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Ambitions announced 4 March
EA has officially announced the second Sims 3 expansionpack called Ambitions. This pack will allow you to see your sims at work in professions like Ghost buster, Architect, Investigator and lots more.
Read the full press release here: Press release
The first screenshots can be found in the Ambitions infopage which can be found in the Menu on the left.

Q&A and trailer Ambitious 5 March
Gamespot posted a big Q and A on the next expansionpack Ambitious. Associate producer Grant Rodiek explains how this new career system will work and talks about gameplay changes like the option to edit your town and the new tattoo system. They also posted the first trailer of this pack.
Check it here: Gamespot update.

Sims3Store updated 6 March
The Sims3 Store has been updated with 3 new sets. Below the links:
Earth Day: 3 Items. Free!
Fairy Folk Life: 39 Items. $18,-
Vaindenburg: 18 Items. $9,-

Misc. news 13 March
EA Netherlands sent the Dutch fansites the boxcover for Ambitions which you can see on the left.

In other news, the official Sims3 site posted a blog about bloopers; Little mistakes when the game was still in development.
Check it out here: Bloopers blog