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New items in Sims3 Store 3 July
New sets at the Sims 3 Store. Check the links below:
- Romanza Ceremony: 39 items for $15,-
- Zen Again: 20 items for $8,50
- Goal!: 2 items for free.

Misc. news 11 July
New patch
A new patch was recently released and most fixes are for the new Ambitions expansionpack. The Create-a-World tool was also updated.
Check all the fixes here: New patch.

Expansion 3
Online store Play.com posted a new expansionpack on their site called The Sims 3: After Dark with a releasedate of October 29.
See it here: Play.com.
Thanks to Simprograms for the find.

Carl's Guide
And lastly, I would like to give some attention to the infosite 'Carl's Sims3 Guide'. They made many updates for the Ambitions pack like the new lifetime wishes, the new skills and ofcourse the careers.
Check the site here: Carl's Guide.

New expansion announced 21 July
The 3rd expansionpack named The Sims 3: Late Night has been announced. As the title says, it's a lot like Nightlife for Sims 2; Going out in the town, clubs, vampires but also new things like celebrities.
Check the screenshots and movie at the official site here: TheSims3.com
And here is the Press release

Site news 26 July
Snooty Sims has gone a bit downhill the past months. Busy real life stuff made me neglect it too much. I would like to correct this and from today forward, I will update the site at least once a day. Updating the info center, new site sections, again a weekly poll, etc.
Every update, as small or big it may be, will be posted in a small banner at the top of the page (added later today) and on Twitter. By doing this, I hope to get this site back to what it once was.

Today's update is a new page for the Extras section. Here you can find all free objects, sets and clothes in the Sims3Store. I know there's a good post for this on the Sims3.com forum, but there are many people that don't visit it everyday.
Check this page here: Free Stuff.

New poll 27 July
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you like Vampires. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you want weather to be the subject of the next expansionpack. As we now now that will not be the case, only 20% will be pleased with that fact; Almost half of all people really wanted rain and snow in the next expansion.
3519 people voted and here are the results:

Do you want weather in the next expansionpack?
- Yes that would be my first choice: 48%
- Not sure but it would be nice: 33%
- No, I want another type first: 17%
- I never want to see weather in Sims 3: 2%

The Sims: Medieval 29 July
The Sims Resource revealed the first info about a new Sims title called The Sims: Medieval. Note that this is not an expansion or Stuff pack; It's a stand-alone game like The Sims Stories. TSR also mentioned that it doesn't contain a build mode. Situated in medieval times, it's a bit like an RPG where you can choose a hero character that has to follow quests.
Check out the first details and screens here: TSR Medieval info
Update: Infopage is removed. Apparently TSR wasn't allowed yet to reveal this title.

Late Night info at Twitter 29 July
EA is holding a Twitter event for Fast Lane.
Check here all the info: Sims3 Twitter
Update: 'Alexurt1' made an excellent post at the Sims3.com forums with all the info from the Twitter session here: Forum post