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Misc. news 5 July
Supernatural interview
Gametrailers posted a small video interview with Associate Producer Brittany Henry about Supernatural.
See it here: Supernatural interview

Supernatural Q and A
SimGuruKarsky answered a few questions from members of the Sims3 forum about Supernatural.
Read it here: Supernatural Q and A

Lucky Palms
A few blogs were posted about the new Neighborhood Lucky Palms. SimGuruTaterTot explains some things about the wishing well, plant modelling and the casino.
Check it here: Community blog

Sims3 Store update 6 July
New sets in the Sims3 Store:

- Once Upon a Time Cottage: 43 items for $17,- (temporarily $12,-)
- Make a Wish Compilation: 127 items for $46,-(temporarily $29,-)

Diesel Stuff released 10 July
Diesel Stuff has been released. EA has sent out a press release and a few new screenshots of this new pack.
Check those here: Press release - Screenshots

The Sims 3 Refresh 11 July
A few weeks ago, the title The Sims 3 Refresh showed up on some sites. To avoid more speculation, fansite Sim Times asked EA what it's all about.
It seems it's just the Sims 3 base game, with an updated cover and all the latest patches included. Also it's likely that the Refresh bit will be removed as that name is only used by EA internally.
Thanks to Sim Times for clearing that up!

New Supernatural article 18 July
IGN has posted a new article on Supernatural. This time about the fairies and zombies. Assistant Producer, Argus Hulin gives some new info on these 2 creatures.
Check it here: IGN article

New poll 20 July
There's a new poll. The question is which Supernatural creature you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you would get the normal or the Katy Perry version of Showtime. Interesting to see that this expansionpack was not very interesting for most people; 38% is not going to get it at all. And only 15% bought the Katy Perry version. EA may hope that Supernatural will be more successful.
2372 people voted and here are the results:

Will you get the Katy Perry version of Showtime?
- Yes I will!: 15%
- No, just the normal version: 36%
- Not sure yet: 11%
- I'm not going to buy this expansion at all: 38%

Sims3 Store update 20 July
The Sims3 Store is updated with a new set: Le Cirque Celebration!. The full set contains 50 items (including a Premium content item) and costs $30,- but for the first two weeks, it's $25,50.
You can also buy just the objects or just the clothes, but there's no cheaper price for those options.
Find the set here: Le Cirque Celebration!