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New poll 1 May
A new poll. This weeks question is, when do you think Nightlife will arrive? Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you you're interested in Sims 2 for consoles. Only about 30% are interested so there won't be a seperate console section. I will keep following it though. 1399 people voted and here are the results:

Are you interested in Sims 2 for consoles?
- I love to get Sims 2 on consoles!: 20%
- Yes I'm interested in it: 9%
- It's ok, but I prefer the PC version: 31%
- No. Doesn't interest me at all: 40%

Affiliate news 7 May
A slow week concerning Sims 2 news... Hopefully next week will be better.

Anyway, I wanted to tell that my affiliate 'thesims2website', created SimSister, where 8 celebrities spend 6 weeks together. I will sponsor it with a link to the site and an ocasional update on the events.
Click on the Simsisterbanner on the right or here to see the first episode: SimSister

Sims at E3 11 May
EA sent out a press release with a list containing all their games they will show at the E3 next week. This rather long list contains Spore, Nightlife and the Sims 2 for consoles/handhelds.
Go read the press release here: EA press release

New Nightlife pics 12 May
From the official Swedish Sims site come 7 new Nightlife pictures:



E3 news 15 May
The E3 will start in a couple days and many games that will come out between now and next year will be shown and also all the new gaming hardware. Although besides that Nightlife will be shown there, this is not specifically Sims 2 news. However I still wanted to show how important this event is for the game industry.
All the Nightlife and Sims 2 for consoles news from the show can be found here on SnootySims and the Spore news ofcourse on SnooySpore.com.

There is an incredibly amount of E3 news to be found already but here are 2 links with info about the show:
reuters.com article
USA today

Misc. news 10 May
Spore news is pouring in from the E3, however until now, there is still absolutely no word about the Sims. However, E3 has just opened for the 'general public' and if the teaser will be shown today, we should get some pics from it.
Also, several Sim sites will visit the E3 like Sims network and Simszone.co.uk and no doubt they will post about it when they return.

A bit late with this, but New York Times posted an interesting article about The Sims. Several professors and psychiatrics as well as children talk about it. Find it here: New York Times article

And lastly, a bit of site news; If you scroll down a bit, you see I added an ad. Nothing special ofcourse but it's the first time ever and wanted to mention it anyway.
It's more because I'm interested in the technical aspect. In a Forum topic I wrote some statistics.

New poll 15 May
A new poll. After all these Nightlife polls, this week a normal poll; Do you have a favorite family? Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was when you thought that Nightlife would arrive. Almost half of all people think September will be the release date. 1823 people voted and here are the results:

When will Nightlife arrive?
- June: 5%
- July: 5%
- August: 20%
- September: 46%
- October: 23%

Misc. Nightlife news 18 May
In an interview with Gamespot, Tim LeTourneau told that cars will be added in the Sims 2: Nightlife.
Go read this interview here: GameSpot interview

There is also a first movietrailer about Nightlife posted by Gamespot. Go see that one here: E3 Trailer

And lastly a couple of new Nightlife pictures can be found here: Nightlife pics (Will be added to the site later today)

Misc. Nightlife news II 18 May
Besides the interview, Gamespot also posted an article on Nightlife. Go read it here: E3 Pre show impressions
IGN also posted an article here: IGN Nightlife article
And as promised, the new Nightlife pics:


Misc. Nightlife news III 19 May
A couple more updates:
IGN posted again an article. In this smaller article is talked about 'the dating game'. Go read it here: IGN article
Also I added a 'movies' section in the Nightlife info page here: Nightlife movies

Nightlife releasedate 25 May
Nightlife's release date is still quite a mystery. All online shops have different dates. But now, on the official French Sims site, they show the date, September 15. If this really is the release date for France, America will most likely recieve it as soon as September 10.
On the following page you can find this info: Official French Sims site

Tim-mail 3 26 May
Tim's third mail arrived and in it, he talks a bit about the things we learned from the E3, like the ownable cars, Mrs. Crumplebottom, rugs and more.
Go read it here: Tim Mail 3



Misc. news 27 May
Nightlife's release date of September 15 is now also confirmed on the official German sims site. So we can pretty much assume that this really is the official date.

Other news, Sims 2 for mac has gone gold and will come out any time now. Go read more about it here: Macworld.com

New poll 29 May
A new poll. This pollquestion is, what specifically you like about Nightlife. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you have a favorite family. And most people seem to have one; Almost 2 thirds have a family that they use much more then the rest. 1737 people voted and here are the results:

Do you have a favorite family?
- Yes, 1 family is almost the only one I play with!: 19%
- Yes, I have 1 that I use more often: 44%
- Not really but 1 family is used a bit more: 26%
- No all the families get the same playing time: 11%