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New cheats 1 November
I've been searching trough the Sims 2 files and found dozens of new cheats. It will take some time to test them all and make descriptions and pictures, but for now, here is a very cool new cheat:
boolprop constrainFloorElevation [true/false] (use false to activate).
This cheats makes it possible to raise or lower the floor even if there are tiles, objects or walls on it. There are many possibilities with this, like putting houses on slopes without using foundations or place floortiles against hills.

Will Wright interview 4 November
GamesRadar had an interview with the creator of the Sims, Will Wright. It's a long 3-page interview where he talks about The Sims 2.
Read it here: Will Wright interview

Site news 7 November
Some miscellaneous site news:
The poll will now only be 2-weekly. Since there isn't as much news as before the Sims 2, the poll is too big a presence in the news. This will also give me some more time to work on other things.

There is a new section called "mods & patches" where you can find links to several hacked items, the nude patch and the patch to fix the very serious 'jumping' bug. There will be some more updates to that section soon.

More downloads soon. I wanted them to add today, but the patches page took up that time.
The new cheats are coming soon as well. 20 new ones found already and I'm almost finished with it.

Some last small things: In the careerlist, the Friends requirements for business has been fixed and also made the custom pool tutorial alittle easier to follow. Also I'm working on other things like a news and poll archive and some other little things.

Chat transcript 11 November
Yesterday there was a chat with the creators of Strangerhood where they answered questions about creating movies.
Read the chat transcript here: Transcript

New object 12 November
At the official Sims 2 site, you can download a new object. It's a decorative 'Cornucopia'.
Go download it here: New object

The Sims 2: University 12 November
Gamestop updated their listing for the first sims 2 expansion. According to them, the title will be The Sims 2: University with a releasedate of May 1st and a pretty high price of $39.99.
Since Amazon nor EBgames have this listed, the releasedate, price or even the title may not be correct, but see it for yourself here: GameStop

New downloads 13 November
A new page of clothes can be found in the Downloads section. Below you can see some of these.
Contributers to these new downloads are: Brinas Creations, Shananegins, Schweighsr, Ned Miles, Christopher, Derek, Damien, and Menaceman44. Thank you all for your contributions.

Mike's tutorials 13 November
Mike Inside made again some incredible tutorials. How to make waterslides, split level houses, internal stairs and more.
Go see these new tutorials here: The Sims 2 Inside

New poll 14 November
Time for a new poll. A couple days ago, you could read that the first expansion may be called University. So this weeks question is: When do you think this expansion will arrive? Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you build swimming pools. It seems that most people occasionally build a pool. 2333 people voted and here are the results:

Do you build swimming pools?
- Yes. I build one with almost every house!: 29%
- I have quite a few swimming pools yes: 26%
- Occasionally but not that often: 32%
- No. I ever hardly buid a pool: 13%

New cheats 16 November
A couple days ago, I wrote that I was working on finding new cheats. I took a look into the sims2.exe and found several new ones. It took alittle longer then expected because the file is huge! Also it wasn't always easy to identify cheats. Some codes didn't look like cheats but were (boolprop guob) and some looked like cheats but weren't (boolprop mayPlaceDiagonally). I tested most of these but still may have missed several.
All in all I still managed to find 24 new cheats and placed them in a temporary list. I will add them to the cheats page soon, together with some other, older cheats that aren't posted yet. Also I will add some tips on advanced uses with cheats like using the globalStartup.cheat file. More about that later. For now, go see the new cheats here:

New cheats

New poll 20 November
On the official Sims2.com site is posted that the official patch is in its final stages. Go read the long list of things that this patch will fix here:
Official patch info
November 21 Time for a new poll. The new expansion is officially announced. What do you think about it? Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was when you thought University would arrive. We now know it's March, but last week, this is what you thought:

When will University arrive?
- January: 13%
- February: 15%
- March: 24%
- April: 11%
- May: 37%

University officially announced 21 November
EA has posted a press release about the first expansion pack for The Sims 2. University is hereby officially announced and according to the pressrelease it will arrive in March. Although it isn't a precise date, Gamestop has their release date as March 21.
Go read the press release here:
Press release

University pics 21 November
The first pictures of University have already arrived:

Interview 22 November
Gamespy had an interview with Kevin Hogan, the expansion pack's producer. Read it here: Gamespy interview
Gamespy also had a new picture:

New interview and pics 22 November
Gamespot spoke aswell with Kevin Hogan about University. Read this interview here: Gamespot interview
2 New pictures; The first pic is from Gamespot, the second from thesims2.com.

New interview and pic 22 November
As Gamespy and Gamespot did earlier today, now IGN has posted an interview with a new picture. Read this interview here: IGN interview

Gamespy update 25 November
Gamespy posted a 'sneak peek' article with some new information about University. Go read it here: Gamespy article

Tim mail 1 25 November
As Luc and Lucy did, now Tim LeTourneau will send a weekly mail. In this mail he tells some things and developments about The Sims 2 and in particularly, University. Go read it here: Tim-mail 1

Boolprop cheat 26 November
At ModTheSims2.com, an engineer from Maxis has revealed a new cheat:
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true.
This is a very powerfull cheat and it enables many new things. For CAS: After enabling the cheat, go into debugmode by pressing "Shift+N". Then you have the following new things in CAS: New skintones, new clothings (see left for an example) and some other options like viewing the skinfilenames.

In the game itself, after entering this cheat, press Shift and left-click on a sim to have lots of options like changing clothes, make your sim fat or thin, set aspiration level, etc, etc. This cheat also can span some interesting items like the tombstone of L(ife) and D(eath) that has many options like spawning new family members.
To see all the options of this cheat, go read the message from him here: Testing cheats topic.
Many thanks to 25or6to4 from modthesims2 for pointing this out.

Misc. news 27 November
Here is some misc. news. A new university picture on the left from Lossims.com Thanks to SimsExpress.com for finding it.

According to the official Dutch sims site, the official patch will be available for download coming monday. Thanks to SP Zone for this news.

There is a new 'University' section where you can find info like pictures and previews from this expansion pack.
I removed the Sims 1 section since I gather not many people play this game anymore. You can still access this section trough this link: The sims 1. I won't remove it for some time to come so Sims 1 players may want to bookmark it.

And finally; I have a new affiliate: Sims 2 Network. This site has everything you need: Up to date news, tips, info, cheats, a showcase, BBS and much more. It's a very good looking site and I really recommend everybody to pay it a visit.

Patch on Sims2.com 30 November
The official patch has been posted on the sims2.com. Go download it here:
Official patch

If you get an error while installing, this may come from having the censorpatch. Move the sims2.exe somewhere else and rename 'sims2.exe.bak' to 'sims2.exe'.
I've placed a startup.cheat file in the mods section to get rid of the censor.