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Survey on Sims2.com 2 May
Yesterday there was a survey on thesims2.com. It discussed some future expansionpacks (mostly about fantasy) and alot of Stuff pack options. As usual, this survey was up for only a short time and only a certain age range could take it.
Fortunately, Celesta92059 from the SimsBBS posted the options and I've pasted them on the following page: Survey options

The Sims Bowling 2 May
I came across an interesting Sims title for mobile phones called The Sims Bowling. It's an official EA title as it apeared on a couple EA sites, for example Electronicarts.cz. It's gone on sale recently according to the site despite any official announcement what so ever. One site that sells it is Gamemobile.co.uk
I also found a rather long (German) movie on YouTube about this game here: YouTube

Bon Voyage for pre-order 3 May
Several online shops have started to put The Sims 2: Bon Voyage for pre-order. Here they are:
CD Universe - Buy.com - Amazon.com
Thanks to Thesims2.co.za for finding the links.

Bonus item H&M 4 May
You can now pre-order H&M Fashion through the EA store and if you do, you get a bonus dress.
Find more information about it here: H&M pre-order.
Again thanks to Thesims2.co.za for finding it.

Misc. future Simgames news 6 May
New category at Sims2.com BBS
A new category called Official "I need to speculate about Expansion Pack 6" threads has appeared at the Sims2.com BBS with the following description: Travel from far and wide to speculate about Expansion Pack 6.
Check here the message from MaxoidDrea in that BBS: MaxoidDrea message

MaxoidMel blog
A little bit more information comes from MaxoidMel that updated her blog. Read it here: MaxoidMel blog

Bon Voyage domain registered
EA has registered the following domain: www.thesims2bonvoyage.com. It does not lead anywhere (but that's normal) and has been registered almost 2 weeks ago.
Thanks to Thesims2.co.za for this.

Sims 3 late 2008
German site Spieletipps.de write that they have a confirmation that The Sims 3 will be finished late 2008 for America and early 2009 for the rest of the world.
Find this article here: Spieletipps.de
Thanks to Sim Times.de for this.

New poll 7 May
A new poll. This weeks question is if Maxis should tell what the next expansionpack will be. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was what you think about having real-life brands in the game. Even though there was much controversy, according to the poll results, most people don't really mind; Only 1 out of 4 people don't like it. 3565 people voted and here are the results:

Real brands in the game. Good or bad?
- I love having real brands in the game!: 20%
- As long as the items are good, I don't mind: 54%
- Not too happy with it, but I can live with it: 13%
- I really do not like having real brands in the game: 13%

Sims 2 sells well 9 May
EA's fiscal year ended and they made a small loss. Not the fault of the Sims franchise though, cause all Sims 2 games combined sold over 22 million pieces. The Sims 2 Pets alone sold 5.6 million copies.
Find more info here: Tomshardware.co.uk

Update for Pet Stories, Pets on Wii and MySims 10 May
EA held a Summer Preview where they showed many upcoming titles. Below you can find links to the Sims games previewed by GameSpy, IGN and Gamespot.

The Sims: Pet Stories
A trailer, 6 screenshots and an article from IGN and Gamespot can be found here:
Gamespot coverage - IGN coverage

Pets for Wii
No new pics or movies, but there is an article from both sites:
Gamespot coverage - IGN coverage

MySims DS
Gamespot gives 12 new screenshots and a First Look article. IGN posted a preview and 2 movies.
Gamespot article - IGN preview - IGN movies

MySims Wii
IGN and Gamespy both posted an article with 6 new screenshots.
IGN preview - Gamespy article

New bloopers 12 May
Thesims2.com has updated with some new bloopers.
See them here: Sims2.com bloopers

H&M pre-orders 15 May
The official German Sims site has posted screens of all 3 pre-orders for the H&M Stuff pack.
Find the links to them here: H&M pre-orders

New poll 20 May
A new poll. This weeks question is which Stuff pack idea from the survey you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if Maxis should tell what the next expansionpack will be. 3 out of 4 people wants that Maxis tells us, but 1 out of 3 with the reason to stop the speculation. 4228 people voted and here are the results:

Should Maxis tell what the next expansion will be?
- Yes, we have a right to know!: 43%
- Yes, even if it's just to stop all this speculation: 33%
- We already know the title so it doesn't matter to me: 9%
- No, I can wait until they are ready to announce it: 15%

New Petstories pics 21 May
The official UK SimsStories site has updated with 6 new Petstories screenshots.
Check them out here: TheSimsStories.co.uk

Bon Voyage soon to be announced 22 May
There are signs that the 6th expansionpack Bon Voyage will soon be officially announced. Possibly even coming thursday.
Some solid evidence comes from the official UK Sims site where a (not yet working) link has been found under expansionpacks with the familiar name Bon Voyage.
At the moment of writing, the name is still there, but Simtimes took a screenshot from it in case it is removed.
Thanks very much to Paul and Simtimes.de for this news.

The first Bon Voyage screenshots 23 May
From the official Danish simsite come the first Bon Voyage screenshots:


Bon Voyage officially announced 24 May
The official Sims 2 site has now officially announced Bon Voyage as the next expansion pack. There is however not much info about it posted yet.
Find the announcement here: TheSims2.com

Full description of Bon Voyage 24 May
The official UK Sims site has posted the full description of Bon Voyage. Click the below link or check it out in the Bon Voyage infopage on this site.
Thanks ECervantes0

Misc. news 25 May
New Petstories pics
Polish fansite 'Sims Rewolucji' found a couple new Petstories screenshots. Find them here:
- 2 Petstories pics 1
- 2 Petstories pics 2
Blog update
Both MaxoidMel and MaxoidDramaLlama updated their blog with a small note about Bon Voyage. Read them here: MaxoidMel blog - MaxoidDramaLlama blog

The Sims movie
ComingSoon.net brings the news that 20th Century Fox has acquired feature rights to "The Sims". Read all about it here: ComingSoon.net article

Bon Voyage characters
And lastly, I found the following pic on the official Brazilian Simsite. It's a picture with some character silhouettes normally seen on the boxcover.

Logos 27 May
The Extras section has been updated with a new page. Lots of Sims logos! I got the plan of making it after searching for hours for a particular logo. Now nearly every single Sims logo has been collected in 1 place. From Sims 2 to Simsville, MySims, Urbz and many more.
It may be very useful for fansites or those that like to make Sims wallpapers. Check it out here: Sims logos
Credit to Wyspa Sim for the Bon Voyage logo and Simfantastic2.com for the Castaway logo.

New poll 28 May
A new poll. This weeks question is if a Sims movie could be succesful. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was which Stuff pack idea from the survey you like most. A Babies and Toddler pack is the most popular; 1 third of all people voted for that. Teens is also a wanted subject with 27%. 3586 people voted and here are the results:

Which Stuff idea sounds the best?
- Costume party: 11%
- Teen Sims: 27%
- Fantasy life: 20%
- Groovy 60's: 9%
- Babies and toddlers: 33%

TSO-E 29 May
I haven't really followed The Sims Online, but someone sent me some info about the latest developments about it.
Apparently this game has been quite a failure but recently Luc Barthelet set up a team to rebuild TSO. The new city they are building will be a brand new TSO called "TSO-E" and it will include something many TSO players have wanted from the beginning, custom content.
The team also started a blog where the fans can comment on the new features here: TSO-E

Blog update 30 May
2 Maxoids wrote in their blog. MaxoidDramaLlama writes about alot of things; Paysites, the Mustang download, a bit about Bon Voyage and many other things. MaxoidViolet writes about the best things to do when installing new packs.
Find the blogs here: MaxoidDramaLlama - MaxoidViolet