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Sims3Store sneak peak 6 July
A sneak peak of the upcoming July sets have been posted on the Sims3 Facebook page.
Check them here: Sims3Store sneak peak

Sims3 Store update 7 July
New sets in the Sims3 Store:

- Luxury Spa Set: 9 items for $5,50
- Mediterranean Villa Kitchen/Dining: 11 items for $7,-
- Everyday – Cool Summer Nights: 20 items for $14,-
- July 2011 Compilation: 40 items for $22,-

Pets releasedate 14 July
The Sims 3 Pets has finally been given an official releasedate. It appears that it will arrive a full week earlier than the other known date as the new releasedate will be October 18 for the US and October 20-21 for Europe.
Check the press release here: Press release

Pets interview 20 July
GamerLive has interviewed Ryan Vaughan about The Sims 3 Pets. It's a video interview where you can see Create-a-Pet in the background.
Check it here: GamerLive interview

New poll 25 July
There's a new poll. The question is which object with special actions you like to see in the Sims3Store next. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you like the Werewolf as the creature in Pets. 1 in 4 people wants something else and 19% doesn't want any creature. However with close to 60%, most people wouldn't mind seeing the Werewolf making a comeback in Sims 3.
2525 people voted and here are the results:

Do you want the Werewolf as the creature in Pets?
- Yes that would be great!: 26%
- Sure why not: 31%
- I want another creature: 24%
- I don't want any creature in Pets: 19%

New patch 25 July
The Sims 3 gets another patch! And it's a big one with a huge list of fixes for every expansionpack.
Check the long list here: TheSims3.com

Town Life released 26 July
The 4th Sims 3 Stuffpack, Town Life, has been released. And with that, the trailer and a set of screenshots have been released. Check the links below:
Trailer on Gamespot.com.
Screenshots on GamesExtreme.com
More screenshots on GamersHell.com