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Misc. news 1 June
Ambitions released
EA sent out a press release saying that the second Sims 3 expansionpack Ambtions has been released.
Check this news here: Press release.

New patch
A new patch has been released and the changes/fixes can be found here: TheSims3.com.

Medieval Sims
1Up posted a little article with rumours of an upcoming Sims title somewhere in the line of Sims Medieval. Could be a Sims 3 pack, a new console title or something totally different.
Check more here: 1Up.com article.

Rumours about the next Stuff pack seem to be true as The Sims Fast Lane Stuff has appeared in the EA Store.

Misc. Ambitions news 2 June
   Ambitions reviewed
IGN reviewed Ambtions and gave it a pretty good 8 out of 10. They were very impressed by how the profession system improves the game.
Check the review here: IGN.com.
Prima guide
With Ambtions released, so is a new Primaguide available. Besides the printed and E-Guide, Prima has now also put the entire guide in a website. Price for each is $14.99.
Check a preview here: Prima website guide.

Misc. news 3 June
Sims3Store update
New updates at the Sims3Store. 4 new sets are available being:
- Beach Bummin’: 17 items for $11,-
- Island Villa: 12 items for $6,-
- It's Game Time!: 15 items for $5,50
- Goal!: 18 items for free.
A new interview with Grant Rodiek from Gamerzines.com. In this first part can be read that Ambitions was highly inspired by Open for Business but moved from retail to entrepreneur. There's also a big part on the use of DRM in the Sims games.
Check it here: Gamerzines.com.

Andrew Stone 4 June
EA released a new Simlish video to promote Ambitions. Andrew Stone visits EA, gives an interview and you can hear some of his music. You can also download an Andrew Stone Sim on the Exchange here: Andrew Stone Sim.
Check the movie here: Andrew Stone video.

Console trailer 7 June
EA released the first trailer for the Sims 3 on Console. This funny 'Confessions' trailer runs for around 2 minutes and also reveals the releasedate as October 26.
Watch it here: Gametrailers.com.

Misc. news 8 June
Sims 3 on Console
IGN had a first look at some of the upcoming Sims 3 titles on Consoles:
Check this link for a preview for the big consoles and some screenshots as well: IGN article 1.
Or this one for info about the handheld versions (as well with some screenshots: IGN article 2.

Gamepro posted an article on the console versions as well here: Gamepro.com.

Ambitions review
Gamespot reviewed Ambitions and gave it, just as IGN, a good 8 out of 10.
Check it here: Gamespot review.

New poll 16 June
Time for a new poll. The question is if you want weather to be the subject of the next expansionpack. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you're interested in buying a console version of The Sims 3. More then half of all people already decided not to get a console version. Just 9% is totally sure and the rest is thinking about it.
2966 people voted and here are the results:

Are you interested in buying a console version of The Sims 3?
- No, absolutely not: 56%
- I need to know more about it: 25%
- I think I will: 10%
- Yes, absolutely: 9%

Sims 3 on Nintendo 3DS 16 June
EA announced that the Sims 3 will also appear on the upcoming Nintendo 3DS handheld. And though this console does not exist yet, the first screenshots have already been published.
Check them here: IGN.com.
And here's the announcement: Press release.

Create-a-Pattern released 24 June
EA has released the Create-a-Pattern tool. With this, you can put your own created patterns into the game and use them for example for clothes, furniture and wallpaper.
Download it here: Create-a-Pattern.

Fast Lane announced 28 June
   EA announced the 2nd Sims 3 Stuff pack Fast Lane. This pack contains new fashions, objects and ofcourse new cars.
Check the Sims3 site for all the features here: Sims3.com News. And a few more details in the pressrelease on GamersHell.com here: Press release.