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Misc. news 2 June
Upcoming new Store sets
EA has placed some screenshots of the upcoming Store sets on their Facebook page. These sets will probably be online later today.
Check the pics here: Sims 3 Facebook.

Generations video
A new Generations video has been released by EA here: Generations Hangover video

Now Generations is out, reviews are starting to come in. Lazy Game Reviews made (as always) a great video review with a lenght of over 17 minutes!
Check it here: Lazy Game Reviews video

More reviews below:
IGN review - NZ Gamer review - Buzatech review (This last one is more of a hands-on article).

Install problems
Many people have trouble installing Generations (as well as any other pack), because the Sims launcher program insists that the game is already up to date when it isn't. A stand-alone patch can fix this problem.
Get the patch here: SimGuruHydra message

Sims3 Store update 3 June
New sets in the Sims3 Store:

- Contemporary Comfort Living: 14 items for $10,80
- Contemporary Comfort Bedroom: 12 items for $4,80
- Everyday - Hot Summer Days: 21 items for $13,-
- June 2011 Compilation: 47 items for $24,50

Sims3 Pets announced 3 June
EA has announced The Sims 3: Pets for PC and consoles. This expansionpack will contain the option to create hundreds of types of cats and dogs and will also feature horses. Releasedate is expected to be october.
Check the press release and trailer here: Press release - Official trailer

The Sims Social 7 June
On the E3, EA has has announced something new in the Sims franchise; It's called "The Sims Social" and is meant to be played on Facebook. With The Sims Social, you can interact with others just like your sims can in the game. EA made a small demo to show how this works.
Check the press release and the demo here:
- Press release
- Demo movie on IGN
- The Sims Social on Facebook

Live broadcast 8 June
EA has put the live broadcast about the Pets Q and A online. So if you missed it, you can still check it out.
See it here: Live broadcast

Ford Focus 9 June
TheSims3.com has posted a new Ford car to be downloaded into the game. This time it's the Ford Focus and also comes with shirts, light and a stereo.
Download it here: Ford Focus
For those interested, here's the press release about this promotion: Press release

Pets on E3 10 June
EA is at E3 with the Pets expansion and more and more sites who visit that show, are bringing info about this pack. GameMarshal is one of those who visited and they had a hands-on with the Create-a-Pet part of the game.
In the article we can read about some animal traits and it is told that we can expect animal items in the Sims3Store once the game is out.
Read the preview here: GameMarshal hands-on

Store sets to be removed 11 June
Coming monday, several sets are going to be removed from the Sims3Store. This also goes for the individual items of these sets.
The following sets will be removed:
- Ultra Lounge sets
- Asian Fusion
- Bayside
- Storybook

SimGuruPopTart wrote a small FAQ on this subject here: SimGuruPopTart forumpost

New poll 14 June
There's a new poll. The question is if you miss the instruction manuals which EA decided to stop making. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which kids item from Generations is the best. The imaginary friend is the clear winner with a large percentage of 42. The tree house is popular by almost 1 in 4 people. The costume chest is voted as the least interesting new kids item.
1808 people voted and here are the results:

Which kids item from Generations is the best?
- New playground equipment: 12%
- Tree house: 24%
- Costume chest: 6%
- Imaginary friend: 42%
- Waterslide: 16%

Town Life Stuff announced 16 June
EA has announced the next Stuff pack, called Town Life Stuff. This pack will contain new community buildings like a library and gym and will add new playground equipment. Releasedate is July 26.
Check the small press release here: Gamershell.com. And the infopage on Thesims3.com here: Townlife Stuff info


Generations movies 22 June
For those that didn't buy Generations yet, a few videos of this expansions has been posted. Gamespot posted 2 gameplay videos and EA released a producer's walkthrough. Below the links:
- Producer's Walkthrough (Eurogamer).
- Neighborhood stroll. (Gamespot).
- New child gameplay. (Gamespot).

Generations reviews 23 June
Gamespot reviewed Generations and gave it a 6.5 score. Check it here: Gamespot review
Since it's probably one of the last reviews to come out, I updated the Generations section. So if you're still not sure if you want to buy this expansion, check out all the reviews here: Generations reviews

Free set 28 June
EA is giving away a free set for a very short time period for getting 6 million like on Facebook. Get it asap!
Get it here: Regal Living Kitchen Set

New poll 28 June
There's a new poll. The question is if you like the Werewolf as the creature in Pets. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you miss the instruction manuals which EA decided to stop making. It's definitely not EA's best decission to stop with the manuals as a large percentage of 40% really wants them back and another 40% still prefers to have them. Only 20% can do without them.
2093 people voted and here are the results:

Do you miss the instruction manuals?
- No, I never read them anyway: 20%
- I don't really miss them but would have like to still have them: 40%
- I really want them back: 40%

Sims3Store update 30 June
A new set, a gothic library, was posted in the TheSims3Store. For 12 dollars you get the library and 13 objects.
One of the objects is special as it contains new gameplay. 'Sunshineandrozes' from the Sims3.com forums posted some screens from it here: Spellbook info
Simsvip posted screenshots from the library itself here: Simsvip

The set can be downloaded here: Gothique Library