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Blaise interview 1 March
About a week ago, I reported about the singer Blaise, a singer with a simlish song where you could download this Sim in your game (Blaise sim).
Now she gave an interview and EA also released a new University Life trailer where she talks about the game.
Check it here: Interview - New trailer

University Life released 4 March
  University Life is now for sale. EA released a new trailer, new screenshots and a press release.
Check it here: Press release - New trailer

New blog 4 March
SimGuruSNelson wrote a blog about University Life's launch here: New blog

Primagames sneak peak 6 March
Primagames posted a small part of their University Life Eguide online. It's about the Jocks, Nerds and Rebels.
Check it out here: Become a Master Socialite

New blogs 7 March
Lots of new blogs were posted at TheSims3.com:

- By SimGuruHydra: Meet The Sims 3 development team part 1
- By SimGuruHydra: Meet The Sims 3 development team part 2
- By Alan Copeland: Take Your Sims to the Movies
- By SimGuruTaterTot: A look back at Aurora Skies

Cinema venue 7 March
TheSims3 Store has been updated with a new venue; Le Cinema Plumbob. This large venue contains two Premium Content items being the 'Large as Life Movie Screen' and 'Barrier to Entry System'.

Le Cinema Plumbob: 19 items for $19,- (temporarily $17,-)

Misc. news 8 March
Primagames is adding more tips for University Life:
10 Tips for Gaining Influence in Social Groups
10 Tips for Improving Your Science Skill
LGR review
Lazy Game Reviews made their review of University Life.
Check it here: LGR review

New poll 19 March
There's a new poll. The question is if making Sims4 online-only a good or bad idea. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you were looking forward the most to University or Island Paradise. The majority goes for University Life with 43% and 1 out of 4 thinks they're equally cool. 8% however is not very happy with the expansionpacks from 2013.
1144 people voted and here are the results:

University or Island Paradise?
- University Life: 43%
- Island Paradise: 24%
- I don't really like both of them: 8%
- They're both awesome!: 25%

Misc. news 19 March
Store preview
Here you see a preview for an upcoming new set in TheSims3 Store.

Social guide
Games Radar posted a 'social influence' guide here: Games Radar guide

Island Paradise screens
SimGuruRyan posted a few funny screens from Island Paradise:


Sims3Store update 21 March
TheSims3 Store has been updated with a new set; The Mediterranean wedding set.

Live, Laugh, Love: 34 items for $18,75 (temporarily $15,50)

Island Paradise pics 24 March
The SimGuru's occasionally post new pics from Island Paradise on Twitter. The pictures below are from the past few days:


Island Paradise blog 26 March
SimGuruRyan posted a new blog on TheSims3.com about Island Paradise and included some cool screenshots.
Check the blog here: Welcome to Paradise