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Updated Homecrafter 2 June
Maxis has posted an updated version of their Homecrafter on their site. This version is compatible with the latest expansions and Stuff pack.
Find it here: Homecrafter

Patches for Mac Sims 2 June
Aspyr has posted updates for each expansionpack for The Sims 2 for Mac. Find them on their patches page here: Patches for Mac Sims 2
Or read a small newspost about this on Macnn here: Macnn article
Thanks to Dutch site Gibbie Sims for finding it.

Some info from Maxoid Hunter 3 June
Maxis has kept the whole Sims community in the dark about many things the past few weeks. MaxoidHunter has now posted a small message on the Sims BBS with some info regarding the next exp.pack, a patch and some other things.
Find this post here: Info from Maxoid Hunter

New poll 5 June
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is which expansionpack you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you have downloaded the football pack. Surprisingly, almost 3 out of 4 people did not download it! And half of all people that actually did download it, think it's not that great. 2738 people voted and here are the results:

Have you downloaded the football pack?
- Yes, I think it's great!: 5%
- Yes, it's nice: 9%
- It's not great but I downloaded it anyway: 14%
- No, I skipped this one: 72%

Sims2.com update 8 June
The poll at the Sims2.com resulted in that most people wanted to know game secrets. Maxis obliged with a page full of these.
On this page is told about the 'mean sim', the 'freezer bunny' and more.
Find this page here: Maxis game secrets

Also there's a message that several Maxoids updated their blogs. Find this page here: Maxoid blogs

Custom painting feature in next exp.pack 10 June
Again, MaxoidHunter revealed some more info regarding the next expansion pack. This time it's a new feature which you can use to make custom paintings.
Even though it's already possible to do this trough a trick (Custom painting), this new feature makes it much easier.
Find this BBS post here: MaxoidHunter message

Open for Business for Mac 12 June
Aspyr today announced their plans to publish The Sims 2: Open for Busines for Mac. The releasedate is planned for September and it will soon be available for pre-order.
More info can be found here: Macworld.com

Pets for Consoles 14 June
It is known that The Sims 2 pets will come both on PC and Consoles. A releasedate was unknown however. An Australian site has all versions for pre-order now and they give a releasedate of October 26.
Find it here: Gamehead
Also, the releasedate for Pets for PC has been moved from September 1 to 14.
Now for the good order, here's the list of Unconfirmed releasedates:
- The Sims 2: Glamour - August 15
- The Sims 2: Pets for PC - September 14
- The Sims 2: Pets for Consoles - October 26
Thanks to Aaron, GibbieSims and The Hub for these dates.

Sims2.com update 16 June
The Sims 2.com has updated with patches for both Open for Business and Family Fun stuff. Find these patches here:
- Open for Business
- Family Fun stuff

Also, Don Laabs (AKA MaxoidDon), gives a statement about several things like the new expansionpack, the patches, Stuff packs and much more.
Read it here: Don Laabs message

Rotate tiles feature in next exp.pack 16 June
As MaxoidHunter did a couple days ago, now MaxoidShannon revealed a new feature about the next Pets expansionpack. This feature is the option to rotate tiles with the < and > button.
Find this BBS post here: MaxoidShannon message

MaxoidShannon also confirmed in that post that the items in the pictures, like the new phone and aquarium, will be in the pack.

Misc. news 16 June
1st day in the year I don't turn on my PC and lots of news is coming this way. Reason is that I had to celebrate a birthday. Thanks to all the people that mailed me with the missing news.

Still a bit of Sims news: A couple weeks ago, it was promised that Family Fun would be downloadable from EA Downloader at the end of May. The game is now on there but not yet buyable.
You can find the page here: Family Fun at EA Downloader

Patch info 17 June
Since there are 2 new patches, there was some confusion about which patch to install. MaxoidMel made a post in the Sims 2 BBS to clear things up.
Find it here:MaxoidMel message

New poll 18 June
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you have friends/family that also play the Sims 2. Click here to vote: New poll.
The former question was in which order you like your expansionpacks. Open for Business -> Nightlife -> University won, followed by Nightlife -> Open for Business -> University. 3339 people voted and here are the results:

Wich expansionpack do you like most?
- University -> Nightlife -> Open for Business: 7%
- University -> Open for Business -> Nightlife: 5%
- Nightlife -> University -> Open for Business: 14%
- Nightlife -> Open for Business -> University: 31%
- Open for Business -> University -> Nightlife: 8%
- Open for Business -> nightlife -> University: 35%

Site news 18 June
Moonkat has again made some nice new items; 3 new clothes can be found in the Bodyshop section and a new hair item as well here in the Hair section.

Also the Pets section has been updated with the 2 new features that were revealed the past week.

Family Fun at EA Downloader 21 June
After some wait (it was said to appear at the end of May), Family Fun stuff is now available at EA Downloader.
The price is $19.99 and more info can be found at thesims2.com here: Info EA Downloader

New poll 26 June
Not much news the past week. However, more news about the next expansion is not too far away now. Also this site will get some new features soon.

Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you think there is enough stuff for the kids after OfB and Family Fun. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you know people that also play The Sims 2. Most people only know some. The 16 percent for those that know many people who play it, is quite high though. 2438 people voted and here are the results:

Do you know other people who play The Sims 2?
- Yes, many friends/family play Sims 2!: 16%
- Several people I know also play the game: 25%
- Just 1 or 2 people I know also play it: 43%
- No only the people for Forums/BBS: 16%

Maxoid blog 28 June
Another Maxoid has updated her blog. In this blog she gives some links to posts on the BBS but also in the last sentence, it is said there will be some new items at the end of the week.
Find this blog here: MaxoidDrea blog
Thanks to Paul for the tip.

Maxoid blog II 30 June
Again a Maxoid has updated her blog. In this blog she tells that there is a major milestone for the next expansion pack where all kinds of little details are being finalized.
Hopefully this means we can expect some gameplay screenshots or info soon cause they are keeping everybody in the dark for ages now. Only 9 more weeks to go if Maxis keeps up their 'every six months an expansion' rate.
You can find the blog here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog
Thanks to Gibbie Sims for the tip.