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Sims3Store update 3 July
A new set in the Sims3Store:

Brunch at the Old Mill: 28 items for $17,- (temporarily $14,50)

Petition 5 July
Many Sim fans probably already know about the Sims 4 petition to put Pools and Toddlers in the game. And even though I signed it too, I never posted about it until now.
This petition is now signed by over 15.000 people! Let's try to get it to 20.000!


Note that I don't think Maxis will actually do add them in. There's just not enough time left and they sure won't delay the game. The reason to sign is more to send a signal that cutting out very important parts will not be so easily tolerated.

New blog 8 July
There's a new blog on TheSims.com. Rachel Franklin talks a bit about the reasons to leave out toddlers. She also reveals that there will be a CAS demo later this summer and we (finally) get to see some gameplay footage within 2 weeks.

Read the blog here: What’s Out and What’s In

CAS demo 9 July
EA is sending out the CAS demo to many Simmers. I believe it's completely random as some long time players don't get it, and some people with Macs (which is not compatible) do get an invite.
On twitter, Ryan Vaughan told that more and more people will get the invite as time goes by.

A lot of movies are appearing on YouTube from those that have the demo. Instead of listing them all, it's easier just to search for sims 4 cas demo on YouTube.

New poll 20 July
There's a new poll. The question is if you're still interested in the Sims 4 now so many features have been cut. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you would like a Sims 4 CAS demo. Good thing the demo is sent out, because over 2 thirds loves getting it, though still 11% is not interested.
616 people voted and here are the results:

Do you spend a lot of time in Create-a-Sim?
- Yes, that would be great!: 67%
- It would be interesting to check it out: 23%
- No, not interested: 11%

Sims 4 walkthrough 20 July
Graham Nardone and Ryan Vaughan show us the walkthrough that was given at the E3.
They guide their Simselves though the park, gym and a party.

See it here: Sims 4 walkthrough.

Misc. news 23 July
A new Sims 4 blog was posted on Thesims.com. It's about the 2nd world Oasis Springs.
Read it here: Welcome To Oasis Springs!.

A nice gift from EA: Everybody can now have The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for free! (until July 31st)
Check the details here: How to get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection.

Misc. news 25 July
Store blog
SimGuruTater wrote a blog on the Sims2.com that there will be just 1 more update to the Sims3Store. The Store team also gives a nice farewell present in the form of a free download.
Read it here: That’s Amore from The Sims 3 Store!

System requirements
EA released the system requirements for the Sims 4 and they are extremely low.
See them here: System requirements.

And lastly, Digital Spy had an interview with Ryan Vaughan. They talk about how a Sim can die from emotions and he responds about the lack of swimming pools.
Read it here: Interview.

Misc. news 30 July
New trailer
A new Emotions trailer has been released: The Sims 4: New Emotions Official Gameplay Trailer

A new Rewards page has been added to Thesims.com. For each Sims 3 expansion you own, you automatically get a different colored lamp.
Check the details here: Rewards