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New blog 1 June
SimGuruTaterTot posted a blog where he answers a few questions from the Sims3 forums.
Read it here: SimGuruTaterTot's Blog

Misc. news 5 June
Katy Perry Stuff released
Katy Perry stuff is now for sale. A press release can be found here: Press release

New patch
With the stuff pack came a new patch which updates a few minor issues.
Read it here: New patch

New blog
SimGuruHydra posted a blog where she posted some screenshots from Katy Perry stuff.
Check it here: SimGuruHydra blog

The Sims 3: Supernatural has been discovered on a few Italian sources and has a releasedate of September 7.

Sims3 Store update 8 June
The Sims3 Store is updated with a new venue: The Lucky Simoleon Casino. The set which contains 11 items costs $19,- but for the first 2 weeks, willl be $16,-.
2 Premium items are included; The Hit 'em Harder Blackjack Table and the Triple Riches Slots o' Jackpots Slot Machine (each $5,-). These items are not yet available to buy seperately.
Check it here: The Lucky Simoleon Casino

Supernatural announced 13 June
EA has announced the 7th expansionpack, The Sims 3: Supernatural.
The pack will contain fairies, zombies, witchcraft and werewolves. With the updated Create-a-Sim tool, you will be able to create these beings in detail. Witches can cast spells and brew potions. And it will contain new traits, careers, skills and interactions.
Check all the info here: Press release and Sims3.com info

New Supernatural article 18 June
IGN posted a big article on Supernatural. Jon Leslie, proucer of the game gives lots of details about the werewolves.
Check it here: IGN article

Lucky Palms 18 June
The next new world, available soon in the Sims3 Store, has been revealed on the Sims3.com. It's Lucky Palms, a Las Vegas type neighborhood. The town is built in the desert and contains a lake, gardens and a mysterious well.
Check the info here: Lucky Palms

Lucky Palms released 29 June
Lucky Palms has been released in the Sims3 Store. There are 2 versions; A standard and a gold version that has casino objects. Both versions are, as the other neigborhoods, outrageously expensive; The gold version for example is more expensive then the upcoming Supernatural expansion pack.

- Standard: $24,50 (temporarily $21,-)
- Gold: $43,50 (temporarily $37,-)