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Ikea Home Stuff 3 May
EA Store has now a pre-order of the 8th Stuff pack called Ikea Home Stuff. On this pre-order page you can see the box-shot and find a few details.
Check it here: EA Store
Thanks to SimTimes for the find.

New poll 4 May
A new poll. This weeks question is in light of the Snooty Simgames site; Do you play Sims on other platforms besides PC. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you think that EA is ignoring the community. Though the amount of people who say EA is deaf for our ideas is relatively small with 15%, the majority of the Sim players would like more interest from EA. 4630 people voted and here are the results:

Is EA ignoring the community?
- Yes, they are deaf for all our ideas and complaints!: 15%
- I'm a bit disapointed in the lack of interest from EA lately: 37%
- They're doing quite fine, though a bit more interest couldn't hurt: 38%
- Sure they listen! Just look at the cool features in Sims 3!: 10%

Rod Humble responds 4 May
I'm never sure in which amount the polls on this site contribute in BBS/Forum discussions, but this topic (EA ignoring the community) was sure a heated one. The boss of the Sims team, Rod Humble replied to one of these threads saying they indeed listen. Below a quote:

"Let me assure you that the Sims 3 first and foremost will deliver the same core Sims gameplay you love and have enjoyed for years. The Sims 3 will add to your creative control and ability to craft your game the way you want, not diminish it"

Read the entire message here: Rod Humble message

Sims 2.com news 6 May
In the Sims BBS, in a topic where people complain about the lack of news, MaxoidDano responds with the message that they are very busy with Sims 3, but they promise to post something on Monday.
However, that message was posted May 1st and nothing new was posted yesterday.
Read this message here: MaxoidDano message

In another message, MaxoidShannon writes that this week, the Sims Team will post an Apartment Life picture. So this may be the thing MaxoidDano was refering to.
Read this message here: MaxoidShannon message

Lastly, there is currently a survey on TheSims2.com. It contains questions about what your opinion is about the site like give a number to quotes like "Providing information on new games" and "A central point to get all my Sims information". No surprise I gave pretty low numbers to these.
Go fill in this survey here: Sims2.com survey

Site news 8 May
New comparison pics
By popular demand, 4 new Sims2-Sims3 comparison pictures have been added to the Sims 3 section.
Check them here: Comparison 2
Sims 3 previews
Another update at the Sims 3 section is a Previews page. Besides previews, you can also find articles and interviews here.
Check them out here: Previews
Thanks to Infinite Sims for some of the links.

And lastly, the rating system for the FreeTime and Kitchen/Bath pack has been added. If you played any of these games, please give your vote so people who don't own it yet, can get an idea of the popularity.
Vote here: FreeTime - Kitchen/Bath

Nancy Smith interview 8 May
President of The Sims label, Nancy Smith, had an interview with the BBC. Here she talks about the Sims in general but also about the closing of Sims Online and The Sims 3. She tells for example, that there are 350 people currently working on The Sims 3!
Read it here: Nancy Smith interview

Video interview 9 May
Nancy Smith had some interviews with magazines, but now there's also a Video interview with her.
The Sims Spot has this video posted here: Interview

Apartment Life screenshot 9 May
In the Sims BBS, MaxoidShannon posted the first Apartment Life screenshot. In this message she says that the ceiling is real.

Securom 10 May
The last few days, a wave of unrest went through the Sims community regarding the new Securom that is planned in every future EA game. This new 'security' was going to make you validate the game every 10 days. Unable to do so, will make the game unplayable. Spore is one of the first games to implement this new Securom and Spore fans were enraged. There is even a forum made for this: Securom must be Destroyed.

Caryl Shaw, producer of Spore responded and EA decided NOT to use this 10 day validation in Spore. Note that it's still possible that they will have the new Securom in the Sims 3. However the chance for that is now much smaller.
Read more about this decision here: Kotaku.com

New poll 11 May
A new poll. This weeks question is what kind of Creature you like to see in Apartment Life. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you play Sims on other platforms besides PC. I did expect that PC would be the majority, but not that it was this much! Almost 2 out of 3 people ONLY play Sims on PC while the rest plays MOSTLY on PC. Very few people who play mostly on Console/Handheld. 2568 people voted and here are the results:

Do you play Sims on other platforms?
- No, I only play on PC: 62%
- Mostly PC, but I have 1 or 2 Simgames on Console: 37%
- I play PC a little but mostly on Console: 1%
- I only play on Console/Handheld: 0%

Ikea Stuff announced 15 May
EA has now officially announced Ikea Home Stuff. With the announcement came a few screenshots, artpics and a press release.
Read it here: Press release - The Sims2.com


Advertising Age article 16 May
The website 'Advertising Age' posted an article about advertising in the recently announced Ikea Home Stuff. It also covers H&M Stuff and the Ford downloads. A quote from Ikea PR manager:

"Ikea sees this as a great channel to reach the young and the young at heart to decorate their 'Sims' worlds with Ikea products in a fun and creative way."

Read the article here: Advertising Age article

Ford download 21 May
The Sims2.com posted a new car to download to your game. It's the 5th Ford already and this time it is the Ford Escape Hybrid.
Get it here: Ford Download

Sims 3 VIP mail 23 May
The first Sims 3 VIP mail has been sent to those that signed up for it at Thesims3.com. Though it's just a welcome mail (and so does not give any new info), it does give a small sneak peek to a new screenshot which will be posted later on TheSims3.com.

New poll 24 May
A new poll. This weeks question is if Securom will decide if you get Sims 3 or not. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what kind of Creature you like to see in Apartment Life. A lot of votes this time and most people go for magical or mystical creatures such as Wizards, Fairy's and Mermaids. Evil creatures are the least popular. 5539 people voted and here are the results:

Which kind of Creature do you want?
- Mystical: Mermaid/Fairy: 25%
- Evil: Mummy/Deamon: 10%
- Magical: Witch/Wizard: 30%
- Animal: Monkey/Dragon: 15%
- Other: Dr.Jekyl/Supersim,etc: 20%

New Sims 3 pics 25 May
In several magazines were a few Sims 3 concept pictures shown that were never officially published. I managed to find them and you can check them below. I also found a few screens from the Sims 3 prototype.
Find all these new pictures in the Sims 3 section here: Art and Concept screens


Sims 3 screen 27 May
The new picture from the Sims 3 VIP mail has now been posted on thesims3.com. Click the pic to see it in large size.

Ikea pre-order 28 May
The UK Sims site posted news about several pre-order items for Ikea Stuff. Though they show only UK shops, it is very likely that these objects will also be given in several other online shops.
Check them here: Ikea pre-order items

FreeTime patch 29 May
The new FreeTime patch has been posted on the official Sims 2 site. It fixes a huge amount of problems.
Get it here: FreeTime patch

Securom in FreeTime patch 31 May
The FreeTime patch which was posted a few days ago, contains a nasty version of Securom and many people have problems with it (for example on the Sims BBS). Perfectly legal copies of the Sims stopped working because Securom decided there are programs on someone's pc that it doesn't like.

There are a few sites where you can find more info about this and I've placed the links on the right for a few weeks.
- Simmers against Securom: A site where Securom is clearly explained.
- Securom must be destroyed: A forum which wants to take action against SecuRom.
- MATY: Here you can learn how to get rid of Securom.