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New poll 1 July
A new poll. This weeks question is which vacation destination you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which other Simstype game you like. Sim City is surprisingly popular under Sims 2 gamers and the Console games much less. 1 Out of 4 doesn't really like all the other Sims games. 3861 people voted and here are the results:

which other Simstype game do you like?
- MySims: 12%
- Sim City (any version): 29%
- Spore: 24%
- Sims 2 on Console/Handheld: 10%
- Nothing really: 25%

Site news 4 July
This site has now been moved to a new server. Everything seems to work ok, however it's possible that the forum and e-mail stops working today. If you see anything missing or if something is not working correctly you can use the Guestbook to inform me.

Update: Forum and E-mail is working correctly. A few e-mails may have gone lost however. I know about the color themes not working. I can't guarentee it will work again someday. If so, I will probably change the main color once a month or so.
For those interested in technical data, this site now has double the amount of resources, 1 TB of bandwidth and 20 GB of space.

BV box and logo 7 July
EA has released the large/high quality logo and Boxshot for Bon Voyage. You can find them in the Extras section here: Sims 2 logos
A large version of the boxart for Sims for Wii can be found here: Misc. logos

Castaway for Consoles 11 July
EA has published its games line-up that they'll show at the E3. On this event, they will show MySims, SimCity Societies and Sims Castaway Stories.
Even though it was already known (the game showed up on several future games lists), it's now officially confirmed that Castaway Stories will be the first SimStories game that will be released on the Sony and Nintendo consoles.
Find the complete list here: EA Press release E3

Lots of news 12 July
Alot of news is coming in from the E3 for several different Simgames and below is a summary for each title.
Sims Castaway
A bit of confusion concerning this title. The word Stories is removed for the Console versions as it has different gameplay. Gamespot and IGN have a good description of this title as well as some screenshots.
Gamespot preview - IGN preview - Screenshots
New info for MySims is coming from E3 as well. Again IGN and Gamespot posted articles.
Gamespot about Minigames - Gamespot preview - IGN preview - Some new pics

Sim City Societies
And lastly, the next Sim City game. Several new articles and the first official movie has been posted:
Joystiq article - Gamespy article - IGN article - Movie

Sims Online
A couple days ago, there was again a Sims Online chat. The chatlog can be found here: Chat transcript

Australia Charts
I don't often post gamecharts, but last week was an interesting one for Australia; 8 out of the 10 best selling PC games were Sims 2 titles!
Check it out here: Australia Charts

Blog update
MaxoidSam has a double blog-update. The first is about bugreports, the second he answers several frequently asked questions like Sims 3, missing downloads and many more.
Read it here: MaxoidSam blog

New poll 16 July
A new poll. This weeks question is for which exp.pack you would like to see an add-on. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was which vacation destination for Bon Voyage you like most. The beach/tiki resort is the most popular with almost half of all votes. The Asian resort comes in second with Forest last, though still 22%. 4861 people voted and here are the results:

Which destination is the best?
- The Asian resort: 29%
- The Beach/Tiki resort: 49%
- The Forest resort: 22%

New Bon Voyage pics 18 July
From the official Danish EA site come 2 new Bon Voyage screenshots:


Fashion runway movie 18 July
The first presentation for the Fashion Runway contest has been posted by EA Denmark. This video shows creations made by fans for the Party Time theme. Next week's theme is Skate Park.
See it here: Fashion Runway movie

Misc. news 19 July
Sims card
For those that don't recieve the Sims Insider newsletter, on the left you see the Sims Creditcard. According to the newsletter, this design was chosen by the fans. With this card you can save up points for interesting stuff, like Simsgames and Gift certificates.
Gamespy previews
A preview for MySims and Castaway has been posted by Gamespy.
Find these here: MySims - Castaway

Prima guide info
A little bit of info about Bon Voyage can be read on the pre-order page of the Prima site, like secret lots and collectibles.
See the page here: Prima
Thanks to Thesims2.co.za for this.

Bon Voyage presentation
Spanish fansite Capital Sims is visiting a Bon Voyage presentation today. Sam Player (MaxoidSam) is currently in Spain to show the game to fans. It is uncertain if he will travel to other countries and if so, which fansites will be invited.
A link to Capital Sims' fanevent article will ofcourse be posted when they finish it.

Site news
And lastly, for those prefering to see the site in another color, I'm happy to say that the colorthemes have been fixed.

Fan-event Bon Voyage 20 July
Spanish fansite Capital Sims has finished their report for their Bon Voyage fanevent visit. They made a couple of photos which you can check out here: Bon Voyage screens
A little bit of info has already been posted here: Bon Voyage info or for those that can't understand Spanish, a rough translation is made by 'poochdog25' on the SimsBBS here: English info

Fanevent update 20 July
Besides Capital Sims, several other Spanish fansites visited the Bon Voyage presentation.
Simsolucion posted info and 2 movies. The first movie shows the official Bon Voyage trailer, the second a camping ground.
Find it all here: Info (in Spanish) - Movie 1 - Movie 2
Fansite Tecno Sims posted some info and in the coming days, they too will post many pics, info and videos.

Capital Sims posted 2 videos here: Movie 1 - Movie 2

And lastly CiberSims also posted some new screens.

For those that want to read the previews, Babelfish.altavista.com can give a decent translation.

Misc. news 21 July
Bon Voyage pics
A dozen new Bon Voyage pictures (from the fanevent) have been posted by Fantasymundo.com here: New pics
Thanks to Capital Sims for finding them.

More Bon Voyage videos
TecnoSims has posted 2 new videos here: Movies

And more pics and info
SkySims has a page with some info and pics here: SkySims
And Simsolucion has added lots of pictures here: Simsolucion

New Stuff pack in November
A new Sims 2 Stuff pack has been discovered on VideoEta called The Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff with a releasedate of November 5. Note that this pack is an unconfirmed title.
Thanks to Sims2fans.de for finding this one.

Misc. news 22 July
System requirements
MaxoidDano posted the system requirements for Bon Voyage on the Sims2.com here: System requirements

Patch for Mac
MacUpdate posted news about a new patch for the Sims 2 for Mac. The patch fixes several issues like game crashes, color problems and several other things.
Get it here: MacUpdate.com

H&M voting starts
The Sims2.com comes with the news that you can now vote for your favorite H&M Fashion Runway Showcase design in the Party Time theme.
Check the site here: FashionRunway

New poll 23 July
A new poll. This weeks question is if your oppinion on Bon Voyage have changed now there's so much info about it. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was for which exp.pack you would like to see an add-on. The Pets expansion really stands out with 40%. All the other packs have around the same numbers with University the lowest with 9%. 3085 people voted and here are the results:

Which pack needs a stuff pack?
- University: 9%
- Nightlife: 19%
- Open for Business: 15%
- Pets: 40%
- Seasons: 17%

Site news 24 July
Alot of Bon Voyage info has come in the past days. Most of it however was in Spanish. I translated all the articles and posted the interesting bits of info in a Facts page.
Find it here: Bon Voyage facts.

Big Bon Voyage update 26 July
The Sim2.com has updated with new screenshots and a movie. Besides that, EA sent out a press release and also the first artpics have been released. Find all the links below:
- Press release - Sims2.com update - Artpics


Misc. news 27 July
New download
There's a new download on the official Sims 2 site. It's a Ford Focus, the second sponsored car from Ford after the Mustang from a few months ago.
Get it here: New download
Blog update
MaxoidMel made a small update in her blog here: Blog update

Pre-order items
The official UK Sims site has posted info about the pre-order items you get when you buy Bon Voyage at a certain store. These gifts will most likely show up on American online shops as well.
See the items here: Thesims2.co.uk

Fashion runway
The second voting for the Fashion Runway has started. This weeks presentation is Skate Park and a new movie and pics have been posted.
Check it out here: Fashion Runway

New poll 31 July
A new poll. This weeks question is which kind of activity from Bon Voyage you like most. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if your opinion on Bon Voyage has changed now there's so much info about it. Most people already liked it alot, but all this info sure had a positive effect on alot of people in different degrees. 3276 people voted and here are the results:

Has your opinion on Bon Voyage changed?
- I loved it then and I still do!: 41%
- I liked it somewhat but now I really want to have it!: 31%
- I couldn't care much about it, but I'm starting to like it: 13%
- This info only made it a bit more interesting: 12%
- I hated this pack and that hasn't changed: 3%