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Sims3Store update 2 May
A new set in the Sims3Store:

The Now & Then Century Manor: 42 items for $19,- (temporarily $17,-)

Read a blog for this set here: Blog

New Sims4 renders 3 May
   EA released 2 new Sims4 renders. The second is interesting because it shows for the first time, a kid, teen and elder.

Misc. Sims 4 news 8 May
Upcoming new trailer
Finally the long Sims 4 silence is over! With a new render, EA announced they will release a new Sims 4 trailer next week.

Music in Sims 4
The Guardian.com posted an article on the music in The Sims 4. Ilan Eshkeri composed the background music for the house and sim creation screens, and also wrote over 140 short musical stings for example when something breaks in the house of if a baby is born.
Read the article here: The Guardian.com.

Also, Videogamer.com expects The Sims 4 to be released on September 26. A date that I personally predicted several months ago, but Videogamer found some proof of this.
Read it here: Videogamer.com.

New poll 12 May
There's a new poll. The question is if you have ever killed your Sim on purpose. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you play the search and click game on the loadingscreen. It's a fairly popular passtime as a bit more than half of all people play it. One third however has completely disabled this option.
560 people voted and here are the results:

Do you play the loadingscreen game?
- Yes, pretty much always: 29%
- I play it occasionally: 26%
- It's enabled but I hardly ever play it: 12%
- I disabled this option: 33%

New CAS screen 12 May
EA released a new Sims 4 screen of CAS. With the picture, they also mentioned that the upcoming new trailer (on wednesday), will be about Create-a-Sim.

Sims 4 CAS trailer 14 May
The new Sims 4 trailer has been released. Here's the link: The Sims 4: Create A Sim Official Gameplay Trailer.

New Sims 4 screens 15 May
Some more CAS screens have been released:


Site news 18 May
The following infopages have been updated:
Gnomes - Ghosts - Creatures

Sims 4 blog 22 May
A new Sims 4 blog on the Sims4.com by Sim Guru Ryan: New blog


Sims 4 buildmode 27 May
On wednesday (May 28) a new trailer will be released and it's all about build mode. Some preview pictures came with the announcement:


Sims 4 Buildmode trailer 28 May
The new Sims 4 trailer has been released. Here's the link: The Sims 4: Build Mode Official Gameplay Trailer

Sims 4 peripherals 30 May
SteelSeries made a range of Sims 4 peripherals. It includes a gaming headset, mouse and QCK mousepad.
Read the article here: SteelSeries article