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Site news 5 June
I'm very sorry for the long silence but there was a good reason for it.
My host told that this site was using too many resources and must try to reduce it. For that, I removed the chatroom, enabled hotlink protection and many other things. After having done all that, the site loads faster then ever before, but still my host is saying it's not enough.
I really don't know what else to do about this problem and I'm looking for a solution. So for the coming time, the news and updates will be quite slower then you're used from me.

I will post all the old and current news the coming days, even just for archive sake, but to check out the latest Sims news, I would recommend visiting The Sims 2.co.za.

H&M fasion out 6 June
H&M stuff has been released and TheSims2.com has updated with 6 new screenshots. Find these here: TheSims2.com

Also the official H&M site has opened a special section for this Stuff pack and is giving away a free download item. Find this page here: H&M.com

Besides all that, there's also a competition called "H&M Fashion Runway", where Participants can create outfits for six design themes. The first three are: "Party Time," "Skate Park," and "Street Wear".
Find more info here: Press release - Fashion Runway

About the site problems, I like to thank the many people showing their concern and wanting to help. It's very kind, but at this moment I first want to try finding a solution with my current host.
Don't worry about the future of this site, it may be a bumpy ride the coming times but this site will stay online no matter what.

Sim City Societies 7 June
EA has recently more or less confirmed that there will be a next Sim City. Most likely this game will be a bit more different then the previous Sim City games. Even just looking at the title which is Sim City Societies.
1Up.com has a few details about this game and according to Gamestop the releasedate will be November 13
Find 1Up here: Sim City Societies
Also the game will not be made by Maxis but by Tilted Mill. They made games like Ceaser IV. This is confirmed in a forum topic here: Tilted mill forum
Thanks SP Zone for the info.

Misc. news 8 June
Site news
I'm away for a few days so I won't be able to reply to e-mail or activate new forum acounts. Will be back on Sunday.

Sim City Societies
For those interested in the new Sim City, 5 new screenshots are posted by 1Up here: 1Up.com.

Sims a rewarding game
Chris Taylor, creator of Supreme Commander, gave an interview to Business Week where he talks about 'Rewarding games'. He mentions the Sims several times.
Read it here: Businessweek.com.

New poll 11 June
A new poll. This weeks question is if you make bad looking Sims or not. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if a Sims movie could be succesful. It's almost fifty-fifty. 55% don't think this is going to work, however the other 45% think it's possible it could very well be succesful. 4484 people voted and here are the results:

Will a Sims movie be successful?
- I think it's going to do quite well: 9%
- With a good script and the right people it could work: 36%
- I don't think this is a good idea...: 33%
- No this will be a major flop!: 22%

2nd Seasons patch 12 June
The Sims2.com posted the second Seasons patch. Important fixes include; A lesser chance of spontaneous combustion, the return of the Primp interaction and "It's Raining" interaction will not continue to occur after a Sim has seen the weather several times.
Get it here: Seasons patch

Misc. news 13 June
Societies announced
The new Sim City game has now been officially announced. Together with a press release come 20 new screenshots. Find it here:
- Press release
- Screenshots
Blog update
2 Maxoid updated their blog. MaxoidDramaLlama talks about the new patch and the fansite section at the Sims2.com. MaxoidViolet talks about patching details.
Find the blogs here: MaxoidDramaLlama - MaxoidViolet

Site news
You probably all know about the site troubles. Currently the whole site is being moved to a Virtual Private Server. This means more resources, bandwidth and space. Now in the best case scenario, you don't see any changes. Worst case scenario means that the site may be off-line for several days. Hopefully everything goes well.

Misc. news 15 June
Seasons patch off-line
The second patch for Seasons has been removed from the Sims2.com. MaxoidSam posted the reason in a BBS post here: MaxoidSam message

Pet Stories
The second game in the SimsStories series is now in the shops. Read the press release here: Pet Stories
More info about the 3rd part in the series, Castaway Stories, comes from Play.com. Check it here: Play.com
Thanks SimTimes.de for this info.

New poll 18 June
A new poll. This weeks question is which other Simstype game you like. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you make bad looking Sims or not. More than half of all people only makes pretty Sims, but it's interesting to see that a large percentage of 43% has a couple of bad looking Sims in their game. 3056 people voted and here are the results:

Do you only make pretty Sims?
- Yes all my Sims are beautiful!: 51%
- Most Sims are pretty but there are a couple of ugly Sims: 43%
- I have quite a few bad looking Sims in my game: 6%

Lots of news 20 June
Sim City DS
EA has made a brand new site just for Sim City on the DS. It has movies, info and a fun little mini-game.
Find it here: Simcityds.com
Thanks to SPzone for finding it.
Seasons patch
The second patch for Seasons, which was removed a couple days ago, has again been posted on the Sims2.com site.
Get it here: Seasons patch

Sims get its own label
Electronic Arts sent out a press release where they announced that they organize its business into four Labels: EA Sports, EA Games, EA Casual Entertainment and The Sims.
Titles that fall under this label are The Sims(2) series, MySims, SimsStories, SimCity and many more.
Find more info here: Press release

Sims Online
2 days ago, there was a chat about The Sims Online where Luc Barthelet replied to questions. The chattranscript can be found here: Chat transcript
One very interesting part was the following: "MaxisLuc - Yes. After we do the economy fixes and the custom content we will work on Sims 2 graphics".

Promotional items
The Danish Simsite posted about some promotional Sims items. You can download them for free, however they're only recolors. Check it here: Faxe Kondi

Blog update
2 Maxoids updated their blog. It's interesting; MaxoidMel writes that, since she's no longer a community manager, you should write in MaxoidDramaLlama's guestbook. Only to read there that it's closed and you should write to Customer Support.
Find the blogs here: MaxoidMel - MaxoidDramaLlama

New Bon Voyage screens 28 June
After more then a month without any Bon Voyage news, 4 new screenshots have been posted by the official UK sims site.


Release date 29 June
The Sims2.com has updated with the new Bon Voyage screens, but also posted the releasedate. It's September 5; Much sooner then expected. Other parts of the world may get it a few days earlier or later.