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Misc. Seasons news 1 March
Seasons Mini game
In contrary what I said yesterday, we DO get a mini-game for Seasons afterall! In a Sims newsletter was a link to this game. In this game you have to catch the right objects in a basket. I seached a bit and found it in several languages.
Find the links below:
- England
- Italia
- Portugal
- Norge
- danmark
- Sverige
- Nederland
- Deutschland
- France
- Brasil
- Espaņa

Seasons press release
EA has sent out a press release saying the Seasons expansionpack has been shipped to stores.
Find it here: Press release

Bonus download faulty
Many people are having problems with the bonus items like the trellis and raincoat. Some items are not installing and those that do, don't show up in the game. MaxoidDrea posted a message in the Sims2.com BBS that Maxis is aware of the problems and are working on a fix.
Find the message here: MaxoidDrea message.

Gamespot review
And lastly, here's another Seasons review. Gamespot gave the pack a nice 7.3 out of 10. Besides the review, they also posted lots of Seasons screenshots.
Read it here: Gamespot review

Sims2.com update 2 March
Blog update
2 Maxoids updated their blog. MaxoidMel tells a bit about her new position at the Audio department. MaxoidSam wrote a VERY large blog describing which 'odd' things in Seasons are glitches or not. Check the blogs here: - MaxoidMel - MaxoidSam

MaxoidMoonBelly downloads
The official site has updated with a couple of Seasons-themed outfits from MaxoidMoonBelly.
Check them out here: MaxoidMoonBelly downloads

Bonus downloads updated
In this message from MaxoidDrea she tells that the bonus downloads have been fixed.

EA Seasons tech help 3 March
EA techhelp has opened a page with some useful info for technical problems you may encounter with Seasons. Find it here: EA Seasons tech help.

For those that don't have technical problems, there are still some useful pages there. It gives several tips for many things for the game like gardening, fishing, hairstyle options and much more. Find these pages below:
- New Seasons features - Weather guide - Gardening and Fishing

New poll 5 March
A new poll. This weeks question is if you agree with the reviews for Seasons. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll was if you will buy the Prima guide for Seasons. More then half of all people (51%) don't see a need for a guide. Only 1 in 5 has already bought or will buy the guide. The rest is not sure yet or is unable to get it. 2712 people voted and here are the results:

Do you buy the Prima guide?
- Yes I always buy the Prima guide!: 15%
- Normally I don't but for Seasons I will: 5%
- Maybe I will. Not sure yet: 17%
- No, I don't see the need for a guide: 51%
- I want to, but I'm unable to buy it: 12%

Misc. news 6 March
Contest at Sims2.com
The Sims2.com posted a press release about a new contest where you need to sing a certain song in the Simlish language.
Read about it here: Simlish contest

Prima guide preview
Prima games have placed a small preview of their Seasons guide online. In this preview are some random pages like careerlists, the new objects and some other things.
Check it out here: Seasons guide preview

Celebration officially announced 8 March
The 4th Stuff pack called Celebration has now been officially announced. The Sims2.com has updated with screenshots a movie and details.
Find it all here: Celebration Stuff.

New poll 11 March
A new poll. This weeks question is which Stuff pack you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll was if you agree with the reviews for Seasons. A very devided result this time; Almost half of all people (47%) disagree with the reviews and say there's enough new gameplay in Seasons. 38% agree, and about a quarter of those is disapointed in that fact. 2881 people voted and here are the results:

Is there not enough new gameplay in Seasons?
- There's tons of new gameplay!: 18%
- There's enough new gameplay: 29%
- There's not much new gameplay but who cares! The game is cool!: 28%
- There's not much new gameplay and I'm kinda disapointed: 10%
- I don't have Seasons yet: 15%

Seasons Faq 11 March
MaxoidSam has posted an interesting Faq on the Sims2.com BBS. Here he covers several topics like the correct Juice list (The Prima guide list is wrong since Maxis changed it later). Also he writes about problems people have with temperature, seasons not changing on Community Lots and the upcoming patch. Find it here:
- Faq part 1
- Faq part 2

Seasons site update 12 March
The whole site has now been updated with Seasons info. It took a bit longer then normal, but that's because Seasons added so many new things. The Infocenter has changed a bit to make it easier to find everything. Below you can find links to all updates:

- Seasons careers A complete list of the 6 new careers with jobrequirements and salary.
- Talent badges A list of the Fishing and Gardening badges and also some additional info.
- Juices Ingredients and the outcome of each juice.
- Wishing well The good and bad result of a wish.
- Reward objects Added the Weathermachine.
- Career objects Added the 6 new career rewards like the Coconut Pinball and Rock guitar.
- Creatures Added the Plant Sim creature.
- Food Added the new fish dishes.
- Deaths Included the 'death by hail' death.

Seasons selling well 13 March
The NPD released their list of best selling games for the week ending March 3. Seasons went straight to the number 1 position. 3 Other Sims games were in the list as well. Check the whole chart here: Actiontrip.com
Also in the UK (Chart-track.co.uk) and Australia (IGN.com) it's at the top of the PC charts.

New Seasons artpics 16 March
Current.tv is holding a contest where you must make an ad for the Seasons game. On that page are several resources to help you like Machinima tutorials and a Seasons toolkit. This toolkit also contains some new artpics which I placed in the Seasons info page.
Check them all here: New Seasons artpics.
And here you can find the contest page: Current.tv.

Celebration update 20 March
Left is the back of the Celebration box. It was found by fansite Sims Rewolucja.

On the right is an artpic from the Chandelier pre-order bonus. You can get this item by pre-ordering it from certain shops like the EA store. Thanks to Mist271281 for the tip.

Also I wanted to give alittle attention to thesims2.co.za. March 21st is Human Rights day in South africa and this fansite has started a competition to commemorate this holiday.
Find the details here: Thesims2.co.za

High rating for Seasons 21 March
IGN has reviewed the Seasons pack and they were very impressed by it. They gave it a rating of 8.9 out of 10; being the highest rating they ever gave to a Sims expansion pack. It also recieved their Editors' Choice award.
Read it here: IGN Seasons review.

Sims2.com update 23 March
The official Sims 2 site has updated yesterday with some new things:
A press release about EA teaming up with three art and design schools to produce art competitions and exhibitions that will celebrate the art of The Sims.
Read it here: "The Sims: In The Hands Of Artists"

A primaguide preview. A couple of pages from each chapter can be looked into in this preview: Prima preview

And lastly, the Help page at the Sims2.com has been redesigned so that it only shows the Sims games, making it much easier to find help.
See it here: Sims support

My Sims update 23 March
Gamespot posted a big update on My Sims (Sims for Wii). A 'hands on' preview, new screenshots and 4 movies.
Check it out here: My Sims at Gamespot.

New Pets patch 23 March
The Pets patch on the official Sims 2 site has been updated. It has not been posted on the front page though, but the list of changes have added several fixes like the hair color problem.
Download it here: New Pets patch
Update: MaxoidSam has now officially announced this Pet patch here: MaxoidSam BBS post
From EA comes the news that a Seasons patch will be posted this weekend.

New poll 25 March
A new poll. This weeks question is which Sims1 pack should be remade. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll was which Stuff pack you like most. A large percentage likes the Glamour pack the most. Interesting is that the Holiday pack only got 9% since it was introduced twice and added the most gameplay. It's probably because it only covers a small (Christmas) time period. 3192 people voted and here are the results:

Which Stuff pack do you like most?
- Family Fun: 9%
- Glamour Life: 38%
- Happy Holiday: 9%
- I don't have all 3 so I can't judge them correctly: 23%
- I don't like the Stuff pack concept: 21%

Stuff packs coming to Mac 26 March
Aspyr has announced that they will bring the Stuff packs to the Mac. Family Fun next month, Glamour Life this Summer and Happy Holiday in the Fall.
Read more about it here: Macworld.com

Seasons patch 30 March
The Seasons patch can now be downloaded from the official Sims 2 site. There are only 3 fixes in the patch though. MaxoidGoonter gives some additional info:

"You only need to apply the most recent patch for the most recent EP you have installed.
This is because the installation of your most recent EP includes all previous bug fixes, so there is no need to apply previous patches.
EXCEPTION: If you have Pets and Seasons, please apply both patches - some of the Pets fixes were not included with Seasons. Thanks!"

Download the patch here:
- CD/DVD patch
- Digital Download patch