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Fragland movie 1 June
Fragland posted an 80 Mb movie about The Sims 2. For the people that couldn't download it, I have made some screenshots from it and put them in my The Sims 2 section. The pictures are alittle low on quality but it's the best I could do.

New preview 4 June
A new preview at GameShark with some new pictures. The pictures are in my The Sims 2 section.
There was hardly any news in the preview except that they are thinking about a communal space for your sims. Read the whole article here: GameShark

New Sims 2 movie 11 June
There's a new movie about the Sims 2 at 3Dgamers. You can find it here: 3Dgamers video
I made 9 screenshots from that movie and they are in my Sims 2 section.

Simday 12 June
Simday is here and there's a download! Maxis calls this a "Cytherea Asilus Casses or Carnivorous Plant". Right.... Well, get this plant at The Sims.com

New Sims 2 pics 12 June
'special reserve' has posted some new pictures from the Sims 2. Here's the link: Special reserve pics
The new pics are also in my Sims 2 section.

Site news 16 June
I've been a little silent but I've been working hard on my site. The past 3 days i did the following:
1. Added the CGM Sims 2 article in my Sims 2 section.
2. I added a movie-link page (There are 4 movies currently).
3. Added 2 new Sims 2 pics.
4. I've re-done my 'paysites' section (not completely ready though).

Movie pictures 21 June
Just a quick note to say that i have added 6 screenshots from the itavisen movie. I heard that some people had trouble viewing that movie so those people can now at least see something from it.

Sims 2 preview 22 June
A 'new' preview about the Sims 2! Well, it's actually somewhat old (May 23), but i just found it. Mostly the preview is about the technical stuff from the Sims 2. Read the preview here: electric playground preview
Or at my preview section of the Sims 2.

PC Format article 25 June
There was an article in PC Format about the Sims 2. A picture from it is in my pics section. Here's some other info that was in the article:
- "Create-A-Sim will be released for free before the game is launched, so look out for it on a future coverdisc."
- "...facial animation...something at which The Sims 2 almost rivals Half-Life 2."
- Tim LeTourneau (producer):" Right now we're targeting the Geforce and Radeon series [graphics cards]"
- Will Wright:" Right now, you probably can't buy a PC that won't run it, so by the time it comes out, our target audience will be able to run it very well."
- Will Wright: "The graphics stuff is already there, I don't feel as though that's holding us back....that's what we're really working on - how we can develop more believeable AI."
- Will Wright: "There's a team of about 20-25 guys on the [Sims 1] expansions, and they can turn these things over in about four or five months. It's those that are pretty much paying for the entire studio, and there'll be a lot more of that for The Sims 2."