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Site news 2 November
Two site updates; Plumbot traits and the two new Into the Future traits Unstable and Bot Fan have been added and updated: Plumbot traits - Into the Future traits.

Sims3Store update 8 November
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Grandpa's Grove: 24 items for $19,- (temporarily $17,-)

Site news 17 November
I have updated the page with all the free Sims3Store items. Check it here: Free items.

Sims3Store update 21 November
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Mother Russia: 31 items for $19,- (temporarily $16,-)

Roaring Heights 25 November
A new world is coming to the Sims3Store. Roaring Heights is a world based on the 1930 from America. In a sims3forum topic, all the details and more screenshots can be found: Roaring Heights info.


Roaring Heights update 28 November
EA has put up the infopage for this new downloadable world (available December 12) here: Roaring Heights info.

And SimGuruTaterTot wrote a blog about the fashion from this world: It's all about the Fashion.


Merry Simsmas 29 November
Merry Simsmas from the Sims team: 12 Days of Simsmas