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New poll 16 November
There was a new poll posted a few days ago. The question is if your Sims do laundry. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you use the Create-a-World program. Looking at the results, it's not a very popular program; Almost half of all voters haven't tried it yet and those that did, found it either too complicated or too boring. Only 5% made a few nice worlds with CAW.
2068 people voted and here are the results:

Do you use the Create-a-World program?
- No haven't tried it yet: 47%
- Yes, but found it too complicated: 36%
- Yes, but it's too time-consuming/boring: 12%
- I made a few worlds, but nothing spectacular: 3%
- Yes, it's great and made several worlds: 2%

Future store set 17 November
EA posted a screenshot on Facebook about a future Store set. See the picture on the left.

Cyber Monday 29 November
Today is Cyber Monday at the Sims3.com. During the day, many sets will be sold at a much cheaper price; Some even at 50%!
Check here for more info: Sims3 Facebook - Store deals