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Site news 1 March
The FreeTime careers have been added to the Info Center. Here you can find the jobrequirements, salary and workdays for the 5 new careers:
Adult careers - Teen/Elder careers

Misc. news 2 March
FreeTime hack
The first FreeTime hacks are starting to appear. At Paladin's place you can find a hack for changing a Sims' pre-destined hobby; The fact that it was not possible to change it, caused quite some complaints in the community. As always with hacks, use at your own risk.
Find it here: Simwardrobe.com

FreeTime badges
Another update for the infocenter: A list of the requirements for Pottery and Sewing has been added.
Check it here: FreeTime Badges

New poll 4 March
A new poll. This weeks question is if you think that with FreeTime, the control panel has become too crowded. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you like the idea of Sims merchandise. It seems it's not very popular; More then half of you is totally not interested and those that are, may get something at a later date or is unable to buy. 2371 people voted and here are the results:

Are you interested in Sims merchandise?
- Yes, I even already ordered something!: 1%
- Yes, I plan to buy something soon: 5%
- Not sure, Maybe I decide to get something later: 16%
- It looks cool but I'm unable to buy something: 19%
- No. Totally not interested in this merchandise: 59%

TheSims3.com 5 March
EA has now opened the official Sims3.com site. For now, it just holds a message which says that March 19 the first official Sims 3 news will be posted.
Most likely that this will be the official announcement and also means the launch of the website.
Check it out here: www.thesims3.com

First Sims 3 pic 6 March
1Up posted a screenshot of the next Games for Windows magazine. On it, is a pic of the Sims 3 and the logo. Check it on the left.

This magazine, which is the April/May issue, will publish 12 pages of Sims 3 info. Below you can find some of the info from 1Up. Read all of it here: 1Up.com

"The town and park you see on the cover image exist in the same seamless space as your Sims' household, and what you do outside your home now matters as much as what you do within.
The game also sees a major shift in how Sims' motives are handled: Individual meters indicating bladder and sleep-deprivation levels are replaced by a new system of discrete moods so they can focus more on, well, going out on the brand new town."

Sims 3 mail 7 March
Ben Bell, Executive Producer for Sims 3, sent the first info mail about the Sims 3. In this mail, he talks about the seamless neighborhood, the new Create-A-Sim and about the upcoming Sims 3 website.
Read the mail here: Sims 3 mail 1.

Lots of misc. news 8 March
With the important Sims 3 updates, I completely neglected the other news. So below all the news from the past week in one giant update:

New car download
The official Sims 2 site updated with yet another Ford car download. This time it's the Ford Edge.
Download it here: Ford download

Simlish music
Very recently, recordcompany VitaminRecord released a record called "Songs InThe Key of Simlish" This cd includes covers of popular songs in Simlish.
Check it out here: Simlish music

FreeTime reviews
Not many FreeTime reviews have been posted yet, but here are 2 more: NZgamer - Games Radar

Hawker recolors
2 Weeks ago, a Hawker car from the Burnout Paradise game was available for download. Now it's available in several different colors.
Download it here: Hawker recolors

MaxoidMoonBelly downloads
Some wallpapers and FreeTime lots made by MaxoidMoonBelly, have been posted on Thesims2.com.
Find them here: Wallpapers - Lots
Double Deluxe
EA created a DoubleDeluxe edition of The Sims game which includes: The Sims 2, Nightlife, Celebration and a bonus DVD.
Find all the info about it here: TheSims2.com

Datarock interview
PlanetTheSims had an interview with Datarock, a group who made a Simlish song for FreeTime, here: PlanetTheSims

FreeTime comic
And lastly, Thesims2.com posted the 6th FreeTime comic.
Check it out here: Comic 6: Family

Critical fix for FreeTime 9 March
Inteenimater has posted a fix for a critical error in FreeTime. It fixes the problem of almost always reporting a bogus aspiration for the sim if they happen to have a secondary aspiration set.
Just unzip the file in your downloads folder to make the fix work and, for example, delete it when Maxis has an official patch.
Find it on the following page: Inteenimater

New poll 9 March
A new poll. This weeks question is which Sims 3 feature you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you think that there are too many meters on the control panel. Only 9% think there are just too many, however more then half of you, wouldn't mind if the amount of meters was a bit less. 40% have no problem with them. 3108 people voted and here are the results:

Are there too many meters on the control panel?
- Yes, way too many!: 9%
- There's a bit too much: 51%
- No, it's just the right amount: 21%
- No, I don't mind even more!: 19%

Sims 3 info 9 March
Gamespagazine 'PC Gamer UK' will have a big Sims 3 article in their next issue and Gamesradar.com posted some info from it. Things like Inventory, Moods, CAS and several other features from Sims 3 can be found in the article.
Find it here: Gamesradar.com
Thanks to Simtimes.de for finding it.

PC gamer scans 10 March
A member of the forum posted scans of the PC Gamer magazine. 6 Pages full of info and with several screenshots from The Sims 3 can be found there.
Check it out here: Snooty Sims forum

New Sims 3 info 10 March
The Games for Windows magazine is now starting to arrive at subscribers. The first person who's posting info from it, is Kidblink from the N99 forum.
I reposted all the info here: Games for Windows.

Games for Windows scans 11 March
Yesterday, the scans of PC gamer were posted. Now is also the Games for Windows article posted. Several new screenshots and a massive amount of Sims 3 info can be found in it.
Check it out here: Infinitesims.com

Misc. news 12 March
Comic 7
The official sims site has updated with the last Comic strip; The Grilled Cheese one. Here you can find 5 Screenshots and info about this aspiration.
Check it here: Comic 6: Grilled Cheese.

Kitchen/Bath stuff
The German Sims site has updated with 2 new screenshots for the Kitchen/Bath Stuff pack. Check them below.

Sims 3 info page
And lastly, a Sims 3 info page has been added to the site. At the moment just screenshots from the magazine scans but info will be posted there in the coming days.


Sims 3 pre-order 13 March
Online gameshop Play.com has listed The Sims 3 for pre-order with a releasedate of March 27, 2009. I must comment that this date is unofficial and it can change, but it's the first online shop that lists the game and the first solid releasedate compared with several gamesites.
Check it here: Sims 3 pre-order.
Thanks to 'P3nf0ld3' from the SimsBBS for the find.

The Sims 2: Ikea Stuff 14 March
A new Stuff pack has been discovered called The Sims 2: Ikea Stuff. This title has been posted at a Dutch online shop and is still unofficial.
Check it out here: 12game.com.
Thanks to 'princedeej28' from the SimsBBS for the find.

New Sims 3 scans 15 March
A French fansite posted 10 scans of a Sims 3 article from a French Sims magazine. The language is French and many pics were also seen in the other 2 mags, but there sure are some new things to discover like you can see on the left; a Sims 3 house layout.
Update: The scans are no longer on the fansite, but I got my hands on another scanned set.The screenshots are a bit different; A little less sharp but larger in size.

Site news 16 March
2 Updates at the Sims 3 section. There's a Comparison page, where I compared a few Sims 3 pics with Sims 2. Also a Links page which contains interesting Sims 3 links as well as Sims 3-only fansites. If you have a Sims 3-only site and want to be added to the list, give me a mail.
Comparison - Sims 3 links

New poll 17 March
A new poll. This weeks question is if you're afraid that the Sims 3 will be too different from Sims 2. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which Sims 3 feature you like most. Almost half of all people are looking very forward to the Seamless Nhood. Traits and the new CAS is also popular. The removal of needs is not very popular with only 5%. 3425 people voted and here are the results:

Which Sims 3 feature do you like most?
- The Seamless Nhood: 47%
- No more needs: 5%
- New Create-A-Sim: 18%
- Can customize items in-game: 9%
- Sims having Traits: 21%

Sims 3 article at L'universims 18 March
French fansite L'universims were invited to a press presentation to see the Sims 3 in action and wrote an exclusive article about this game. Several new details as well as official Sims 3 screenshots can be found in their presentation.
Check it out here: L'universims article

Announcement 19 March
The Danish Sims site is the first site that officially announced The Sims 3. They posted a press release (in Danish) and official screenshots.
Check it here: Sims.dk

Sims3.com opened 19 March
The official Sims 3 site has now opened. And there is a version for every language which you can pick from the home page.
The Sims 3.com

EA also sent out a press release announcing the game. They don't give a releasedate, merely saying it will come in 2009.
Read it here: Press release

Misc. Sims 3 news 19 March
Site update
The Sims 3 has been given a section of its own which you can find on the left in the menu. Many new Sims 3 fansites have been added as well as a big amount of official screenshots.
The games press is slowly updating with all the Sims 3 info and you can expect many articles, interviews and info soon. For now, Eurogamer is the first with a big preview.
Find it here: EuroGamer Preview
For those with some time left, Eurogamer also made a large article about the history of the Sims.
Check that here: EuroGamer Article

1Up posted a small article where they give Plusses and Pitfalls to several Sims 3 features like the Seamless Nhood and Item customization.
Read it here: 1Up.com

And for those that didn't read the PC gamer article about Sims 3, Computer and Videogames posted it completely on their site.
Find it here: Computer and Videogames

New Sims title spotted 21 March
Fansite Simtimes.de discovered a new Sims 2 title at an online shop. It's called The Sims 2: Apartment Life
This could be the rumoured 8th expansionpack. However, it doesn't really sound like an expansionpack title though. It could very well be a SimStories title or even a DS title (even though they placed it under PC games).
The reason it could be a DS title is because this title is a poll option for the past year or so on the front page of TheSims2.com

Easter download 22 March
The German Sims site has posted a new download. It's an egg-shaped radio and comes in several different colors. They have sort of hidden the object so you have to look for it yourself. The hint they gave is that it's posted on a relatively new page on that site.
Search for the item here: DieSims2.de

Misc. news 26 March
8th Expansionpack
A few days ago, an online shop posted a Sims title called Apartment Life. Now this title has been renamed to 8th Expansion. So this means that now we have officially an un-official announced 8th expansionpack for The Sims 2.
Thanks to Infinitesims.com for this news.

Sims 3 logos
EA has released the official logos for The Sims 3 game. A Sims 3 logo, the Sims 3 plumbob and the sims 3 with plumbob as background. All in very high quality. Can be very handy for those with a Sims 3 site or if you like to make wallpapers.
Download it here: Sims 3 logos

PrimaGuide preview
The offical Sims 2 site has updated with a preview of both the Bon Voyage and the FreeTime primaguide.
Check it here: Prima previews

New Kitchen/Bath pics 27 March
The German Sims site has posted 2 new screenshots for the Kitchen and Bath Stuff pack.

Site news 28 March
A new Info page for The Sims 3 has been added. Here you can read all known facts about the game which came from reliable sources. Also added is a Traits page and also a list of what these Traits actually mean.
Check the links here: Information - Traits

New poll 30 March
A new poll. This weeks question is what you think about FreeTime. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you're afraid that the Sims 3 will be too different from Sims 2. It seems that most people think that it will differ very much. For more then a third of you this doesn't matter since you like the changes. Another third is (a bit) worried and the rest say that it's too early to tell. 4557 people voted and here are the results:

Are you afraid that the Sims 3 will be too different from Sims 2?
- No, I'm sure they don't change it too much: 4%
- No because I like the changes!: 36%
- I'm a little bit worried about it: 23%
- I'm very worried that Sims 3 is too different: 10%
- It's too early to tell: 27%

New interview 30 March
PC Gameplay, a Belgian game magazine, had a big article about Sims 3. There were no new screenshots and the language is Dutch so there's no need to scan the pages. It had some interesting details and also an exclusive interview with head Sims 3 producer Lindsay Pearson.
Check this interview here: Sims 3 interview

The new details concern the Politics career:
"To advance in this career, a scenario is about raising campainfunds. So this means you need to organize a fundraising party and ask money from the guests. The amount of money will decide if you succeed or not. Succes in a scenario can mean a promotion, better jobperformance or a raise.
In this career, you can eventually become mayor and if you perform lousy, angry citizens may parade in front of city hall, shouting and carrying banners."

FreeTime patch 31 March
EA released the patch for FreeTime and it fixes 34 errors.
Get it at the official German Sims site: FreeTime patch
Update: The patch is now also available on the official sims 2 site here: Thesims2.com