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Sims 2 officialy announced 5 May
It's finally official! Today, Maxis announced The Sims 2 in a press release.
here's part of it:
For the first time, players control their Sims over an entire lifetime. Every choice that is made has a relevant and dramatic effect on the life of a Sim. More life-like Sims, all-new gameplay, and the ground-breaking addition of genetics, with the DNA of Sims passed down through generations gives players a more vivid, realistic, and in-depth Sims experience. All of this takes place in a new amazingly life-like 3-D world. The Sims 2 will be unveiled to industry insiders on May 13th at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition in Los Angeles and is scheduled to ship in early 2004.

Read the whole press release here: Sims 2 press release

First Sims 2 pics 6 May
Today, the first screenshots from The Sims 2 are released by Gamespot! Check them out here.

Sims 2 at EB Games 6 May
You can now pre-order The Sims 2 at ebgames. The price is $49.99. And ebgames say the game comes out at January 14, 2004.
Click the link to see the pre-order. The Sims 2 on Ebgames

Simday 8 May
Today's simday! And this time there is a download! The object is a sign and it makes that strays will go away from your lot. You can download it at the official sims site: The Sims.com

Site news 9 May
I'm finally done with all the fixing and uploading and tomorrow is the day that all my items will be online! There will be over 70 objects and lots of other items. So come back tomorrow to snooty's sim page and download everything you like!

Site news 10 May
I didn't manage to upload everything today, but I sure did alot. I added new graphics and I've put all the Maxis items and some 'other' items online. Also I added a The Sims 2 page.
The remaining items should come online tomorrow.

Site news 11 May
Today I added 23 object in the 'my objects' section. Because it takes more time then expected to add items, I will now add about a dozen objects every day in the coming week. So come back and check them out!

Superstar interview 12 May
Gamespy interviewed Jonathan Knight, the producer of the latest Sims expansion superstar. Here's part of the interview:
"The obsessed fan will show up once you achieve a certain level of fame. That's the easy part; getting rid of him is a little trickier. The key is to keep your fan base happy, build good relationships with them, and the obsessed fan will go away. Or, you can just sic your butler on him."

Read the whole interview here.

Superstar patch 14 May
Superstar is only available for a day and already Deirdre Nox made a patch to fix the horrible way how the women walk. Deidre Nox allows everyone to share this file so you can get this new patch at my downloads section.

GameSpot article 14 May
More Sims 2 news! Gamespot saw the game and told something about it in an article. Here's part of it:
"Players concerned about all their sims dying off in The Sims 2 shouldn't worry, as the game will optionally permit you to toggle the life cycle feature off. Maxis is convinced that the addition of life cycles enhances to the gameplay, however, and that it encapsulates how this truly is "the next generation of The Sims."

Read the whole article here: GameSpot Sims 2 article
Ofcourse you can also read all the news about The Sims 2 in my 'The Sims 2' section of this site.

IGN article 15 May
Yet more Sims 2 news! IGN has an article about it as well. Here's part of it:
Our goal is to create tools to allow people to create their own experience. I don't think it'll be too much harder than 1.0. The real trick is making sure they can all be shared. The goal is to have objects ready online and easily slapped into the title."
Read the whole article here: IGN Sims 2 article
Ofcourse the most important parts will also be in my The Sims 2 section.

Sims 2 movie 15 May
Gamespot has posted a movie about The Sims 2. You can download it here: Gamespot Sims 2 movie
Be warned: The movie is very big to download. It's well over 40 Mb. I have downloaded it, made some screenshots and put them in The Sims 2 section of this site.

GameMarshal preview 16 May
I found another preview about The Sims 2 at GameMarshal. Here's part of it:
"You will see them grow, change and get older. Events such as funerals and baby births are also included in the game, and when a mother gets pregnant, her belly will grow in size as time progresses, when eventually she is ready to give birth an ambulance will arrive to get her to the hospital."
Read the whole article here: GameMarshal preview
The most interesting parts can be read in The Sims 2 section of this site.

GameSpy preview 18 May
Here's yet another preview about The Sims 2 from gamespy. Here's part of it:
"During the demo, we witnessed another new effect. It started to rain. The lighting of the scene changed as the dreary clouds moved in, and the Sims themselves all reacted with dismay as the raindrops came down. (The unfortunate Sim who opted to remain in the hot tub was in for a shock when the lightning struck...)"
Read the whole article here: Gamespy preview. The most interesting parts can be found in my The Sims 2 section.

New Sims 2 pics 19 May
I found some new pictures of The Sims 2. You can find them here: New Sims2 pics
Because there is so much news about The Sims 2 coming in, I'm going to rework my The Sims 2 page so it's more easy to navigate. That will take some days and I can't update that page during that period.

New preview 20 May
I found a new preview about The Sims 2. Most of it is old news, but the last part has some new info. Here's part of it:
"Another Sim was outdoors when it started to rain and she reacted to the rain. She put her hands out in the air to feel the rain coming down, while kind of looking at the sky with a plaintive look. Then she was zapped by a lightning bolt, and the other Sims all rushed out to see her."
Read the whole article here: New preview

Site news 24 May
I have now renewed my The Sims 2 page. Now you can navigate through all the previews much easier.
All pictures are in one place also. I haven't placed all the pictures yet, but they will be there soon. Don't forget to read the new preview from TheGamersTemple. Lots of new info about The Sims 2 in that preview.

Some site related news; I'm happy to announce that in a day or 2, this site will have its own domain-name. Also the commercials will be gone then.

Site news 25 May
As of today, I have my own domain name. The sites url is now www.snootyssimpage.com.
That sounds much better. Also no more annoying pop-up commercials.

Not much news today. Just that The Sims 2 won an E3 award of "best simulation game". No surprises there; There's hardly any contest in that genre. Well congratulations to Maxis anyway.

Will Wright interview 28 May
An interesting interview with Will Wright at boomtown. Here's part of it:

"Really the game is all about what you bring to it, and if gamers want the latest hardware pushing graphics and a quick 5 minute fix, they aren't going to get as much out as someone who has spent time with it. That's why we're not aiming too high in terms of system specifications for The Sims 2, so that the fans who aren't too bothered about having the latest technology, and who tend to bring more to a game can still play it explains Will Wright."
Read the whole Interview here: Interview

Simday 29 May
Simday is early today and there is certainly a reason to visit www.thesims.com now; There is a cool new stairs to download. It's the same stairs you see in studio-town as a prop, but this download is a real working stairs.

New expansion? 30 May
It seems we get at least one more expansion pack before The Sims 2 arrives. Amazon has a pre-order for The Sims: Spellbound. Sounds very interesting. The release date according to Amazon is October 15, 2003.
Check it out for yourself here: Spellbound

Site news 30 May
I have added 18 decorative animals in the downloads section. Check them out!

Computer Gaming World 30 May
In the July issue of Computer Gaming World were some interesting things. Here is part of it:
- Over 500 objects and at least a few from each expansion pack.
- 18 career paths, and teenagers and elders will have career paths too.
- 50 lots in neighbourhood.
- There are weekends and a calender, but no specific dates, time is referred to by weekly calender i.e. "your birthday is next monday".
- NPCs are like regular sims and can join you family.
- Elders get a pension.
- No teenage pregnancies, "teenagers can "play" all they want but nothing comes out of it.
Read the whole part in my The Sims 2 section of this site.