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Lucy mail 1 May
Lucy's weekly e-mail brought an MP3 with music from The Sims 2: Lucy's mail.
Click here to listen to it: Sims 2 Music.

New poll 2 May
Last week we had a flood of new pictures. So this weeks poll is if you think we get too many. Click here for this new poll.
Last weeks question was if you are planning to make gardens. Most people are indeed planning to spend some time on their gardens. 867 People voted and here are the results:

Will you make gardens?
- I'm going to spend alot of time on the gardens: 28%
- I plan on making some nice looking gardens: 55%
- Not too much. Just simple gardens: 16%
- No, just grass and maybe some tiles: 1%

Release dates 5 May
Today it's exactly 1 year ago, that The Sims 2 was officially announced. It was originally scheduled to ship in early 2004. The most likely shipping date is now September 2004.

Bodyshop (CaSIE) was originally planned to be finished in November 2003. Many say it will now be May 10, however May 13 seems now a more acurate date. Whatever it will be, it's coming real soon now.

New pics 7 May
After a silent week of news, here is finally something new. Here are 8 new Sims 2 pictures from www.thesims.se. Several are just old pics from a different angle but I think they're still interesting.

Lucy's mail 8 May
Lucy's weekly arived and in it, she tells that there are big things ahead the coming week.
Click here to read the whole mail: Lucy's mail.

New pics 8 May
The pictures seem to be flooding in. Again 5 new Sims 2 pictures from IGN.
Also a new movie can be found here: IGN Sims 2 Movie.

Movie at Gamershell 9 May
Just a small notice; If you had trouble downloading the 'sneaky single sim' movie from Gamespot, you may want to try downloading it from Gamershell here.

New poll 9 May
This weeks poll is no surprise as Bodyshop is coming very soon now. Will you download it? Click here for the new poll.
Last weeks question was if you thought that Maxis is giving too many pictures. Even after a good picture week, still 65% of the voters thinks it's not enough.
A recordnumber of 1244 people voted and here are the results:

Does Maxis give us too many pictures?
- No they don't give us enough!: 65%
- I'm satisfied with the amount they give: 28%
- I guess they could slow it down alittle: 3%
- It's too many. I want to be surprised when it's out: 4%

New poll 10 May
A test page of Bodyshop has just showed up at the official Sims 2 site. You can check that out here: Bodyshop
However it's not yet downloadable. Here's a message from the official Sims 2 BBS:

"I know you all are excited for Body Shop, we are as well, but I don't want you guys hitting reload all day, taking off from work/school/chores or anything like that to no avail.
So just a heads up, Body Shop is coming very soon, BUT not today. So hold your finger of the reload button just a wee bit longer if you can."

- maxiskitty

For those that missed it, here's a picture of how the page looked like and some uploaded Sims:

New pics 11 May
Here are 2 new Sims 2 pictures from the Sims insider newsletter.

Moviepics 11 May
There have been 3 new Sims 2 movies in the past 2 weeks. I've taken pics of them for those that have trouble viewing them. Check them out in the pictures section or directly here:
Sneaky Sim and E3 Trailer moviepics and IGN interview moviepics.
With many thanks to caramelcutie411 from the Sims BBS for the IGN moviepics.
Below are 5 of the 32 new moviepics:

Misc. news 11 May
Some little things:
Simszone.co.uk, has written out the movie-interview. So for those that are unable to see this movie, go check out this interview here: Simszone IGN interview

The following page is from the official Sims 2 site. It's an explanation of how to use the bodyshop exchange. The strange thing is that you cannot download sims; Just upload them. Check out that page here: Bodyshop Exchange page

Here's a movie about the fly-trough from Veronaville. Check it out here: Veronaville movie

Here's one pic I forgot:

Oh and according to LoL from the forums, Bodyshop should come out later today. Apparently, this was said by the webmaster of Thesims.se. Well let's hope and see.

Phew! It's only Tuesday and I'm updating like 3 times a day. Maxis sure wasn't lying about the big week coming!

Bodyshop arived 11 May
Bodyshop has finally arived! Go get it here: Bodyshop.

New pics 11 May
Here are 3 new Sims 2 pictures from Gamespot:

New pics 12 May
Today, Gamespot has again posted 5 new Sims 2 pictures:

Misc. news 12 May
At Gamespy an interview with the new General Manager of Maxis, Neil Young, can be found. He talks about The Sims 2, the Urbs and Sims online. Go here to find this new interview: GameSpy interview.

From Fileplanet, here are 3 more Sims 2 pictures:

E3 trailer 12 May
Gamespot has posted a new movie. It's an official E3 Trailer and pics from this movie were posted yesterday. Go see it in action here: E3 Trailer.

New article 12 May
IGN has posted a new Sims 2 article. The biggest news in this article is that a Sims lifespan (if you don't stop the aging) will be about 20 hours.
Read the whole article here: IGN article.

Official release date 12 May
At the official Sims BBS, Maxis has just officially announced that the shipping date for The Sims 2 will be September 17. Below is the original message:

"The Sims 2 will ship on September 17, 2004.

We can't wait for you to get to play the game and appreciate your patience, support and excitement. The game team is thrilled with what they've seen you create with The Body Shop and it's been very inspiring to them as they work on the game.

Maxis has the best game community out there - thanks for everything!"


Misc. news 13 May
The big week is not over yet, so here are again lots of updates:

Yesterday you could read that the official releasedate for America is September 17. Simszone.de, could tell from reliable sources that the European version will arrive on September 23. Yes that's just 6 days later than America and has probably to do with the shipping times.

From the official German Sims site, come 3 new Sims 2 pictures:

At Gamespot you can find an updated E3 impression. It's quite an interesting read. Go to the article here: Gamespot E3 impressions

Yesterday, IGN had a Sims 2 article but they've made yet another one. Go to this article here: IGN article

GameSpy also has a new article. Go to this article here: GameSpy article

Bodyshop helppage 13 May
Those kind persons from Maxis have made a help page with solutions to the problems people are having with Bodyshop.
Go read it here: Bodyshop help.

Chat transcript 14 May
The bodyshop chat can be found at the official Sims 2 site. Read it here: Bodyshop chat transcript.

For those that made some custom content with Bodyshop and want to share this with others, they can send it to me and I will place them on this site. With full credit ofcourse. With the skin, please also give your artist name.
Oh and here's a somewhat new pic UPDATED:

Misc. news 16 May
Well, the big week is over but some more E3 news will still slowely come in the next few days. Here are some more updates with thanks to Simszone.de:

If you haven't noticed it yet, Snootysims now has a Sims 2 downloads section. It will grow alittle bigger the coming months, however it will not become as big as TSR or other big sites; This will mainly stay a news site.

Gamespy had an interesting interview with the creator of the Sims, Will Wright. Read it here: Gamespy Interview

Here are 2 pictures from the Sims 2 at E3:

GamersPulse went to E3 and wrote an article about The Sims 2. Read it here: GamersPulse article

And yet another article, from 1up can be read here: 1up article

And finally here are the results from the last poll. The new poll is what you think about Bodyshop. Click here for the new poll.
Last weeks question was if you will download Bodyshop. More than 3 quarters of everybody, downloaded it right away. 1172 people voted and here are the results:

Will you download Bodyshop?
- Yes, right away!: 77%
- After a couple days: 12%
- I wait til the game comes out: 6%
- I don't care about Bodyshop: 5%

Site news 21 May
After a week full of news, it sure is quiet now. Gives me all the more time to work on the site though.
Today I have added several new items in the downloads sections. Tomorrow however, there will be a very big update with lots of new items.

Lucy's mail 22 May
Lucy's weekly mail contained 5 new Sims 2 pictures. Read the complete mail here: Lucy's mail

Site news 24 May
Well it seems the server move went alright after all. This site has now a bandwidth limit of 200 Gb a month and 2 Gb of space. Almost 3 times as much as before. It's more then enough to have lots and lots of downloads without problem. For those that sent in some creations, sorry for the delay, but I will now add everything to the site the coming days.

The new poll is added. This new poll asks if you are already downloading Bodyshop items. Click here for the new poll.
Last weeks question was what you thought of Bodyshop. Surprisingly more than half of all the people expected more from it. Maybe when more custom content comes in, this will change. I will ask this same question in a couple months to see if that's the case. 1070 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think of Bodyshop?
- Better then expected!: 11%
- It's pretty cool: 31%
- It's ok I guess...: 12%
- I'm alittle dissapointed: 17%
- Don't have Bodyshop (working): 29%

Site news 25 May
Today I like to announce a new artist. Schweighsr, which some of you may know from the official Sims 2 bbs, is a very talented artist and will make many exclusive items for this site. Today, I have already added several new clothing items but she also made lots of other things, like glasses, make-up, skins, etc,etc. I will add those and more clothes tomorrow. But for now why don't you check out the clothing download section and check out some of these creations. Go see them here: Clothes downloads
Also creations from other people will be added soon.

New pics 27 May
This simday brings us 3 new Sims 2 pictures:

Movie at Gamershell 28 May
Several sites are posting some things they saw at E3:

A new movie can be found here: Itavisen Movie and here: NLgaming Movie

Also here are some blurry pictures taken from different sites:

New pics 28 May
Although they look familiar, they really are a little different. These pics are from the Sims scoop newsletter.

Lucy's mail 29 May
Lucy's weekly mail arrived and in it were some new Sims 2 pictures. Read the full mail here: Lucy's mail

New poll 30 May
Today and yesterday I have added several new items to the downloads section. Since it's a free day tomorrow, I will post all the content that is sent to me.

There is a new poll. I thought it would be nice to repeat the very first poll that I had on this site; What kind of Sims 2 pics would you like to see. Click here for the new poll.
Last weeks question was about if you are already started downloading bodyshop items. Almost 80% is not doing that on a great scale and one third isn't downloading at all! 838 people voted and here are the results:

Are you downloading Bodyshop items?
- I'm downloading like crazy!: 10%
- I downloaded several things: 12%
- Just a couple things...: 15%
- No I haven't (yet): 33%
- Don't have Bodyshop (working): 29%

New articles 31 May
Searching around the Internet, I found several Sims 2 articles. GameMarshal even contacted me personally. Let's start with that one:

GameMarshal was very impressed by the game and wrote an article about all the new features. Read this article here: GameMarshal article.

GameZone was also at the E3 and described the well-known demo but also wrote some things about the feature that Sims are now much better at automating themselves; Like you don't have to worry about little things like washing hands and such. Read this article here: GameZone article

And lastly, The Gamers Temple wrote a big 3 page article and talked about things like aspirations and family relations. Read this article here: Gamers Temple article

Also here are some blurry pictures taken from Gamespots E3 movie. Apparently, at the E3 they were showing an extended version of the official trailer that you can download at the official site. I saw fire, a police car and even a graveyard with a ghost jumping out. Unfortunately it was filmed from so far, that I couldn't make good pictures from it.