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Sims article 4 May
Gamasutra posted an interesting article about the Sims games in general. It's a bit long and technical but it gives great insights about how the developers look at the game.
Check it here: Sims article
Thanks to Sims Nieuws for the find.

Generations registration reward 5 May
The item pack you recieve when you register Generations, has been posted on the Sims3.com.
Check the details here: Generations registration reward

Sims3 Store update 5 May
     New sets in the Sims3 Store:

- Mid-Century Fantasy: 25 items for $16,-
- Tiki Outdoor Party: 21 items for $16,-
- Everyday Casual Chic: 19 items for $13,50
- May Compilation: 65 items for $37,-

Teens fact sheet 6 May
Last week, IronHammers.org posted a Generations fact sheet for the Kids stage. Today they posted a huge fact sheet on the Teens. And some new screenshots too!
Check it here: Teens fact sheet


Generations articles 10 May
Gamespot posted a small hands-on article about Generations where they play a bit with the teens and kids options.
Check it out here: Gamespot Hands-on

Gameshop Game, had the chance to interview Producer Graham Nardone on Generations.
Check this very long interview here: Game article

New poll 12 May
There's a new poll: Is Generations awesome or is it lacking since it's missing things like a new neighborhood and such. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which agegroup needs the most attention in the next expansionpack? 1 in 3 prefers more options for Teens. A good second place goes to the Kids with 22%. Babies and Toddlers both get 16% while most think the elders don't need anything new.
2920 people voted and here are the results:

Which agegroup needs the most attention in the next expansiopack?
- Babies: 16%
- Toddlers: 16%
- Kids: 22%
- Teens: 36%
- Elders: 10%

Adults fact sheet 12 May
   Ironhammer.org who brought us factsheets on kids and Teens, now posted info about the Adults in Generations. Topics are: Bachelor parties, Romantic reputation, Weddings, Daycare, Midlife crisis and more.
Check it here: Adults fact sheet

Misc. Generations news 14 May
Generations chat
On their Facebook page, EA announced an upcoming Generations chat. Coming friday, two Sims 3 Producers will answer your questions you may still have about the upcoming expansion.
Ask your questions here: Sims3 Facebook

Generations gameplay video
IGN posted a small gameplay video on Generations here: IGN video.

No Generations Primaguide
In their forums, Primagames has confirmed that there will be no Primaguide for Generations. They're not giving a reason why, but perhaps it's because Generations won't have a new neighborhood and new collectables and they couldn't fill up the guide.
Thanks to SimsVip for the info.

Generations features
EA sent a mail to SimPrograms with a Primaguide-ish feature list. They plan to send more of these the coming weeks.
Read it here: Simprograms Generations feature 1.

'New' Simpoints rewards
TheSims3.com has new items to giveaway when you buy their expensive Simpoints. This time however, the items can't be called new as at least 2 are already available for free in the Store. If you don't have them yet, check the Extras section of this site.
Link: Simpoint rewards.

Misc. Generations news 18 May
New movie
EA released a new Generations movie where several members from the Sims team tells something about the expansion. There are also several new scenes of Generations in this video.
See it here: Developer's diary

New preview
Games Radar posted a hands-on preview on Generations. They write about pranks, boarding school and memories.
Check it here: Gamesradar article.

New poll 21 May
There's a new poll. This weeks question is which kids item from Generation is the best. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you think Generations is awesome or if it's lacking since it's missing things like a new neighborhood and such? Only 13% think it will be the best pack yet but a very large 58% think it will be pretty good. A small amount of 5% will probably skip this expansion.
1544 people voted and here are the results:

Will Generations be the best expansion or is it lacking?
- It will be the best pack ever!: 13%
- Maybe not the greatest but it's still pretty good: 58%
- It does look a bit disapointing: 24%
- It will be the worst pack ever!: 5%

Misc. Generations news 21 May
Live broadcast
EA has put the live broadcast they held on friday online. So in case you missed it, you can still check it out.
See it here: Generations chat

Feature info 2
Infinite Sims received the 2nd Generations features mail with info about pranks, teen punishment and proms.
Check it here: Feature info 2.

Generations out next week 26 May
EA sent out a press release about telling the world that Generations will be released next week. Also a new trailer and some screenshots were released (which are screengrabs from the trailer).
Check it here: New trailer - Press release

Misc. news 29 May
   Generations gnomes
EA released some info about the gnomes in Generations. We learn for example that the 'normal' magical gnomes can have children and age as well.
Check the info here: GirlGamers article.
Town Life
Seems like the next Stuff pack will be called Town Life Stuff. A pre-order of this title was added to Amazon Canada (now removed).
Thanks to SimCookie for the find.

Feature info 3
Infinite Sims received the 3rd Generations features mail with info about weddings and the midlife crisis.
Check it here: Feature info 3.

Patch benefits 30 May
The new upcoming patch was available for a short time and has been removed already. But those who managed to download it, found some nice benefits. First of all, when sharing your Sims' memories, you get some nice free items. You need to upload 200 of them if you want them all though.
Crinrict's has all the details about it here: Crinrict's Sims 3 Help Blog.
Second, even if you don't have Generations, you get the Memory system, Dating, Reputations, filters for Buy/Build mode and Rewards, Body hair and adjustable age length. Now let's hope it will also fix the hundreds of Late Night bugs...