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Sims 3 megapost 1 May
A big newspost with all the updates from the past week:

Creator's Camp 10
The Sims3.com updated with week 10 of the Creator's Camp. This week, the spotlight on machinima creators BaconandEggzie and TheSidDog.
Check the updates here: Creator's Camp event

French tour video
The last video from the French tour at EA has has been posted at the official French sims site. here: French tour video 11

Prediction: 4 Million copies for Sims 3
Gamasutra has a story where an analyst predicts that Sims 3 will sell 4 million copies this year alone.
Find this article here: Gamasutra.com

More screenshots
Gry Online posted a Sims 3 article in which they posted 4 small screenshots here: Gry Online
Thanks to Centrum Simów for the find.

Dexter Freebish interview
Infinite Sims had an interview with Dexter Freebish (a band who's music is in the Sims 3).
Check it here: Infinite Sims interview

2 More screenshots were found by Sim Times.

Video about Simlish
EA Poland posted a video where a voice actor tells about her work on the Sims 3.
Check it here: EA Poland video

IGN video preview
IGN posted a new video where they explain what the Sims 3 is, and show its features like the seamless Neighborhood. It doesn't contain new images or info.
Check the vid here: IGN movie

Dutch fanday
There is Sims 3 fanday in Holland on May 15 where several Dutch fansites have a chance to play the game. There is also a presentation by MJ Chun. Snooty Sims is invited and since the game is already so close to release, I plan to check out some of the technical details like how savegames work, graphic options, cheats, etc.

Sims 3 contest
And lastly, fansite TheSims3World is holding a contest where you can win a copy of the Sims 3.
Check all the info here: TheSims3world contest

Dutch article 5 May
Dutch gamingsite Games Guide started an infopage where they occasionally update with some new info and pics.
Check it here: Games Guide
Thanks to Sims3Nieuws for this news.

Misc. news 6 May
Sims 3 wallpaper
Sim Programs found a very cool wallpaper on the Singapore EA site. It's available in 4 different sizes.
Get it here: Wallpaper downloads

Sims 3 event
EA Uk had a small Sims 3 event where people could play the Sims 3. Though there were some technical problems, still lots of info came from the event. The Sims Zone made a very detailed report about their playing time.
Check it here: The Sims Zone report

New pics/Sims 3 gold 8 May
Sims 3 gold
EA announced that Sims 3 has gone gold, meaning it's off to the factory to be duplicated. Read a bit about this here: Gamespy article

New screenshots
IGN posted a small article with a bit more info about the downloadable city Riverview. They also posted 6 new screenshots of which 3 are posted below.
Check the other 3 (CAS) screenshots here: IGN screenshots
And the link to the article is here: IGN article


Misc. news 10 May
Mother's day
EA released two Sims 3 mother's day screenshots.
Creator's Camp update
Ehaught58, who visited the Creator's camp, was interviewed and shows some of his creations in a new video on the Sims3.com.
Check it here: New video

Gamespy article
Gamespy posted a small article where they write about their 3 favorite features of Sims 3, being Traits, Lifetime wishes and the new community options.
Find it here: Gamespy article

TheSims2.com hid some minigames on their site which you must try to find!
For those that don't like to search, find them here: Game 1 - Game 2

Photo's allowed at Dutch sims event
Coming friday, there's a Sims event where fansites can play the game and see a presentation. As one of the few Sims 3 events, it's allowed to take pictures. So if you want to see a specific item or actionmoment, give me a mail and I'll do my best to get a picture of it.

Sims 3 challenge
And lastly some community news; Princedeej28 from thesims BBS has started the first Sims 3 challenge, to be played in Sims 2.
Get the details here: Sims 3 challenge

Misc. news 11 May
Gamesguide posted screenshots of the censorship pixels that surround your Sims when they take a bath or visit the toilet. Well, hopefully someone will find a workaround for that soon.
Casualgaming.biz had a small interview with Ben Bell. They talk about the problems of piracy, which Sims 2 expansion he likes most and some other things.
Check it here: Interview

Misc. news 13 May
New Sims 3 spotlight
The Sims3.com updated with a spotlight on Shtinky and Estatica. In a video, they show their creations and you get to see some great footage of CAS and the build and buy mode.
See them here: Sims3.com videos

New screenshots
Dutch gamemagazine GamesGuide keeps on updating their Sims 3 pages, and their latest update contains bicycles and the neighborhood.
Check it here: Bicycles - Neighborhood

Marketing 14 May
Ny Times posted an article about marketing the Sims 3. They speak about three ways to play with Sims characters on the Web which will start this friday; A sims Sidekick, SimFriend and a free trial an theSims3.com.
Check all the details here: NY Times article

New video 14 May
Gamespot posted a new video on CAS here: New video

Dutch event 15 May
I returned from the Dutch fanevent and brought back lots of info! All new cheats, all graphical options available, requirements for all Lifetime Goals, updated Lifetime rewards (many changes there), salary amount for all the top careers, all ingredients (and their prices) that you can buy in the shops, the TV channels (there are 9) and much more.
Hope to post something today or else coming weekend.

Sims 3 cheats 15 May
First part of the Sims 3 update; I added the known Sims 3 cheats to the site here: Cheats
Note that most likely there will be many other cheats. They were found by simply typing in Help in the cheatwindow but Motherlode for example wasn't even listed there.
Tomorrow more updates

Misc. news 16 May
It was a busy week so I'm a bit behind with news, but I'll hope to catch up this weekend.

Gamespot Hands-On
Gamespot posted a big Hands-on article with video where they collected every new feature of The Sims 3.
Read it here: Gamespot Hands-on

Dutch event preview
One Dutch fansite has already made a preview of yesterdays Dutch event. They cover several things that I didn't have time for to check so it's a good read.
Check the preview here: DeKDes & Mogway

Site update
Another Sims 3 update for the site; The Lifetime rewards has been completed with the new data found at the event. It seems that High Roller (win more with bets) was removed in favor of Great Author (earn more on royalties).
Check this page here: Lifetime Rewards
More news later today.

Misc. news 16 May
German fansite SimFans was given 6 screenshots of the downloadable town Riverview. As a sidenote; I've seen the town at the Sims event and it's a very relaxed place with lots of green. MJ Chun said they had lots of fun creating it and hid several eastereggs in it.
Check all the new screens at SimFans here: New screenshots
Thanks to Sim Times we can already take a look at the new official Sims 3 site. I don't believe it was meant to be found as many links are non-working. Be quick; It may be taken off-line anytime!
Find it here: New Sims 3 site

Misc. news 17 May
Fansite event reports
Here's another English report from the Dutch fanevent; Patricia made a detailed report about the fanday where she writes about making a Sim and what she did with it.
Find it here: Patricia's report

There was a fanevent in Brazil as well and O Sim BR was invited to that one. A long report was written with info about CAS, the Neighborhood and Build&Buy mode.
Check it here: O Sim BR

New Sims 3 site II
There's a new link found for the upcoming new Sims3.com. It's this one: New Sims 3 site
SimPrograms managed to get several movies from that site and posted them here: SimPrograms movies

Site update
And lastly, another info-update from the Dutch fanevent. Today, a list of all the ingredients and their price.
Check it here: Foodlist

Misc. news 18 May
Sorry for the off-line time; The site recieved more visitors then my server could handle. My host gave me a bit more room to work with and should load normally again.

New screenshots
Lots of new screenshots today; German site PC Games has posted 70 new screenshots of the game here: New screenshots
Thanks to Sim Times for this news.

New movies
3 small Sims 3 movies have been posted at the official Sims 3 site. I believe they are actually TV-commercials.
Watch them here: New Movies

Bit-tech posted a hands-on preview with some new screenshots.
Find it here: Bit-tech preview
Another preview was made by Eurogamer, as well with some new screenshots.
Check it here: Eurogamer preview

MJ Chun interview
And lastly, Sims3Nieuws posted an interview with MJ Chun taken at the Dutch fanevent.
Read it here: Interview

Misc. news 19 May
EA released 4 new screenshots based on Lifetime wishes.
Thanks to Simprograms for the find.

Even more screenshots (Thanks Sim Times) were posted on the German Eurogamer site.
Find these here: New screenshots

Sims 3 store
Many visitors from fanevents who played the Sims 3, complained that there were few objects in the game. Now we know why; EA wants to sell them seperately in the Sims 3 store.
But seriously, Simmersnews managed to find some details from that store and found the objects and their price.
Check it out here: Simmersnews

Site update
Another update from the Dutch fansite event. Today, a list of all the requirements for the Lifetime wishes.
Check it here: Lifetime wishes


Misc. news 20 May
German site PC Gameshardware posted a few Sims 3 pictures that show the game with Low, Medium and High graphics options.
Check this page here: PC Gameshardware article
Thanks to Sim Times for the find.
Site update
As a coincidence, I just updated with an info page of all the Graphics options that are available in Sims 3.
Check it here: Game Options

CAS demo
TheSims3.com updated with the news that there's a CAS demo available but only in Apple Stores.
Read this info here: TheSims3.com article

Misc. news 21 May
German site PC Games again posted some more Sims 3 pictures which you can find here: New screenshots

CAS demo?
For some reason, EA has removed any signs of a CAS demo (as reported yesterday) from their sites. It's an odd move but we'll keep an eye on any new info about this.

Site update
The last part of the Dutch Sims 3 event has been posted in the form of a small preview.
Check it here: Preview

Gamespot Sims 3 updates 22 May
Gamespot posted a few Sims 3 updates; 13 screenshots from the Riverview neighborhood and a new movie starring Susan Boyle. Check the links here:
- New screenshots
- New movie

IGN Sims 3 updates 23 May
Yesterday Gamespot, today IGN has quite a big update with Sims 3 goodies; A preview about Riverview and the Sims3 Store, new screenshots and new movies.
Find the links to this here: IGN update

New poll 24 May
It's been some time, but there's finally a new poll. This weeks question is if you will turn off Story Progression. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you would like to attend a Sims 3 hands-on session. One third would go no matter what but 20% isn't interested in going at all.
5697 people voted and here are the results:

Would you like to attend a Sims 3 hands-on session?
- Yes, I would go no matter what!: 33%
- Depends on time/location, etc: 47%
- No, I can wait a few more weeks: 20%

New screenshots 26 May
Gamespot has posted a whole bunch of new Sims 3 screenshots; Well over a hundred.
See them here: New screenshots

German site Cynamite.de posted lots of new pics as well. But in this case, they made pictures of all the objects in the game.
Check it out here: Pics of objects

Interviews 27 May
Ben Bell interview
PC World took an interview with Ben Bell where they discuss his favorite Sims 3 feature (Traits), the fun in failure, and ghosts.
Check it out here: PC World interview

Grant Rodiek interview
Another interview comes from Casualgaming.biz. Grant Rodiek is asked a wide range of questions; The large female fanbase, digital shopping, about the delay, etc.
Read it here: Casualgaming.biz interview

Misc. news 28 May
Sims 2 downloads
Several European Sims 3 sites posted a few objects for The Sims 2. Paintings, decorative objects, lamps and more, all with a Sims 3 theme.
Download them here: Sims 2 downloads

New videos
Gamespot posted 2 more Sims 3 movies here: Gamespot videos

Norwegian site VG Nett gave the opportunity to fans to ask questions to MJ Chun about the Sims 3.
You can read the results here: MJ Chun Q and A

Sims 3 workshop
TSR has started the Sims 3 Workshop. They are working together with EA for several months now to create a custom content tool. Why EA specifically chose TSR to create this tool is unknown and will no doubt give some heavy discussions. Hopefully this tool will be available for all creators and not just for TSR's.
Check the info about this tool here: Sims 3 Workshop

And lastly, a small article about the cost of marketing the Sims 3. Adweek.com estimates this to total 18 million dollar!
Read this story here: Adweek article

Official Sims 3 site updated 29 May
The new official Sims 3 site is now online. There is a lot to check out; A new forum, the new Exchange, a My Page and lots more. The only drawback is that not much of it is usable unless you have registered The Sims 3.
See the new site here: TheSims3.com

New movies 30 May
In the past 2 days, a number of new Sims 3 movies have been published:
- 4 Gameplay and Riverview movie: Gamespot.com
- Celebrity movie: Gamespy.com
- Lifetime wish movie: Gametrailers.com