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Pool pics 4 November
In a few days, The Sims 4 will be getting pools. Below some pool pics that have been released so far:


Pools 4 November
The Sims 4 has pools! With today's update, the sims can now swim in swimming pools.
A trailer has been released which can be seen here: The Sims 4 pools

Also, the Simguru's are answering questions about pools on the official forums here: Sims forums

Nicole Rauschnot and Shannon Copur wrote a blog about this update: New blog

Check the patch update here: Sims 4 update

Interview 4 November
Game Informer had an interview with producer Ryan Vaughan about these updates and asked him why the game wasn't delayed.
Read the article here: Interview

In another article, Ryan Vaughan talks some more about the pools and the upcoming next patch, the new careers: Interview II

Site news 15 November
I've been a bit silent, but that's because I'm working on a lot of time-consuming things for the site. The first one is finally ready. It's an info page about all the options for the Base traits.
Check it out here: Sims 4 traits
I hope to finish the other things in a week or two, but may post some of it before then if I'm done with it earlier.

Site news II 17 November
Another site update. I extracted 548 icons from the Sims 4 and made them available to download. To the left you see a small portion of them.
Get them here: Sims 4 icons

More stuff later this week.

Site news III 22 November
While searching for the icons (see below post), I came across several concept neighborhood screens in the game files.
Check them here: Concept screens

Gallery 25 November
TheSims.com brings the news that now you can view the Sims 4 gallery in a webbrowser. This will give several benefits like sharing creations on Twitter and Facebook.

Read the details here: Sims 4 Gallery

New patch 26 November
The Sims 4 is patched. See the fixes here: Sims 4 update