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World Adventures gold 3 November
EA has sent out a press release that World Adventures has gone gold. This means the game is ready and off to the factory to be duplicated.
Read the news here: IGN article

World Adventures previews 3 November
Dutch site Sims3Nieuws posted a report on their trip to the World Adventures preview. The article contains information about the 3 regions, there's an interview with associate producer Grant Rodiek and lots of info about Create-A-World.
Read it here: Sims3Nieuws preview

The Sims Resource also posted a big preview here: TSR preview

Screenshots galore 5 November
A number of fansites that visited the World Adventures event, posted a lot of screenshots from the expansion. Check the links below:
TSR Murano

New sets in Sims 3 Store 6 November
The Sims 3 Store is updated with lots of new sets and even a few free items!
- Tomb Sled Sleeper and The Desert’s End: Free
- Asian Fusion: 27 items, 1.000 Simpoints ($0,37 per item).
- Mischief Makers' Bedrooms: 31 items, 1.250 Simpoints ($0,40 per item).
- Critter Comforts: 18 items, 850 Simpoints ($0,47 per item).
- Forest Bedroom: 13 items, 650 Simpoints ($0,50 per item).
- Wild Wears: 12 items, 400 Simpoints ($0,33 per item).
There is also new Christmas clothing and some new Hairtypes though unfortunately they're not in a particular set which makes them pretty expensive ($0,75 for a shirt).

World Adventures Gamespot updates 11 November
Gamespot had a Hands-On with World Adventures and posted a new movie and a few screenshots.
Check it here: Gamespot Hands-On

New preview 11 November
Worthplaying posted a small article on photography in World Adventures.
Find it here: Worthplaying preview
Thanks to Sim3Nieuws for the find.


Misc. news 13 November
New free items
The Sims 3 Store has added 2 new free items, a Sleeker Sleeper and a Cellar Arch.

World Adventures diary
Another update at theSims3.com is a diary from an adventurous Sim who visits all three regions.
Read it here: World Adventures diary

New videos
And lastly, 2 new World Adventures videos have been released. Gametrailers posted the TV commercial for the expansion as well as a simlish song from Nelly Furtado.
See them here: TV commercial - Simlish song

Misc. news 14 November
New movie
EA has published a new World Adventures movie on YouTube here: Adventures of Brad

World Adventures screens
Dutch fansite Sim3Nieuws got their copy of World Adventures a few days ago and made several screenshots already.
See them in their forum here: Sim3Nieuws

New patch coming
The UK Sims forum posted a message from a Community Representative telling that there will be a new patch soon. Besides fixes, this patch will also give some new features.
Check this message here: UK forum topic

World Adventures and mods
After installing World Adventures, I first checked if custom content was still working. Objects, skins and clothes all still seem to be working. Mods however is a different story. For example my buyable Life Fruit stopped working as well as several others. Censorpatch still works though, but it's clear that a lot of mods will need to be updated.

Misc. news 16 November
World Adventure screenshots
Fansite Sims Planet2 posted a few screenshot of the expansion on their forum here: World Adventure screenshots

Behind the scenes simlish
EA released a behind-the-scene video on recording simlish for World Adventures.
See it here: Kotaku.com

Misc. news 17 November
World Adventures released
EA posted a press release that World Adventures is now available worldwide.
Read it here: Press release

New official patch
There's a new patch available for your game. You can get it by simply starting the game launcher. Many people however seem to have problems with the patch like launching and saving the game. Also the list of fixes isn't available anymore on the Sims3.com. So it is adviced to wait with downloading it and wait for an update.

New free item in store
The Sims3Store has updated with a new free item. The Modern HDTV can be downloaded here: New free download

Misc. news 18 November
Patch problem fix
EA posted a temporary solution to the problem with the latest patch. Until a fix is made, you should choose "Save as..." instead of "Save".
Read the full details here: EA help

Primaguide preview
As with all previous Primaguides, they publish a small section on their site for free to look into. 29 infopages on World Adventures in total.
Get it here: World Adventures primaguide

IGN reviews World Adventures
IGN is the first big gamingsite to write a review on World Adventures. They give it a good 8.3 score.
Read it here: IGN review

New musicvideo
Pixie lott has a duet with her Simself in this video: Pixie lott music video

Patch update 19 November
EA released a new patch to fix the former patch. This update will give you no more save problems. If you have corrupted save files, check out the following help page: EA help

New poll 24 November
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you have already spent some of your free Simpoints. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you would like the Official Sims Magazine in your own language. 1 out of 4 people isn't interested but 1 third would love such a magazine. 12% can already buy it in their own language.
1900 people voted and here are the results:

Would you like the Official Sims Magazine in your own language?
- No, it's already in my language: 12%
- No it doesn't interest me: 24%
- Depends on the contents: 31%
- Yes, I would love that!: 33%

Stuff pack confirmed 24 November
The UK EA site has posted info about the first Sims3 Stuff pack. It's named Design & Hightech Stuff and will be released on February 5, next year.
This pack is actually a 10th Anniversary pack and includes three items from the former Sim games: The heart-shaped vibrating bed, the electric guitar, and the aquarium.
Check the full details here: EA UK infopage
Thanks to Sim Times and Sim Operations for this news.

Misc. news 27 November
Sims3.com updates
The official Sims 3 site posted infopages on both the upcoming new Stuff pack and the Create-a-World program. No real new information though.
Check the pages here: High-End Loft - Create-a-World

World Adventures guides
I've mentioned Carl's guides in the past and like to mention them again as they updated with several new guides. They have an overview of the new things in the pack and info on the new skills, but more guides are sure to come.
Take a look here: Carl's Sims 3 Guides

Updated censor patch
Someone pointed out to me that there is an updated censor patch. While the old patch still works, it also removes several World Adventures special effects. The new censor patches only removes the pixelationblur and nothing else.
Get the updated patch here: ModTheSims downloads