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Misc. news 1 March
Tim's last mail arrived. In it was a new movie and 2 new wallpapers. Go read it here: Tim mail 6

The Sims 2 for Mac has gone Beta and it will most likely be in stores in June. Read more about that here: Macworld.com

Besides Gamespot and Gamespy, now also IGN has made a review about University. They give it a nice rating of 8.5. Read this review here: IGN University review

And lastly, there will be a University chat next thursday at 3 PM (midnight for Europe). Game Team members Charles London, Hunter Howe, and Thomas Vu will be attending this chat.

New cheats 4 March
Thanks to Modthesims2.com there are now 4 University cheats known. They have been added to the Cheats section.

Prima guide preview 4 March
Prima games has now a small part of their University strategy guide online which you can look into freely. This part is from chapter 5, "Majors, Grades and all things academic".
Go check it out here: Prima games

Misc. news 4 March
The chat transcript has been posted on the Sims2.com. Go read it here: Chat transcript

Also I have a new affiliate. "Another sims 2 site" decided to close their site so I have replaced it with a new affiliate. Thesims2website.co.uk is a great looking website with up to date news, info, a forum and lots more. It's definately worth a visit.

Will Wright house 6 March
While searching for info for a new project of mine, I stumbled across an interesting movie where Will Wright gives a tour of his house. The movie is of some time ago (November 24, 2004), but for those that are interested in anything Will Wright, it's great.
Go see it here: Will Wright movie

New poll 6 March
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you will get all expansionpacks. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you thought about Nightlife. Alot of people like this expansions altough some are still reserved. 1827 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think about Nightlife?
- It's great! I love that idea!: 38%
- It seems very interesting: 27%
- I rather saw something else but it's ok: 15%
- I don't really like it: 7%
- Don't know. It's too early to tell: 13%

Site update 8 March
Several information about University can now be found in the Infocenter. The following things were added:
- A list of all University careers
- A List of all University classes
- How to achieve lifetime platinum level
- Info about Influence

Simday 10 March
It's Simday and on the official Sims 2 site you can now download the first 2 chapters from the University Prima guide.
Go download it here: Sims 2 help page
A reminder (it was mentioned last week), 2 pages from part 5 of the guide can be read here: Prima games

Spore announced 12 March
In the past months, very little details about Will Wright's new project were revealed. But at the Game Developers Conference, he revealed alot of info about this game called 'Spore'.
Go read it here: Spore info on 1Up
Spore info on Gamespot

Since Snooty Sims is primarily a Sims 2 site, I plan on making a new site for this game in the future.

New poll 13 March
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you have University. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you would get all expansionpacks. Maxis can be happy cause most people will get all or at least most of them. 1811 people voted and here are the results:

Will you get all Sims 2 expansionpacks?
- Yes definitely!: 56%
- I'll probably get most of them: 24%
- At least some, but it depends what it contains: 14%
- No, only those I really like: 6%

New downloads 13 March
In the 'collections' section in 'Walls and Floors' is a new page of walls added. All these creations were made by Schweighshr.
New skins will be added next week. Go check out the new downloads here: New walls

Misc. news 14 March
The Japanese site '4gamer' has posted many pictures from the presentation from Spore.
You can see them here: Spore pictures
Also someone who visited the presentation, has made a very detailed review about it in MP3 form. You can check it out here: Gaming Steve presentation
And lastly, I'd like to mention that SimsExtremos (my first affiliate and creator of the Snooty Sims layout) has completely redesigned his site. It looks great so why not check it out here: www.SimsExtremos.com

Will Wright news 16 March
Some Will Wright news:
Localtechwire.com brings the news that Will Wright recieved the Ivan Allan Jr. Prize for Progress and Service yesterday. Read about that here: Local Tech wire

Also, Gamasutra.com posted a big article about Will Wright's presentation at the GDC. Read this "The Future of Content" article here: Wright's presentation

New object 19 March
A new object can be downloaded from the official Sims 2 site. Maxis calls this a "Li'l Chimera's Plush Bunny-Bear".
Go download it here: New object

New article 19 March
Gamespot posted an article about the musical world of the Sims. Maxis audio director Robi Kauker makes it clear that quite some work went into creating the Simlish songs.
Go check out this article here: Gamespot article

New poll 20 March
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is, does the game take longer to load after installing the expansionpack. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you already have University. Alot of people already have it and just 6% is not planning to get it. 1460 people voted and here are the results:

Do you have University?
- Yes, I got it the first day!: 42%
- Yes, I just got it: 27%
- No, but I will get it very soon: 17%
- I'll buy it later: 12%
- I don't think I will get it: 6%

New downloads 20 March
In the 'Bodyshop' section there are 15 new clothing items.
Contributers to these new downloads are: Schweighsr, Tanya, Shimonade, maxwelldemon, Spracky94 and Blondie Traci. Thank you all for your contributions.
Go check out the new downloads here: New downloads

IGN University guide 22 March
IGN posted a free strategy guide about University with alot of info and details about this expansion.
Go read it here: IGN guide

Misc. news 28 March
Happy easter everyone! Sorry for not updating the site for the past few days. There wasn't a whole lot of news, but the main reason is because I was working on a new project. I will post about that later today.

For now, here's some of the latest news:
Simzone.co.uk posted an editorial about some of the discussions with the sims team. It's quite an interesting article. Go read it here: Simszone.co.uk

The official UK sims site had an interview with Tim LeTourneau about University. Read that one here: Interview with Tim

And finally there is a nice University movie with U2 Sims playing a song on the official French Simsite. Go see that one here: U2 song

Snooty Spore 28 March
I'm happy to announce that as from today, I have a new site called Snooty Spore. Spore is the new game by Will Wright and I wanted to make a seperate site for it so Snooty Sims can stay Sims 2-only.

On Snooty Spore I will keep you updated on every bit of new information about this new game just as you're used to with this site for Sims 2 news.
This new site has a brand new forum, guestbook, poll and more. Go find it here:

Snooty Spore

Will Wright interview 30 March
ChEeTaH from The Simszone.co.uk, had an interview with Will Wright at the SIMposium. In this interview, which has been posted today, Will Wright talks about The Sims 2, University and many other topics.
Go read it here: Will Wright interview