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Natasha Bedingfield 1 June
A few weeks ago, you could ask questions to Natasha Bedingfield (who made a Simlish song for FreeTime). The interview has been taken and she answers a lot of questions. It is posted on a few EA sites and most likely it will be posted on the official Sims sites the coming days.
Check it here: Natasha Bedingfield interview
Thanks very much to Riley for this info.

Securom cracked 1 June
Mass Effect is the first EA game that has the latest Securom. This strongest version yet, the most modern and new version, has been cracked in less then 1 day...
So those who get the game illegally get no Securom and the honest people, the ones who pay for the game, get an annoying Securom program on their PC.
Hopefully EA will wise up and stop using it since this program does not work AT ALL! But that's not very likely...

Apartment Life announced 3 June
Apartment Life, the 8th expansionpack for The Sims 2 has now officially been announced. TheSims2.com posted the first screenshots and some info.
Check it here: Apartment Life

Securom warning on Norwegian Simsite 4 June
Here's something funny I came across: The official Norwegian Sims site has a warning message on the FreeTime patch:

"This FreeTime patch comes with Securom. It is possible that your game won't start after installing. Download at your own risk"

Now why don't they give this warning on the Sims2.com as well...

Apartment Life fanday 4 June
A few fansites went to an EA fanday to check out Apartment Life. In these previews, you can find hundreds of screenshots and dozens of movies. As well as a ton of info ofcourse. Check the previews below (Left screenshot, courtesy of Simplaza).
Simplaza - Simtimes - Edenstyle
Urbania-sims - Sterlingsims - The Sims Resource

Fanday report 5 June
Simparool is the 7th (and last) fansite who was invited to the fanevent. They posted lots of pictures of Apartment Life.
Check them out here: Simparool fan event

Securom solution? 6 June
Someone on the EA forums posted a message with a possible solution for the Sims game not starting up after installing the FreeTime patch. It involves replacing the exe file with another one. Ofcourse this is not an ideal solution, it's the best one other then re-installing.
For those who have problems, check here: EA forums. The message (by ipodgeenie) is a few posts down the page.

Related to this, MaxoidDrea posted a message at the SimsBBS telling that the Sims team is looking at the problem.
Find it here: MaxoidDrea message

Misc. Apartment Life news 7 June
Press release
Apartment Life has now been officially announced with a press release. It's a combo-announcement together with the apartment pets for DS.
Read it here: Press release

More AL pics at Simparool
Fansite Simparool has posted several more Apartment Life screenshots. This time in-game screenshots.
Find them here: Simparool

Site update
The Apartment Life section has now been added to the site. Official screens, info and the fanevent links can be found there.
Check it here: Apartment Life section

New poll 9 June
A new poll. This weeks question is how important the apartments theme is from the 8th expansionpack. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if Securom will decide if you get Sims 3 or not. It's very devided, but all in all, if EA will start using a very strong Securom version, only 1 out of 4 people will get Sims 3. Hopefully they read this and come to their senses concerning this evil program. 4281 people voted and here are the results:

Will Securom decide if you get Sims 3 or not?
- I will get Sims 3 no matter what kind of Securom is used!: 26%
- I don't mind Securom. But a 10 day validation? Then I'll pass: 30%
- I get Sims 3 only if they use a very mild Securom: 22%
- Securom in Sims 3? No matter what kind, I won't get it: 22%

Fanday report 10 June
The official Sims site from Sweden made a fanday report. Check it here: Thesims.se

Survey on Sims2.com 12 June
TheSims2.com had a survey recently. I didn't get to take it, but gathering the info from several forums, it was about a Custom Content site made by EA.
Apparently, EA is planning (or at least considering) creating a site where you can download Sims items for a small payment per object. A quote from the survey:

"Choose from all-new, exclusive content including themed collections and thousands of items handpicked from The Sims 2 Expansion and Stuff Packs."

This is quite interesting as often only a few items in a Stuff Pack are worth getting. It is unsure though if it's possible to get certain objects from an expansionpack since these usually come with new animations and interactions.

New poll 16 June
A new poll. This weeks question is if you plan to buy Sims objects from a possible official paysite Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was how important the apartments theme is from the 8th expansionpack. It seems that apartments is indeed a very important part of this expansion. Almost 1 in 5 say it's the most important part. Almost half of all people think it's a great theme. 4438 people voted and here are the results:

How important is the apartments theme from the 8th expansionpack?
- Apartments is the best feature!: 19%
- Apartments are great but the other things are cool too: 46%
- It's ok, but the kids stuff, build options etc, interest me more: 23%
- I don't care for the apartments. The other things is why I get this pack: 5%
- I'm not getting Apartment Life: 7%

Apartment Life comic 20 June
TheSims2.com has started an Apartment Life comic called "Meet the techies".
Check it here: Apartment Life comic

Ikea Stuff 22 June
The Ikea icon has been added to your Simpages (see left).
As for the rest, it seems EA lost total interest on the Stuff packs; People are screaming for an Ikea movie and new screenshots, but no such thing. Maybe they release something at launch though.
Rumours about low sales for Stuff packs may be the reason for this, but that is really something EA caused themselves with low customer support, SecuROM, no more Simdays (where buyers of Exp.packs got free objects), bugs and ignoring the Sims community.
Hopefully EA learns from this before Sims 3 is launched.

New poll 23 June
A new poll. This weeks question is if you would like a Sims Creator for Sims 3. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you plan to buy Sims objects from a possible official paysite. A very low percentage of Sims people are interested in such a site. Interesting is that the amount of people that wouldn't buy from such a site out of principle, is surprisingly high. 4547 people voted and here are the results:

Would you buy Sims objects from a possible official paysite?
- Yes, because I only prefer official Sims items: 3%
- Likely. But it depends on the object: 9%
- Not sure. Maybe if it's a really cool object: 26%
- No. Out of principle, I would never buy from such a site: 38%
- No because I can't; No creditcard,etc.: 24%

Ikea released 24 June
The 8th Stuff pack Ikea is now available in the shops. EA sent out a press release about that fact.
Check it here: Press release

Ikea trailer 25 June
It's late, but the trailer for Ikea Stuff is now here. Check the links below:
Low (3.3 Mb) - Mid (14 Mb) - High (26 Mb)

Some bad news; Ikea Stuff uses the same SecuRom as the FreeTime patch so if you had trouble with that, you have been warned...

Apartment Life pics 26 June
2 New Apartment Life pics. The screenshot was posted by MaxoidShannon on the SimsBBS, the artpic comes from EA.

Sims 2 Store 30 June
EA has now opened their own Sims 2 paysite, called The Sims 2 Store. In this 'store' you can find about 1.000 objects from Stuff and Expansionpacks. There are also about 100 original objects.
You pay by buying so called 'Sim points'. For 5 dollar you get 500 of these and each object costs a certain amount of points. Most are around 100 points. So that makes the objects about 1 dollar a piece.
There is press release about it here: Press release
And here is the link to the store: The Sims 2 Store