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Sims3Store update 3 May
A new set and compilation in the Sims3Store:
Double Down Poker and Roulette Bundle: 2 items for $8,- (temporarily $7,-)

Up the Ante Compilation: 13 items for $27,- (temporarily $24,-)

Here's a new blog from SimGuruKelly about this new set: New blog

Big announcement monday 5 May
German Simsite SimTimes.de tell on their site that there will be a big announcement coming from the Sims team coming monday. Also several fansites mention they will recieve an important phonecall from the US that day.
The Sims 4? A new Sims online? Let's hope not a combination of the two because many people are not waiting for that. It will be an interesting day tomorrow nonetheless.

Sims 4 announced 6 May
Maxis has officially announced The Sims 4. There's not much news about it (more news will be posted later today), but you can hear the Conference Call Audio here: VIP audio.
Thank you very much to TheSimSupply for that one.

Misc. Sims 4 news 6 May
Not an overwhelming amount of info about The Sims 4 but here are a few bits and pieces:

- SimGuruHydra posted a Sims 4 Q and A on the Sims 3 Forums: Sims 4 Q and A

- The official Sims 4 site is now online (though not much to see there yet): TheSims4.com

- EA posted a small press release for the game here: Press release

- The worst Sims 4 expansion ideas: GameInformer.com

- And lastly, Gamersbliss posted 5 features they would like to see in Sims 4: Gamerbliss.com

Sims 4 arrives early 2014 8 May
The Sims 4 will be released in early 2014. EA confirmed they will release 11 major titles (including The Sims 4) BEFORE March 31, 2014.
Check for more info here: Videogamer.com

Blog about Traits 10 May
Ray Mazza, Creative Director at Maxis wrote a great blog about Traits in The Sims 3. How they came up with them, why they were replaced with the Sims 2 system and which traits didn't make the cut, like Colorblind, Bully and Angelic.
Check this blog here: Raymazza.com

Thanks to Simified.com for the find.

Dragon Valley screenshots 10 May
EA released a whole bunch of Dragon Valley screenshots:



Dragon Valley update 12 May
Dragon Valley blog
Designer Alan Copeland posted a blog about the baby dragons. Benefits you get when you own a dragon, interactions and dragon powers, all can be read in this blog.
Read it here: Designer's blog.

Dragon Valley in Sims3Store
This new world is already in the Sims3Store, but cannot be bought yet. You can however check all the items that it contains and its price. The regular version will cost $25.- and for $10.- more, you will get a Celtic Lands lot.
Check it out here: Sims3Store.

Because of an error, it was possible to purchase Dragon Valley. SimGuruTaterTot warned in the forums it's better to delete it as it was an incomplete version. Lille Sims Side however made a whole bunch of screenshots from this 'incomplete' version.
Check these here: Screenshots

New blog 14 May
SimGuruMike, Assistant Producer posted an Island Paradise blog about the resorts in this expansion. In this blog, he builds up his resort and shows what you can do and the problems you can encounter like trash and roaches.

Read the blog here: The Sims 3 Island Paradise – From Roaches to Riches: A Resort Story

Sims3Store update 16 May
A new set in the Sims3Store:
Fifth Avenue Fashions: 26 items for $15,75 (temporarily $13,50)

In a new movie, Graham Nardone, gives a walkthrough for Island paradise: Island Paradise Producer Walkthrough

Misc. news 25 May
Designer Alan Copeland wrote a few blogs about the baby dragons from Dragon Valley:

- Green dragons - Purple dragons - Black dragons

And here's the rerun from the Dragon Valley live event: Dragon Valley live event


Dragon Valley released 31 May
Dragon Valley has been released! Watch a new trailer here: Dragon Valley release trailer

- The standard version, gives you the world and 100 simpoints for $25.- (temporarily $20,-).
- The gold version, gives you the world, 1900 simpoints and the Celtic lands lot for $35,-.
Get this world here: Dragon Valley

There's also a new lot specifically made for Dragon Valley. It includes 2 Premium Items; A violin and archer range AND you will get a black dragon if you own both Dragon Valley and this set.
The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire: 15 items for $19.-