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New pictures 1 November
2 new pictures (including a pregnant pic) can be found in the 'pictures' section.

Site news 2 November
A select group of simsites, which I'm not, occasionally gets some info from Maxis. This time it was mostly stuff we already know, but one thing was interesting; Maxis still hasn't decided the lenght of each life stage. Let's all hope they will make it much longer than the 1 or 2 real-time hours per stage that Maxis was planning.

Site-news: a new fact list is added in 'facts' and in 'previews' I added some quotes from the preview cd. Also the new poll is coming.

New poll 2 November
There is a new poll. This weeks question is, can you kill the much more real-looking sims? You may need to reload the poll page to see the new question.
Last weeks poll was voted by now less then 535 people. Thank you all who voted! Here are the results from that poll:

Which control panel do you like most?
- A: the first panel that had a simsface in it: 25%
- B: the second panel; a modern version: 51%
- C: the latest one; small and tech-looking: 23%

New info 3 November
Yesterday I wrote that some simsites get info from Maxis. Everybody can now view this exact info in my preview section. Credit for this goes to World Sims.

Release dates 6 November
Some bad news! There is a new faq at the official Sims 2 site and it says that CAS will be released in December instead of this month. Also the Sims 2 release date is now early spring instead of early 2004. The countdown is now set a month later.
I have added these new facts to the faq list in previews.

Chat transcript 7 November
Maxis was pretty fast with their chat transcript this time. I have placed it in my preview section. Note that I removed some uninteresting stuff and the double questions.
Also the new Goths picture is in the 'pictures' section.

Misc. news 8 November
New things from Maxis! 2 bed pictures can be found in the 'pictures' section (it was 1 pic but I devided them in 2 so you can view it more easy).
You can now sign up for the Sims 2 newsletter here: Sims 2 newsletter
And there is a new video as well. You can probably view it on the Sims 2 site soon, but for now you can check it out here: Online Sims 2 video or download it from tsr: downloadable Sims 2 video
Some pictures from the video can be found in the 'pictures' section.

New poll 9 November
It's time for a new poll. This weeks question is, will you play the Sims 2 tutorial? You may need to reload the poll page to see the new question.
Last weeks poll was voted by 490 people. Here are the results from that poll:

Will you kill Sims 2 sims?
- I could never do that!: 29%
- 1 or 2 after some weeks: 45%
- I have no problem with that: 14%
- I will kill dozens: 12%

Site news 10 November
Well, today I reached a new milestone. This site has just past 50.000 visitors!
I never thought this site would get so popular. Thanks for all the returning visitors and the many people who linked my site on other places.
In return I will try my best to keep you all updated on all the latest news about the Sims 2.
This is also a good time to add my latest part to the facts list where you can read some info about me and how it all began.

New pics 11 November
Simszone has posted 10 new Sims 2 pictures. 1 of them shows a helicopter and some show also more of the control panel. You can check them out at Simszone or in my pictures section.

Misc. news 14 November
5 New pictures can be found in the pictures section! Thanks to The Sims 2 Creation for them.
Also in 'previews' I typed up the new article from PC Gamer. Thank for this article goes to The Sims Center.
I have an apology for anyone who tried to mail me. A couple days ago, I changed my server settings and because of that, my e-mail stopped working. Until it's fixed, I will use a yahoo e-mail adress.

Misc. news 16 November
You can read some new info that is brought from The Sims 2 University. I will add them to my site asap, but for now you can read it here: The Sims zone and The Sims resource.

I'm also glad I can say that my webmaster mail adress now works again.
Also this site may be offline for about 1 or 2 hours today because the server where this site is on will have some maintainance.

New poll 16 November
It's sunday, so there is a new poll. There are many choices for this one cause it's about which NPC you would like to keep. You may need to reload the poll page to see the new question. Note that I will make an NPC faq soon.
The last poll was voted by 452 people. Here are the results:

Will you play the tutorial?
- It's the first thing I do!: 59%
- I will first play a family: 16%
- Maybe after a couple days: 13%
- I don't need a tutorial: 12%

New info 17 November
News from the Sims 2 University is flooding in at the moment! I'm not really complaining about that though! Check it all out in the preview section.
With all this new news, my factspages are starting to get outdated fast. I will try to update them asap. For now I added a small NPC facts and I updated the technical/Maxis facts.

Misc. news 20 November
News, news and more news is ariving! In the 'preview' section you can now find much more info from the Sims 2 University.
Today added to the official Sims 2 site is some coverage about the visit of the webmasters to this Sims 2 University. Read it here: Sims 2 University coverage.
I also like to say that coming weekend, I will decorate this site with some pictures. I think those big parts of text look somewhat uninteresting and so I will place some pics in them to make them more pleasant to read.

New pictures 22 November
You can download a new fansite kit here: New fansite kit. Because this file is over 17 Mb big, I can tell you that it's not much different than the old one. Mostly some more pictures which also can be seen on the official site.
Maxis also gave us 6 new pictures of CAS and 2 pictures with grandpa.

CaSIE skinset 23 November
I'm happy to say that from now on, this site will occasionally get some inside info from Maxis. From Luc Barthelet to be precise. This time he gave an interesting CaSIE faq, which can be found in the preview section. He also gave a link to a Sims 2 skinset. So all skinners can start making skins for The Sims 2. You can download it here Sims 2 skinset.
The poll will has to wait until tomorrow. The reason is that I've added some pictures in previews and that took more time then expected.

New preview 24 November
Some more interesting articles about custom created files, CaSIE and live mode. You can read them in the Previews section.
Well, the 5th designer diary from Gamespot is alittle late this time, but maybe they will skip a month because of the Sims 2 University.
And finally, the new poll is coming soon.

New poll 24 November
The new poll is up. This poll asks if you want your sims to own their cars.
The last poll was voted by 496 people. Because there were so many options for this one, I will only write the results of the top 3 and last 2. The complete results will be online later.

Which NPC do you want to keep?
- The Pizza dude: 31%
- The Paper girl: 20%
- The Burglar: 13%
- The mime and tragic clown: each 1%

New pic 26 November
Gamespot has posted 1 new Sims 2 picture:

New info 27 November
Just a small update: In previews there is some more info from The Sims 2 University. And I've changed the look of the previews section alittle bit.

New info 28 November
More info about the neighborhood. Read it in 'Previews'

New info 29 November
I present to you: the first picture of the Sims 2 neighborhood!