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Nightlife update 4 June
Gamespot posted an article from EA with a small summary of Nightlife here: EA Factsheet
Also from Gamespot come some new Nightlife pictures:


MaxoidHunter message 5 June
At the official Sims site's BBS, MaxoidHunter replied to several people's questions. Like how garages work and if the neighbouring houses around your sims lot could be turned off.
I've placed these together here: MaxoidHunter info
Credit to Simszone.de

Sims 2 on Mac 6June
In a press release, Aspyr has announced that The Sims 2 will arrive on Mac on June 17.
Go read it here: Aspyr press release

Survey and poll 12 June
A couple days ago, Maxis had a survey on their site where they asked several questions about a next expansionpack. This survey however was working only for a very short time; From comments from the official Sims BBS, it was at least less then 4 hours possible to vote. And since the (not-working) link was still on the site, this made many people quite annoyed.
Anyway, the most important question from the survey was what expansion idea you would like most. Read here what the options were: Survey options

For the new poll, what is your favorite new expansion idea? Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which part of Nightlife you like most. Cars and neighbouring houses were the favorite options. 2382 people voted and here are the results:

What do you like most in Nightlife?
- New build options: 5%
- Ownable cars: 35%
- The dating game: 17%
- The vampires: 11%
- Neighbouring houses: 25%
- Rugs: 1%
- Nothing really specific: 6%

Official chat 14 June
At the official Sims site can be read that next thursday (June 16th), there will be a Nightlife chat with Tim LeTourneau, Hunter Howe, and Lyndsay McGaw.
The chat starts at 3PM and for Europe that is midnight.

Chat transcript 17 June
The official Sims site has posted the transcript from yesterday's Nightlife chat.
Go read it here: Chat transcript

Fansite kit 18 June
A Nightlife fansite kit can be found on the official Sims site. This kit contains pictures, boxshots, the Nightlife trailer and more.
The size of this kit is about 27 Mb and can be downloaded here: Nightlife fansite kit
There were some new pictures in the kit as well. The last 2 are wallpapers for your desktop:


New download 18 June
  Besides the Nightlife kit, also a new object can be found on the official Sims site. It's a "Nikko Lounge Chair"
Go download it here: New object

Releasedates 19 June
  After a look at some online shops, the release date for Nightlife, although still not officially confirmed, will most likely be September 13. Gamestop, EB Games and Amazon all have this same date. Some weeks ago, they all had different releasedates.

Europe does have a confirmed release date and is September 15. The Prima guide (left) will most likely be released at September 6.

New poll 19 June
Time for a new poll. Which expansion idea, University or Nightlife do you like most? Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which Maxis' expansion idea you like most. Trip of a lifetime got the most votes, but I suspect that most would prefer another idea like pets, sports, a kids-expansion or whatnot. 2177 people voted and here are the results:

Which Maxis' expansion idea do you like most?
- Trip of a lifetime: 33%
- Run your own Sims business: 29%
- Movie director: 5%
- Spooked and Haunted: 18%
- Do it yourself: 15%

New Nightlife pics 22 June
The official Sims site has updated their Nightlife pictures section with 2 bowling alley pics:


Nightlife movie 22 June
Besides the new pictures, Maxis also posted a new Nightlife movie on the official site.
Go see it here: New Nightlife movie

New Nightlife pics 23 June
Tim LeTourneau is on a trip around Europe to promote Nightlife. He's currently in France and a french site has placed several dozen pictures from the new expansionpack on their site.
Go see them here: Nightlife pictures

Gamespot update 24 June
A big Nightlife update on GameSpot:
They have video interview with Tim LeTourneau where he talks a bit about some of the Nightlife features. Go see it here: Tim interview
There is also a Q&A with Tim where they go into some Nightlife details like the Pleasure aspiration, new NPC,s and a new dining system. Go read it here: Gamespot Q & A
And lasty, Gamespot also posted a couple new pictures:


New poll 26 June
A new poll, but first a notice that another milestone is reached with Snooty Sims reaching 2 million visitors!
Now for the poll. This weeks question is if you have gay sims in the game. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which Expansion idea you like most. Almost 3 quarters like the Nightlife exp. idea better then University. 1823 people voted and here are the results:

Which Expansion idea do you like most?
- Nightlife will be much better then University!: 53%
- Nightlife is a bit better then University: 21%
- Both expansions are equally good: 20%
- Nightlife is ok, but Uni is better: 4%
- Nightlife? No thanks. I prefer University: 1%

Fanevent articles 26 June
  Tim Le Tourneau is still touring trough Europe to promote Nightlife and currently he's in good old Holland. Simszone.co.uk, SP Zone and SimsNetwork were invited for a presentation.
- The article from Simszone is very long and thus has alot of new info. Also quite some pictures. Go read this article here: Simszone.co.uk article
- SP Zone also has a big article here: SP Zone article
- Simsnetwork's article with many pictures can be found here: SimsNetwork article
- And lastly some more pictures from Sims2online here: Sims 2 online pictures

More fanevent articles 27 June
Besides the 4 links below, here are 3 more sites with Nightlife pictures:
- A dutch article with pictures from Simsplanet here: Simsplanet article
- And a slideshow here: Slideshow (click 'volgende' to see next pics).
- [Update]: One more: Sims vision

New cheats in Nightlife 28 June
On the official Sims BBS, MaxoidHunter told the following:

" So far, we've added about 8 new cheats to nightlife. I'm not telling what they are yet, though.
Okay. There's a needs cheat...."

From Tim's presentation, we also know that one of these cheats will be money related.

Sims on Console news 28 June
  Several gaming sites updated with new console news:
- Gaming Evolution posted a preview here: Gaming Evolution article
- IGN has some new Gameboy Advanced pictures here: IGN GBA screens
- Also from IGN, Nintendo DS screens here: IGN DS screens
- Again from IGN, screens from the Playstation 2 here: IGN PS2 screens
- From Gamespot, some new PSP screens here: Gamespot PSP screens
- Also from Gamespot, some mobilephone screens: Gamespot Mobile screens

New Nightlife movie 30 June
A new Nightlife movie can be seen on the official Sims site. It's a small movie about a clumsy DJ.
Go see it here: New Nightlife movie