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New pictures 1 October
At thesims.de, they have some new Sims 2 pictures about the toddlers room. Check them out!

Site news 4 October
3 New Sims 2 pictures have been added, 1 new movielink and 2 new links.
Because there are now a dozen movies, I thought it would be a nice idea to have a picture of the movie instead of just the link.

Fansite kit 5 October
The Sims 2 fansite kit has been released by Maxis. In it, you can find some Sims 2 websites graphics and pictures. The new pictures have been added to this site yesterday. Thanks to The sims 2 resource for this news.
Get the fansite kit here: fansite kit.

Countdown 5 October
As you may have noticed, I have added a Sims 2 countdown. I've chosen for a release date of February 4, 2004 since I'm pretty sure that will be the release date (or close to that). When the official releasedate is known, I will change the clock to countdown to that day.

Site news 9 October
There is really not much news at all this week about the Sims 2. So I just tell allitle something about my site instead.
I have replaced the vote-link with the tsr one, cause they have now a big Sims 2 section. Currently, I'm placed 10.000 on that list so if you want to do me a favor, click on that link.

I had some mails about the countdown clock not being correct. I know it's not correct, cause not even Maxis knows the real release date. The date mentioned on several sites, Feb.14, is chosen because Maxis say the release date is in the first quarter of 2004. And Feb.14 is exactly the middle of that (Feb.15 is a Sunday).
I'm hard at work on the facts list and I try to get it finished next weekend. Also the poll will then be weekly again.

Sims 2 chat 10 October
There was a Sims 2 chat yesterday. You can find several of the things that were said on this site: Sims 2: Next generation. It's in the news section.
It will probably take some days for Maxis gives the chat-transcript, but when it's available, I will place it in the previews section

New preview 11 October
I found a new preview on an Australian site. Most is known but there are a couple new things in it. Read it here: Game Power Australia.

Misc. news 11 October
Some new Sims 2 pictures AND a new movie is released! Find the movie here: New movie. The new pictures are now in my pictures section.
Also I have added another top-sites banner (the last one, I promise!).

New poll 12 October
There is a new poll. This poll is; Will you already make families with CAS.
The last poll, what exp. should Maxis make, was voted by 444 people. Almost half of you want Unleashed 2 and a quarter Hot Date 2.
I mentioned it a few days ago, but the poll will now be weekly.

Chat transcript 14 October
The Sims 2 chat is now available at the Official Sims site, so check it out! You can also check it out in the previews section.

Site news 18 October
I have started my facts page. I promised it last week, but I wanted to wait for the Sims chat. The facts page is not at all finished yet, but I will add to it in the coming time.

New poll 20 October
Today, I have added a new part to the facts list. I also have a new poll. This poll is what do you think about the fact that teens can't 'play'.
Although the last poll only lasted a week, still over 300 people voted. The question was if you will already make families with CAS. The results are:
-Yes I will make many families: 50%
-Yes I will make some: 25%
-1 or 2 sims to check it out: 13%
-I wait until the game is out: 12%

Misc. news 22 October
It's finally here! The official Sims 2 website. Check it out here: www.thesims2.ea.com

Also, 1 new picture can be found in the pictures section. And keep an eye out on Gamespot; The last designer diary was held 1 month ago.

Designer diary 4 24 October
As expected, there is a new designer diary at Gamespot. Check it out here: Designer diary 4
Gamespot also posted 4 new screenshots.

Site news 24 October
Just a a quick message saying that I added the designer diary in 'previews', the new screenshots in 'pictures' and also I added a lifestages page in 'facts'.

New pictures 25 October
I found 11 brand new Sims 2 pictures. Check them out in my pictures section!

New pictures 26 October
3 More new Sims 2 screenshots from a German magazine can be found in the pictures section. Thanks to Bballchyk21 from the Sims BBS for finding these.

New poll 26 October
There is a new poll: which of the 3 control panels do you like most. The last poll was voted by 312 people. Here are the results:
What do think about the fact that teens can't 'play'?
- I'm very dissapointed!: 35%
- It's too bad...: 30%
- I don't care.: 23%
- Teens shouldn't play!: 11%

New pictures 27 October
1 new Sims 2 screenshot and 2 pictures from the German magazine in better quality can be found in the pictures section.

Site news 29 October
In the preview section, I've placed some info what is on the Sims 2 preview cd that you get with Makin'Magic. It's not the perfect place for that so I will only leave it there for a week or so.
Also I have added a new part in my facts page. Further site news; I removed the big 1 page with all the pictures on it. I didn't like the look of it and having 2 pages for pictures was alittle unneccesary.

Sims 2 preview CD 31 October
I have purchased Makin'Magic and unlike some reports, there are several new Sims 2 pictures on the preview cd. I will add those to my site later today.
Further I really want to reccomend this cd to anyone. There is lots of interesting information on it. So even if you don't intend to play Makin'Magic, like me, it's worthwhile to get it.

New pictures 31 October
For the people who don't have the Sims 2 preview cd, I've placed half the pictures in the 'Pictures' section and the other half in the 'Previews' section.