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Site news 2 May
A new page in the Info Center has been added. This info is about Business ranks, like how many stars needed and how many visitors you'll get. Also a small part about the reporter.
Find it here: Business ranks

Family Fun sells well II 3 May
Again Family Fun was the best selling game and now in the week of April 16-22. Though that may not be very interesting, Kotaku wrote a little story about it where they are also just amazed at the fact that Sims 2, after 2 years is still in the top 5.
Find it here: Kotaku.com

Site news 5 May
As you may have noticed, some new things were added to the site. I thought it would be nice to bring back the old expansionpack info. In there you can find the following:
- The official Maxis pictures
- The artpictures
- Reviews
- The links to the movies
- The Tim-mails
Also the Programs have moved up from Downloads and Walls and Floors are now devided in their own sections.

New poll 7 May
A new poll. This weeks question is if The Sims 2 is your best game ever. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you like the old or the new layout better. Most like the new layout, but still 1 in 5 people like the old one better. 2071 people voted and here are the results:

Which layout do you like better?
- The new layout is much better!: 42%
- The new one is a bit better: 15%
- They are both pretty nice: 23%
- I liked the old one a bit better: 13%
- The old layout was much better!: 7%

Next Expansion teaser on E3 8 May
A couple days ago, it was mentioned that the next expansionpack would not be told on E3. 'mmmyrs2', a member of this site's forum recieved a mail from Tiffany Spencer, who does the Public Relations for EA. In this mail is told that there will be a teaser video promoting the next theme.
Also it is told that in the weeks after E3, the new pack will be announced.
Find more info here: Forum topic

Misc. news 10 May
Spore news is pouring in from the E3, however until now, there is still absolutely no word about the Sims. However, E3 has just opened for the 'general public' and if the teaser will be shown today, we should get some pics from it.
Also, several Sim sites will visit the E3 like Sims network and Simszone.co.uk and no doubt they will post about it when they return.

A bit late with this, but New York Times posted an interesting article about The Sims. Several professors and psychiatrics as well as children talk about it. Find it here: New York Times article

And lastly, a bit of site news; If you scroll down a bit, you see I added an ad. Nothing special ofcourse but it's the first time ever and wanted to mention it anyway.
It's more because I'm interested in the technical aspect. In a Forum topic I wrote some statistics.

Expansion pack 4 about pets 10 May
The Simszone.co.uk is currently at the E3 and there they found out that the next expansionpack will be about pets. Screens and info will follow later.
Find this news here: The Simszone.co.uk

Teaser and screens of Pets expansion 11 May
The teaser shown at the E3 is now also viewable online. On the following page, you can find it in low and high quality: EA teaser video
The Sims part starts in about 30 seconds from the beginning and is just a couple seconds long.
Several people made some good screens from it, and one of these can be found here: Sim pets screens
Also TheSidDog has some other pictures of actually gameplay and a movie as well.
Find this page here: The Sid Dog

More Pets news 12 May
Some more info about the Pets expansion. As you can see on the left, the expansion is really going to be called The Sims 2: Pets. That pic comes from Gamespot where they wrote an article in their 'rumor control' about the 4th expansion.
Find this page here: Gamespot Rumor Control
Also, ChEeTaH from Simszone.co.uk has published some pictures from the videowall. They are a bit dark but you can still see enough from it.
Find these here: Simszone.co.uk petpics

Pets info page 13 May
An info page about the 4th expansionpack "The Sims 2: Pets" has been added. You can find it under the Expansions section. Note that it may take several weeks until new info about this pack will be revealed.

New poll 14 May
Finally we know what the 4th expansionpack will be. There was already a poll in the past what you thought about a Pets expansion: Over 80% wanted such a pack. This weeks poll is what other types of animals besides cats and dogs you would like. Click here to vote: New poll.

Last weeks question was if The Sims 2 is your best game ever. Even though it's to expect that visitors to a Sims fansite would like the game, 70% of all people consider it their best game ever is still quite high. 1844 people voted and here are the results:

Is The Sims 2 your best game ever?
- Yes, it's the best game I have ever played!: 70%
- Not number 1, but definately one of my favorites: 25%
- It's just one of the many games that I like: 4%
- It's ok, but I have lots of games that are better: 1%
- I don't really like it: 0%

New downloads 16 May
3 New clothing items have been added which you can find in the Downloads section here: New downloads.
A thanks to Moonkat for these items.

Updated Pets video 17 May
TheSiddog, who made the Pets video from the EA booth, posted a second video. This one is a bit more zoomed in and also the logo can be very clearly seen this time.
Find the video at the bottom of the following page: Pets video 2
A thanks to Amy for the tip.

Small Soccer add-on 20 May
In less then 3 weeks, the world championship soccer will start in Germany. For that purpose, Maxis will release a free add-on.
This add-on will be about 10 Mb in size and be released next friday, May 26. According to the news article, it will be downloadable from the official German Sims site. However most likely it will be available from other official sites as well.
Find the (German) article here: Giga.de
Thanks to Simszone.de / Sims2forsimscorner for this news.

New poll 21 May
This weeks poll is if you send your teen Sims to University. Click here to vote: New poll.

Last weeks question was what kind of animals you would like in the Pets expansion. Farm animals are quite popular as well as small animals as 75% of all people voted for these 2 options. A high number of people (4035) voted this week and here are the results:

What other kind of animals would you like?
- Small pets, like mice, birds, turtles: 32%
- Farm animals, like horses, cows, chickens: 43%
- Wild animals, like lions, tigers, deer: 9%
- Fantasy animals, like unicorn, phoenix: 13%
- Pre-historic animals, like dinausaurs, sabre tooth tiger: 2%

Sims2 Pet for PSP 22 May
EB Games has the following title for pre-order: The Sims 2: Pet. Find the link here: EB Games. Now the following could be the case:
- EB Games made a mistake
- There will be no Pets expansion for PC
- There will be a pets game for both PC and PSP.
This is ofcourse very strange and hopefully Maxis can clarify this soon.
Update: It seems that all links to the other versions have now been removed.
Thanks SP Zone for this update.

Family Fun at EA downloader 24 May
The official UK Sims site writes that on May 31, the Family Fun expansion will be available for download through EA Downloader.
Read this message here: Thesims2.co.uk.

Sims 2 Pets for pre-order 25 May
A pre-order page on Amazon.com has appeared.
Find it here: Amazon.com.

Football downloads 26 May
As told a couple days ago, today, there are some football downloads available from the official Sims sites.
It's now also available on thesims2.com here: Football downloads.


Release dates 27 May
Several Dutch online shops has started pre-orders for both the Pets expansion and the Glamour Stuff pack.
The release date for Glamour has been set to August 15.
See a pre-order page here: Music store

The release date for Pets (in Holland called 'huisdieren') is set to September 1.
See a pre-order page here: Dynabyte
Thanks to The Hub for finding these links.

New poll 28 May
This weeks poll is if you have downloaded the Football pack. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you send your Sims to University. A very devided result; A score in the 20% for almost every option. On average though, half of all people send many sims to University, the other half not that often. 2926 people voted and here are the results:

Do you send your Sims to University?
- Yes, nearly all of them!: 28%
- Yes, many teens will go to University: 20%
- Yes, but just several: 25%
- No, hardly any will go: 22%
- No, because I don't have this expansion: 5%