7.5: 2%
- 7: 1%
- 6 or lower: 2%

Sims 2 for Mac 19 October
Gamespot posted the news that Aspyr Media will publish The Sims 2 for Mac. Read that news here: Gamespot article
According to the Aspyr website, the game is in early development and the estimated release date is May 2005.

Site news 24 October
Just a little message that I changed the 'info center' somewhat, and that it's updated with some tutorials from The Sims2.com. I've gathered links to 9 of the best tutorials in this section.
If you made a particular tutorial and don't want it linked from here let me know.

New poll 24 October
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you stop the aging of your sims. Click here for this new poll: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you miss your sims from the first game. Almost half don't miss them at all. 2050 people voted and here are the results:

Do you miss your old sims?
- Yes I miss them alot!: 10%
- Just a little bit: 37%
- No, not at all: 45%
- No, cause I still play sims 1!: 5%
- I never played sims 1: 3%

Will Wright interview 25 October
Redassedbaboon.com had an interview with the creator of the Sims, Will Wright. It's a short interview and he talks a bit about the games he made in the past.
Read it here: Will Wright interview

SimEnhancer 2 26 October
Simenhancer was a very popular program to change things in the original The Sims game. Now Simenhancer 2 has been released. With this program, you can alter a great number of things in The Sims 2 like:

- View characters in the game including the NPC's.
- Change Character First Name, Last Name (Family Name), and Description (Bio).
- Change Personality, skills, interests and aspiration.
- Job, School, and Retired Job
- Increase/Decrease relationships.
And many more things. It's not free though. The program is $19.95, but you can download a 48 hour trial.
Learn more about the program here: Simenhancer 2

New tutorials 29 October
You can find 2 new tutorials in the 'info center'. One to create custom pools and one to create high dives.
Credit for the custom pools goes to Freggi, from Simworld.de for discovering this trick.
Go check out these tutorials here:
- Custom pools
- High dive

New hacked object 29 October
Simchaotics.com has a new hacked object for The Sims 2 for download. It's a painting to max your sims needs.
Go see it here: www.simchaotics.com

Presidential movie 30 October
Gamespot posted a short funny movie (Official movie 12) based on the presidential debate.
Go see it here: Gamespot movie.

Site news 31 October
Snooty Sims has just reached 1 Million visitors! I am very happy with that fact and also alittle proud. Also the forum has now over 1600 members with over 100.000 messages.
Thanks to all those that have visited, now and in the past. This site will always try to keep you updated with all the latest Sims 2 news, and also there are several other things coming soon like more cheats and downloads.

New poll 31 October
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is: Do you often build swimmingpools? Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you turn off the aging for your sims. This time it's pretty evenly devided. 1314 people voted and here are the results:

Do you stop the aging?
- Yes. All my families live forever!: 6%
- Often. Only some will live longer: 26%
- No. Some live longer but most will age: 34%
- No. All my sims will age normally: 34%