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Sims 3 preview 13 July
1Up posted the complete Sims 3 preview that was earlier only available in their magazine. It's a huge 4 page preview with lots of new info. Here's a part:

Painter Sims can sell their works and musicians can play guitar in the park for money, and the better you are, the more money you'll make from the people wandering by. "[You can make] a self-sufficient cook, a bum who doesn't have a job who just is the hippie going roundabout -- it definitely gives you more freedom."
Read the full preview here: 1Up preview
Thanks to Simprograms for the find.

New poll 8 July
There's a new poll. This weeks question is if you think there will be another Stuff pack. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you would like a Sims Creator for Sims 3. A relatively small percentage would buy the full version, but the free version would be very popular as 2 thirds would download it. Another small percentage would wait for the game to come out. 3872 people voted and here are the results:

Would you like a Sims Creator for Sims 3?
- Yes, I would buy the full version!: 15%
- I wouldn't buy but would download the free version right away: 41%
- Maybe I would check out the free version at some point: 25%
- No, I would just wait til The Sims 3 is out: 19%

Misc. news 3 July
New comic
TheSims2.com has posted the second Apartment Life comic called "Meet the Bohemians".
Check it here: Comic 2
Sims article
A new article about The Sims 2; Whattheyplay.com had a chat with division manager Shannon Copur about what makes the series so successful.
Read it here: Whattheyplay.com article
Thanks to Michelle for the link.

H&M contest winner
And lastly, EA sent out a press release about the winning outfit from the H&M contest. This outfit will be made in real and sold in the H&M shops around the world.
Read more here: Press release

Updated patch 1 July
The FreeTime patch got a small update:
- Tinkering option added for a few bathroom/kitchen objects
- Fixing a few SecuROM problems
- Added a blackfont option
- Making FreeTime compatible with the Sims Store
Get the updated patch here: TheSims2.com/update

Sims 3 fan event 14 July
Dutch fansite Simparool posted the news that coming friday (July 18), there will be a Sims 3 fanevent. Though it is not known if they are allowed to take screenshots, they can ask questions. I submitted a few since EA, again, completely ignored the English news sites. Most likely the usuall sites (who visited the Apartments event), get an invite again.
All reports of this event can be found here as soon as they're posted.

Sims3.com update 15 July
TheSims3.com got a big update today: 5 new screenshots, 7 new CAS screens and best of all, the first trailer of the game.
They will all be updated to this site asap, but for now, check them on TheSims3.com

Site update 15 July
The new Sims3 pictures are now added to the site (except for the CAS pics). Check them here: Sims 3 screenshots
Thanks to Frillen for the 4 lost screenshots.

And for those that want to save the Sims3 trailer to their pc, I uploaded it to the site. Right-click the link and choose "Save target as.." to download it. Sims 3 trailer (14 Mb)

Sims 3 trailer 16 July
Yesterday, I posted the downloadable Sims 3 trailer. But here's an even better version; This one is even in a higher quality then the one found on Thesims3.com.
Right-click and choose "Save target as.." to download it: Sims 3 trailer (25 Mb)

Misc. news 17 July
Gamespy posted an interview with Rod Humble about the Sims 3 here: Gamespy interview

Apartment Life update
TheSims2.com updated with the trailer of Apartment Life and the 3rd comic. Check the links below:
Trailer - Comic 3

Sims 3 fanday 19 July
A few fansites got the opportunity to check out The Sims 3. Unfortunately, EA did not invite any English news sites so no report from me.
The big previews will arrive in a few days when the fansites have returned from the trip but there is already coming in a few tidbits of info:
- Hair will not grow but you can 'paint' certain parts of the hair.
- There is no gradual aging, but there are age groups as in Sims 2.
- There will be 7 age groups: Baby, Toddler, Child, Teenager, Young adult, Adult, Elder.
- Every career has its own building in the Nhood.
- Different Sims height is not in the game yet and unsure if it will reach the full game.
- A Mac version will be made AFTER the game is released on PC.
- The game will be released in 2009 but no specific quarter is given.
- You can move objects 360 degrees and without a grid.
- It is still not certain if weather will be in the game.
- There are several dificulty levels.
- Sims still spin around to change clothes.

Sims 3 fanday II 20 July
The Sims Resource was invited to the Sims 3 fanday and they have posted a long list of new features that will be in the game.
Check it here: TSR Sims 3 features

I know that more sites posted info, but these small bits and pieces are scattered all over the place, often in a foreign language. The most important facts from there can be found in the Sims 3 info page at this site. I'm working on a way to present this info even better.

New poll 21 July
There's a new poll. This weeks question what you think about the look of the sims in Sims3. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you think there will be another Stuff pack. Most people expect there will be future Stuff packs. But about half of those think that there will be just 1 more. And 1 in 5 think that they will only be available through the Sims Store. 3986 people voted and here are the results:

Do you think there will be another Stuff pack?
- I am sure there will be many more Stuff packs!: 20%
- I think there will be 1 more: 44%
- Maybe they will be only available as a download: 20%
- No, Stuff packs is a think of the past: 16%

Site news 22 July
There is a new infopage in the Extras section. It's a full page with info about Securom. Here you can find info about what it is and solutions if you have problems with this program.
Check it here: Securom info.
With the addition of this infopage, I've removed the Securom infolinks and brought back the Featured Fansite.

Sims 3 preview 23 July
The official German Sims site went to see the Sims 3 and made a big 4 page preview. Ofcourse the language is in German so I translated all the interesting stuff. Check the links below:
- Diesims.de
- Translation
Note that it's a bit of a rough translation so apologies for the occasional typing and spelling error.

Misc. Sims 3 news 24 July
New Sims 3 previews
The first sims 3 previews (from the fansites who went to EA) are starting to come in. Below a few new ones:
- Tuulia productions
- Sterlingsims
- Urbania-sims

HD trailer
For those that want to see the Sims 3 trailer in HD, the UK sims forum posted it. This movie is in very high quality in full screen mode. But note that you need a pretty good videocard to play it without stuttering. Also it's a 190 Mb download.
Get it here: UK sims forum

Apartment Life preview 25 July
With all this Sims3 news, you would almost forget that there's a new expansionpack underway for The Sims 2. Gamespy had a little hands-on with Apartment Life and posted a nice preview.
Check it out here: GameSpy preview

Sims 3 preview 31 July
A long time without news, but here's a nice update: Fansite Simparool went to EA to see the Sims 3 and made a big preview. I translated a big part of the preview for those that can't read Dutch. Check the links below:
- Simparool
- Translation