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Gamespy Pets review 1 November
As the last of the big 3 Gaming sites (the other being Gamespot and IGN), now Gamespy posted their Pets review. They give it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. That may look a bit low, but they are quite positive about the game. Here's a quote from their review;

"the dogs and cats themselves look outstanding. The animations are spot-on, with every little behavior and mannerism faithfully depicted. More importantly, the animals are cute!"

Find it here: Gamespy Pets review

The Sims Life Stories 1 November
Some days ago, a new Sims 2 title has been found on the EA registration site. MaxoidMel has now confirmed this title as being real in the following BBS post: Life Stories

The Sims 3 in 2009 3 November
Electronic Arts revealed many future titles today, including The Sims 3, Sims 2 for PS3 and Wii and a new SimCity. The Sims 3 is planned to arive in 2009 and at least before April of that year.
Find more info here: Gamespot article

Gamestop pre-orders 4 November
Gamestop has updated with several Sims games:
Happy Holiday Stuff
Pre-ordering this stuff pack, to be released in a couple days, will give you a very nice downloadable Glowman as a special bonus. Some days ago you could read that Amazon pre-orders gets 2007 glasses and the ea store a snowglobe.
Find it here: Happy Holiday pre-order
In Season
This is the first time the next expansionpack is called The Sims 2: In Season (besides an un-intentional mention on the EA-reg. site) and the releasedate has been set to February 27, 2007.
Find it here: In Season pre-order

Life Stories
Life stories gets an unusual high price of $39.99. This may be either a mistake by Gamestop or this game is not a stuff pack. The releasedate has been set to January 22, 2007.
Find it here: Life Stories pre-order

New poll 5 November
A new poll. This weeks question is if you think that a Sims day has become too busy with the Pets exp.pack. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks poll was how much you're willing to pay for the Holiday Mini-Pack. Many people (40%) would like it for free, but about the same percentage is willing to pay 5,-- or more for it. 3224 people voted and here are the results:

How much should the mini-pack cost?
- I'm willing to pay 7,-- for it: 11%
- 5,-- is a good price: 28%
- About 2.50: 16%
- 1,-- is more then enough: 5%
- Nothing. It should be free: 40%

Misc. news 7 November
Hilary Duff interview
The official UK Sims site had an interview with Hilary Duff. In this video, she talks about the Pets game and also about her own dog Lola.
Find it here: Hilary Duff video interview
Or here if the site won't load: Video on thesims2.no
Pets for Mac ships
Aspyr Media sent out a press release that The Sims 2: Pets has now been shipped for the Mac.
Find it here: Press release

Pets for console cheats
A couple of new cheats as well as some unlockables for the Playstation 2 version of Pets have been found. They have been collected on Gamefaqs.
Find it here: PS2 Pets cheats

No PS3 Sims
In contrary what was posted before, Gamespot was wrong with the info about a Sims version for PS3. In a recording can be heard that they mistake another Sims title with the PS3 title. Although there may be a PS3 Sims game in the future (even to be expected) it's not confirmed in that talk.
Thanks to Simszone.de for that update.

Misc. news 8 November
Happy Holiday on EA-Link
The Happy Holiday Stuff and the mini Holiday pack can now be downloaded from EA-Link. Happy Holiday costs 20,-- and the mini pack 7,--. MaxoidDrea made a BBS post with some more info.
Find it here: MaxoidDrea BBS post

Blog updates
MaxoidMoonBelly writes in her blog about that she works with the Sims team for almost a year now and MaxisLittleL explains some things about the Holiday pack.
Find them here:
- MaxoidMoonBelly blog
- MaxisLittleL blog

Site news 10 November
Yesterday I installed a new chatroom. The old one was not working correctly and so decided to look for a new one. This new chatroom has alot more options and is looking great.
Find the link to the left or click here to check it out: New chatroom

Maxis site returned 11 November
Good news for all the Maxis fans. Their official site www.maxis.com is back up! Even though it's a somewhat simple site, the disapearance of it caused alot of outrage from many fans. Also alot of Sims fansites from around the world reported about the slow removal of the Maxis brand by EA.
Thanks to arndutcas for reporting about this.

Misc. news 15 November
Sorry for the lack of updates. The main reason is that it's pretty quiet what Sims news is concerned but also because I'm working hard on a big site update. In about a week, this site will reach 5 million visitors and I like to have something to celebrate that milestone.

Some community news, The sims center.com is now taking on free hosting for small, starting Sim sites.
You can find all the info here: Sims center hosting

More news later today.

Life Stories update 15 November
raye1forTS2 from the SimsBBS found some info on a foreign online shop about Life Stories. It had a description and some pictures as well. Strangely enough this was all removed shortly after the discovery.
raye1forTS2 however saved the description and translated it in the following BBS post: Life Stories info
Life Stories seems to be just a normal Sims 2 version only optimized for Laptops.
MikePlay saved the pictures from it (6 in total) but, as you can see from that 1 pic, they all look very similar to the normal Sims 2 version.

Blog update 18 November
MaxoidMoonBelly has updated her blog. In it, she talks alittle bit about the next expansion, and that the EA people are exited about the new consoles (PS3/Wii) that are coming.
Find it here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog

New poll 20 November
A new poll. This weeks question is what you think about the Sims 3 that is coming in about 2 years from now. Click here to vote: New poll.
2 weeks ago, the question was if you think that a Sims day has become too busy with the Pets exp.pack. A surprisingly high percentage (40%) feels indeed that a Sims day has become a bit too, or even much too busy. Hopefully the upcoming Season pack doesn't take away even more time with taking care of the garden. However the other 60% wouldn't mind that. 3750 people voted and here are the results:

Has a Sims day become too busy with the Pets exp.pack?
- Yes, my Sims day has become so busy it's crazy!: 11%
- Yes, I think it has become a bit too busy: 29%
- No, I can pretty much handle everything: 36%
- No, actually I want even more activities!: 24%

Sims on Wii 22 November
Kotaku.com posted a scan from a Japanese games magazine with images from The Sims on the Wii console. As you can see, it looks very different then all other Sims games so far. And though it's still a bit unsure, several other gaming sites believe this is the real thing.
Find the article here: Kotaku.com

Official Wii Sims site launched 24 November
For those interested in Sims for the Wii, EA Japan has launched a website for it. Several pics and a movie can be found there.
Check it out here: Bokusims

Site news 24 November
As you may have noticed, Snooty Sims now has had over 5 million visitors. I normally don't post about visitors amounts but this is quite a milestone for the site.
To celebrate it a bit, there are some site updates. In the Infocenter there are 2 additions; A pets careerlist with joblevels, salary, etc. Also a list with all the Creatures from the game like the Vampire, Servo and more.

The biggest addition however is a Tutorial section. That was one part that was really missing on this site. In that section you can find the best tutorials from the Sims2.com but also from many other sites. Click the link on the left or find all links below:
- Pets careers
- Creatures
- Tutorials
I'd like to thank co-worker Jusinbuzz for helping with these additions.

Blog update 25 November
MaxoidMoonBelly has updated her blog. In it, she talks alittle bit about the next expansion, the issues at the Exchance and about the 'played by' campaign.
Find it here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog

New poll 26 November
A new poll. This weeks question is what you think about the look of the WiiSims. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks poll was what you think about the Sims 3 that is coming in 2 years from now. A very devided result; About half of all people would like to see a Sims 3, but the other half prefers to keep playing the Sims 2. 3171 people voted and here are the results:

Are you looking forward to a Sims 3?
- Yes, it's time for a REAL upgrade!: 23%
- Yes, it would be nice to have a Sims 3: 26%
- It would be nice, but I won't mind if it would be delayed a few years: 38%
- No, I want them to keep on making Sims 2 packs!: 13%

New Wii Sims pics 27 November
Several new pictures for the Wii Sims version have shown up. Simszone.de found some at DengekiOnline.com and also French site Gamekult posted some new ones. Find the links below:
- DengekiOnline.com
- Gamekult.com

Misc. news 29 November
The LA Times posted an article about making movies with computergames. A big part is about The Sims 2. They mention one movie in particular "Male Restroom Etiquette" which has been viewed over 2.7 million times. However they run into quite some problems as they don't own the copyright. So far, Electronic Arts has not given their approval yet.
Find the article here: LA times

Related to this, an editorial has been written by Eggzie (Sim-movies.com) and ManagerJosh (WorldSims.org) and also write about some of the problems in the moviemaking community.
Read it here: Editorial pdf

Sims2.com update 30 November
The Sims2.com has updated with several new pictures for the Holiday expansion. Find the links below:
- Holiday screenshots
- Holiday stuff screenshots