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New poll 7 March
Last week goes into the history books as the one with the least amount of new info. No new pics, interviews, nothing. Let's hope this week will be better.

Time for a new poll. This weeks question is related to above. Are you searching alot for new info?
The last question was about how badly you would like to play The Sims 2, even for just an hour or so. For 4 out of 5 people that would be a dream come true. 864 People voted and here are the results:

Would you like to play the Sims 2?
- Yes, that would be a dream come true!: 79%
- Yes that would be nice: 11%
- No I want to wait til the game is ready: 10%

Luc's mail 9 March
Luc's weekly mail arrived, and in it, he had an interview with Lyndsay McGaw, Assistant Producer for The Sims 2. There's no new Sims 2 info in it though.
Read it here: Interview.

New pics 11 March
2 New Sims 2 pictures were posted at the official Sims 2 site:

New pics 13 March
This saturday brings us 2 New Sims 2 pictures; Maxis wishing a happy St. Patrick's day and a scene at the pool:

New artpic 13 March
My affiliate, SimsExtremos constructed a picture of all the Sims from the new startup page from the official Sims 2 site:

New poll 14 March
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is what you think about the Sims 2 pool.
The last question was if you are a Sims 2 newshunter. 2 thirds of you are indeed searching alot. 674 People voted and here are the results:

Are you a newshunter?
- Yes, I search for news everywhere: 20%
- Every day, I check several (fan)sites: 46%
- Just 1 or 2 fansites occasionally: 23%
- No just once a week or so: 10%

New pics 18 March
Below are 3 new Sims 2 pictures. Very likely they will come with the next Sims 2 scoop newsletter:

Site news 18 March
Some Site news:
Well, this morning my site reached 200.000 visitors! I'm very happy and even alittle proud of that. To that occasion I updated the site with several things.
In the links section, I improved the downloads a bit, added the minigame and mp3 song and also added some links.

In the Sims 1 section, I added the green bedroom set that was on the McDonalds cd.
Further I added some pics from the romantic sims movie in the pictures section and also added a pollarchive in the pollsection.

New poll 21 March
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is about if you plan to recreate your sims in the Sims 2.
The last question was what you thought about the swimming pool. Many people like the pool alot. 882 People voted and here are the results:

What do you think about the swimming pool?
- I like it alot: 71%
- It's ok: 19%
- Looks a bit plain: 8%
- I don't like it at all!: 1%

Chat transcript 23 March
At GameSpot you can find an article about The Sims 2 Body Shop. This is now the official name for CaSIE. There are also some new pictures to be found with the article.
Read the article here: Sims 2 body shop article

Sims 2 later 23 March
At Computer And VideoGames, you can read the following:

"The free "Body Shop" download is going to be available from EA's Sims 2 site from May 10, while EA is aiming to have the actual game in stores for around September time."

For this news, I have updated the countdown to September 1st.

New pics 24 March
And I thought this would be a quiet week with Maxis moving. GameSpy posted no less then 7 new Sims 2 screens:

Sims 2 Scoop 24 March
The latest Sims 2 scoop newsletter has arrived and was mostly about The Sims 2 Bodyshop. Here's part of it:

"It's time for a new Spring wardrobe! The arrival of The Sims 2 Body Shop is just around the corner, and The Sims 2 team has been working hard to get this tool ready for you to create Sims as wild as your imagination.
Formerly under the working title CaSIE (Create-a-Sim Independent Editor), The Sims 2 Body Shop will let customize almost any part that can be used to build a Sim."

Luc's mail 25 March
Luc announced his leaving The Sims 2 team in his last weekly mail. Read it here: Luc's mail
Also, Maxis released the following new picture:

New poll 28 March
Lots of news came in the past week. So the poll for this week is, what kind of news (pics,interviews,etc.), do you prefer to see most.
Last weeks question was if you will re-create your Sims 1 sims into Sims 2. Most people (over 80%) will start anew with Sims 2. 705 People voted and here are the results:

Will you re-create your sims?
- No, I will only make NEW families: 43%
- Just 1 or 2 sims: 41%
- I will re-create several: 14%
- I will try to re-create all my sims!: 3%

New affiliate 31 March
I have a new affiliate! The site is Sims 2 World.
Sims 2 world has just changed its layout and is one of the fastest growing Sims 2 site to date. What you can find there is up to date news, a big screenshot section, a forum and alot of Sims 2 information.