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Sims 3 Store updates 6 May
The Sims 3 Store has been updated with new sets and hairstyles.
The 4 new sets are:
- Life's a Beach: 20 clothing items for $12,50
- Sun, Surf and Sand: 13 objects for $6,-
- Championship Dreams: 9 teen bedroom items for $3,50
- Faire Folk Outdoors: 10 objects for $3,50
The 3 new hairstyles are for both women and the men and are available for teens and up.
Find them here: New hairstyles.

New article on Ambitions 7 May
IGN posted a new article on the Ambitions expansionpack. They played the game and they tell some details about some of the careers. There's also a small bit on the Create a Pattern tool.
Check it here: IGN article.

Exclusive items for buying more points 8 May
The Sims 3 store has a few exclusive items for those willing to buy more simpoints. For each bundle there's a seperate object. Click the picture to see them all.
Click the big green button in The Sims3 Store to get to this 'offer'.

Create a Pattern announced 10 May
EA has announced the Create a Pattern tool for Sims 3. With this new program you can create patterns for both CAS and Create a Style. Releasedate is rumoured to be July 28.
Read more about this new tool here: Press release.


New previews 11 May
Gamespot posted a new small preview on Ambitions. They talk a bit about the firefighter career and some new features like a time machine, the robot and a cool invention called a hygienic floor spray.
Read this preview here: Gamespot article.

Gamesradar also posted a small preview here: Gamesradar article.

Misc. news 12 May
New interview
And yet another article on Ambitions. This time from Guardian.co.uk. It's an interview with producer Grant Rodiek. They ask some interesting questions like how did they decide on the chosen careers or what their biggest challenge was.
Read the interview here: Guardian.co.uk article.

EA is doing well
Just as many companies, EA didn't have it easy the past years. But it's looking better again! They broke some big record sales with several of their games including Sims 3 which has sold over 4 million units.
Check this info here: Examiner article.

Misc. news 13 May
New preview
And another article on Ambitions. Gamepro posted a Hands-On preview where they discuss several features like Laundry, the Eco-friendly trait, Text notifications and much more. A real recommended read.
Check it here: Game Pro article.

Ambitions fan event
Many Fan events around the globe for Ambitions. Only a few are in English though which you can find below:
- Simatography forum
- TSR forum

Video interview 17 May
Grant Rodiek gave a small video interview on Ambitions from the E3.
Check it here: GameFocus.com.

Music artists in Ambitions 20 May
TheSims3.com updated with news about the music artists in the Ambitions expansion. The full list can be found there. They also posted a music video.
Check it here: TheSims3.com.

More info on Sims3 on Consoles 22 May
More news about The Sims 3 for Consoles. IGN posted a small interview with Executive Producer Sam Player and posted a few new screenshots as well.
Find it here: IGN article

More Ambitions fanday reports 25 May
Many fandays around the world to promote the Ambitions pack. Below a few English reports from the events:
- Sims3Cri.com.
- Simsnetwork.com.
- Thesimszone.co.uk.

New article on Ambitions 27 May
Gamespot posted a new article on the Ambitions expansionpack. It's a Hands-On about ghost hunting, inventing and new career content. There's also a new movie and some screenshots.
Check it here: Gamespot article.

Sex and the City parody 29 May
EA released a new Ambitions movie. It's a parody from the Sex and the City 2 movie.
Check it here: 1Up.com.

Misc. news 29 May
Ambitions is almost here and if you register it, you can download 13 free items for your game. This bundle contains 4 objects, a patienst gown and a few hairstyles.
Pick it up here: The Ultimate Career Bundle.

Grant Rodiek wrote another Ambitions blog, this time on 'the wackier side of Ambitions'.
Check it here: Grants blog.