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Sims 3 Workshop update 1 June
There has been some concerns about the new Custom Content tool that The Sims Resource are currently developing. Stephen from TSR has posted some more details about the Sims 3 Workshop in the SnootySims forums. Most important part is that it's free to use and objects made with the tool can be posted on any site.
Also a note that TSR is not working with EA on this; They created the tool with info learned at their visit to EA earlier this year.
Check more info here: Forum post

Misc. news 1 June
Gameindustry.biz posted an interview with Rod Humble here: Interview

More comparisons
German site PC Gameshardware posted more Sims 3 screenshots to show the difference between low and high graphic settings.
See it here: PC Gameshardware.de

New screenshots
German site Blacky's Sims 2 Zoo posted lots and lots of screenshots in their forum.
Check them here: New screenshots
Thanks to Sim Times for the find.

Reviews 1 June
In a matter of a few hours, a dozen Sims 3 reviews have been posted by several gamesites. Overall they are very positive about the game and currently holds an average of 86,8%.
Below, links to all reviews. Several of these contain new screenshots and movies.
- Gamespot: 90%
- Gamespy: 4.5/5
- IGN: 8.9/10
- Eurogamer: 8/10
- GamePro: 4/5
- Edge-Online: 8/10
- Total videogames.com: 8/10
- PC World: 90%
- Gaming Hexus: 9/10
- Cynamite.de: 10/10
- bit-tech: 9/10
- 3D Juegos: 8,3/10

Misc. news 2 June
Press release
EA sent out a press release with the news that Sims 3 is here! Read it here: Press release

New screenshots
Gamespot posted a bunch of new screenshots here: Gamespot update

Prima Guide
Prima has posted a large part of their Sims 3 E-guide on their site. 24 Pages of several different chapters can be checked out.
Get it here: Prima E-guide

Misc. news 3 June
Gameindustry.biz posted another interview, this time with senior marketing director, John Buchanan. Interesting fact is that EA specifically targeted an audiance in the age range of 16-24.
Read the interview here: Interview

New movie
Gametrailers.com posted a new Sims 3 movie, showing Sims with interesting Trait combinations.
See it here: New movie

Primer guide
Gamespot posted a Sims 3 guide called a Primer guide (not to be confused with Prima guide). In this guide of several pages, they give some info about CAS, Build & Buy mode and more.
Check it out here: New screenshots

Misc. news 3 June
Free items in store
A couple of free items have shown up in the Sims 3 store. Most of these come in the form of a Lord Sponge theme. But there are also a few Fanta objects and a new car.
'Eques' from the Sims 3 forums listed all free items here: Forum post
More reviews
A few more Sims 3 reviews have shown up:
- Gamestar.de: 90%
- Gametrailers: 9/10
- NZ gamer: 9/10
- Game planet: 9/10
- Gamer.nl: 9/10
- D+Padmagazine: 4,5/5
- Meristation: 8,5/10
- 1Up.com: B+ (83%)

Help for Sims 3 problems 5 June
Thumbs up for EA for trying to help with some big problems in The Sims 3. In the new Sims3 forum some solutions are given.
Problem 1 is the Disc Authentication Failure where the disc can't be read correctly. SimGuruDrea gives some help in this topic: Disc Authentication topic
The 2nd problem concerns not being able to turn off the Story Progression mode. SimGuruLyndsay gives a solution in the following topic: Story progression topic

New poll 7 June
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you're having technical problems with Sims 3. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you will turn off Story Progression. One third will keep it on and only 11 percent turns it off. But for most people it depends on what savegame they're playing.
6384 people voted and here are the results:

Will you turn off Story Progression?
- Yes, I want to be in control of all the Sims: 11%
- In some games I will, in others I won't: 33%
- Haven't really thought about it yet: 24%
- I keep it on in all my games: 32%

Site update 9 June
I have started with the Sims 3 Infocenter. On this new page you can find a few older infopages like the Lifetime Wishes, but also new ones like Fishing and Skills. More pages will be added soon.
Check it out here: Sims 3 Infocenter

Sims 3 biggest launch in EA history 10 June
EA announced that The Sims 3 is EA's best launchgame in company history. 1.4 million copies of the game have been sold in the first week of release. EA is not just happy with the large sales, but also for recieving so many positive reviews.
Read the story here: Press release

Sims 3 Workshop update 11 June
The Sims Resource has completed its first plugin for their Sims 3 Workshop program.
With this tool, you can create your own patterns. It's most definitely not as easy to use as in Sims 2. That's not the fault of TSR though; EA just made it very difficult to create Custom Content for The Sims 3.
Get all the info here: Sims 3 Workshop

Misc. news 12 June
Graphic settings
Pcgameshardware.com posted a cool article about the graphic options in The Sims 3. They look at all the possible options and how it impacts the performance. Interesting is that setting a certain minor option lower (like the draw distance), gives a big boost in performance while lowering others do nothing at all.
Check the article here: Pcgameshardware article

Fragland had a small interview with Sims 3 producer Melanie Lam here: Fragland.net

Sims 3 guides 14 June
1Up guide
Gamenews site 1Up.com started a big guide on Sims 3. It's still work in progress but there are a few pages finished already.
Check it here: 1Up guide
Thanks to Sims 3 nieuws for this update.

IGN guide
IGN as well has started such a guide. One part is completed; A so called bugreport guide.
Check it out here: IGN guide

New poll 15 June
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you still play Sims 2. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you're having technical problems with Sims 3. It's good to see that the majority of Sims 3 players have none or just a few minor problems. Though the percentage of people with big problems is pretty small, if this percentage could be used for all sold games, it's still quite a big number.
4866 people voted and here are the results:

Are you having technical problems with Sims 3?
- No, none what so ever: 28%
- Just a few minor problems: 33%
- Yes, I have quite a few big problems: 14%
- The game won't even start up!: 4%
- I don't have Sims 3 (yet): 22%

Sims 3 expansions 19 June
The first sightings of upcoming expansionpacks for Sims 3 have been found. Sim Times found no less then three titles on a South African online store. 1 Stuff pack and 2 expansionpacks are supposed to be released in November (though these dates may certainly be changed).
Check the (unnamed) titles here: Expansion 1 - Expansion 2 - Stuff pack

EA about Sims 3 piracy 23 June
The boss of EA, John Riccitiello, said in a big interview by Industrygamers that they saw the pirated Sims 3 version as a demo. Though it was pirated hundreds of thousands of times, many bought the legal copy once it was for sale. He further talks a lot about the future of games and how to deal with piracy by, for example move more to an online environment.
Read the interview here: Industrygamers interview

Homeless Sims 24 June
I'm not really sure what the deal is with the popularity of these homeless Sims stories.
2 Weeks ago, a story about 2 homeless characters was started, Alice and Kev. It got worldwide attention including a mention on the Sims3.com. And the story is still running.
Read the blogstory here: Alice and Kev blog
But now there's some competition by Gaming Nexus. They also started a homeless story about the characters Sara and Mike.
Check it here: Sara and Mike part 1 - Sara and Mike part 2

Plantguide 25 June
Gardening is a big feature in The Sims 3, but with so many types of plants and fertilizers, it may become a bit complicated. On Asilee.com, you can find a big guide about gardening (as well as several other sims guides).
Check it here: Asilee gardening guide

Note that I'm also working on several guides. But since the Primaguide (my main source of info) contains so many errors, I need to check all the facts in the game which takes alot of time. The list of careers is now 50% ready and hope to complete it coming weekend.

Sims 3 Patch 25 June
For those starting up their Sims 3 game, you have noticed the message of a new patch. Several people are having problems with this patch, like unable to install or game problems.
I too have experienced this and fortunately, after re-installing the patch worked. It seems that certain mods, like the censorpatch causes this. If you have a backup of the original file, first place it back before applying the patch. If you haven't, search for it on the game cd.
Check the Sims 3 forum for more possible solutions: TheSims3.com forum

Site news 29 June
A small site update. The Sims 3 Infocenter has been updated with careerinfo. Salary, workdays, perks and more for all careers can be found there. Part-time jobs will be added later.
Check it here: Sims 3 careers
Thanks to Missing Studios for some of the info.