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Sims3.com update 1 November
TheSims3.com updated with 2 Halloween screenshots:


Site news 3 November
Just returned from the Sims3 fanevent. Ben Bell showed a little demo of the game. Mostly about the new features like customization, the new CAS and the neighborhood. Though time was limited, I did get to ask quite a few of your questions. Some will be disapointed with the answers while some will be very happy.
The pics I took are a bit dark-ish, but that's because it was night-time in the demo and it was not presented on a tv-screen. I'll try to fix them up a bit though. I hope to get the preview ready in a few hours.
A few newsbits:
- I discovered 4 new traits: Technophobe, Unflirty, Stubborn, Neurotic.
- There will be tools to make all kinds of custom content but NOT a tool to create objects.
- You can move houses around but not change the roads.
- No weather and apartments.
More in the upcoming preview...

Site news 3 November
My Sims 3 report is done and can be found here: Sims 3 preview/Q&A

Several other fansites were at the presentation and also Spanish fansites will post previews as well soon. Will post the links when they're available.

Misc. Sims 3 news 4 November
HLRESims from the Sims2 BBS posted a few images, recieved from EBgames. It shows the Neighborhood and a few of its inhabitants.
Check it out here: Sims2 BBS

And Gamespot posted an interview with Ben Bell. They talk about traits, dreams and wishes and more. He was a bit evasive when it came to questions concerning the Sims 2 community though.

Check the interview here: Gamespot

New Sims 3 trailer 6 November
EA released a new trailer for The Sims 3. This one specifically shows Create-a-Sim, the traits and how these traits effect them in the game. The trailer also shows some really good shots of the neighborhood!
Check it out here: Gametrailers.com


Mansion & Garden update 7 November
TheSims2.com updated their Garden & mansion Stuff page with new screenshots and items. Check the page here: TheSims2.com.


New poll 10 November
There's a new poll. This weeks question is which major Sims 3 feature you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what Sims 3 information you would like to see more of. The clear winner of this poll is Babies/Pregnancies with 37%. And just this info wasn't spoken of in the Producer's tour! Same goes for Build mode. About other features like the Neigborhood, CAS and Traits, we recieved lots of info the past days. Cheats and NPC's are the least interesting for most people.
4533 people voted and here are the results:

What Sims 3 information would you like to see more of?
- Build mode: 15%
- Create-a-Sim: 11%
- Traits behaviour: 11%
- Babies/pregnancies: 37%
- Cheats: 3%
- Custom Content: 7%
- NPC's: 4%
- The neighborhood: 12%

Misc. Sims 3 news 12 November
Collector's Edition
NeffyH from TheSims BBS scanned the box and poster from the Sims 3 Collector’s Edition. I took the liberty of pasting the poster together (it was scanned in 4 parts).
Check them out in the Sims 3 section of this site here: Collector's Edition screens
Thanks to Simprograms for the tip.
Producer tour
Many fansites posted movies of the Sims 3 Producer's tour. Feebs.nl however posted the entire presentation in good image and sound quality. It's posted in 8 different parts and can be found by this link: Feebs.nl

Sims 3 Primaguide
And lastly, Primagames posted the first details about their Sims 3 Primaguide. They promise a poster with all the hotspots, info about traits and more.
Check it out here: Primagames

Official cover? 13 November
Yesterday, Amazon.co.uk posted a new cover for The Sims 3. However, since they now removed it, there is some doubt if it really IS the official Sims 3 cover. A lot of people also find the image to explicit for the targeted audience. Unsure if that is the reason of removing it though.
More news later today.

New Sims 3 blog 13 November
TheSims3.com updated with a new blog. Adam Siegel, Web Producer talks about the new features for the new Sims 3 site like the new Exchange, the game Launcher and the Movie Mashup tool.
Check it here: New Sims 3 blog.

New Sims 3 screenshots 14 November
TheSims3.com updated with 2 new screenshots:


Site news 16 November
I added a few new infopages for The Sims 3. The first is a list of all Lifetime Rewards and their description (where available). Also a small list of Favorites like music and foods. The Traits list has also been updated with all confirmed traits and descriptions from the game. The Facts are also updated.
Check all updates here: Sims 3 infopages.

Sims 3 Q & A 17 November
EA released a massive Q & A for the Sims 3. A total of 30 questions are answered. Though many things are already known and the last few questions are repeated, it does have a few new tidbits. I think the most interesting question is the following:

Let's assume a player created two families: "Mary and Bob" and "John Smith". Then he played with "Mary and Bob" for long time. When the player returns to John Smith, he'll find no one there, since he could live his entire life, get old and die. Is there any solution already?
The families that you don't control will develop along with the household that you are controlling. However, you can switch between families at any time. You can also move families between save files, so you can develop one family to a specific point and then merge them with another save file. Story tellers will do that a lot.

Find the Q & A here: Kotaku.com.

Mansion & Garden update 18 November
Mansion & Garden Stuff is now for sale. EA sent out a press release with this news and The Sims2.com updated with a trailer for the game:
Press release

Sims 3 VIP 20 November
TheSims3.com updated with a new VIP entry. This entry is about storytelling where Grant talks about his single sim in the game.
Read the blog here: Sims3 VIP (28967).


French Sims 3 tour 21 November
French site JeuxVideo.com posted the first of 12 small movies about a French visit to EA headquarters. The language is French and most of it is people walking around but you may see a new screen here and there.
Check it out here: JeuxVideo.com

New poll 24 November
There's a new poll. This weeks question is if you think Sims 3 will be just as succesful as Sims 2.Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which major Sims 3 feature you like most. Exactly half of all people like the Seamless neighborhood the best of all new features. Traits and the new CAS is pretty popular as well. The moviemaking tools are definitely not the first choice as best new feature.
4700 people voted and here are the results:

Which major Sims 3 feature do you like most?
- The Seamless neighborhood: 50%
- Object customization: 7%
- Traits: 22%
- The new Create-a-Sim: 20%
- Movie making tools: 1%