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Glamour for pre-order 1 July
Gamestop has now a pre-order for the Stuff pack: The Sims 2: Glamour Life. The release date is stated as August 29 and has a price of $19.99.
Find the link here: Gamestop.com

An interesting fact is that this date is almost the same as when the big expansion (rumoured Pets) is supposed to come out.
Will 2 expansions be released at the same time? Will the big expansion be delayed or come earlier? The plot thickens...

New poll 3 July
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is when you think the next expansionpack will be announced. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you thought there is enough stuff for the kids. Almost half of all people think it is enough for now, while still a high number of 12% would like a full expansionpack based on the Simkids. 2393 people voted and here are the results:

Is there enough kids stuff?
- Yes, there is more then enough now!: 18%
- A bit more would be nice, but it's fine for now: 47%
- There is not that much. We need lots more: 22%
- I want a full expansionpack dedicated to the Simkids!: 12%

Release dates 3 July
Another releasedate for the Pets expansion. Several people mailed me (thanks alot for that!) a link to the EA Hong Kong releasedate list. In this list can be seen the date for Glamour (which is the same as Gamestop mentioned earlier), but also a releasedate for the Pets expansion.
In this list, the releasedate for Pets is October 17 which is quite a late date since normally the packs come in September.
Find it here: EA Hong Kong
Even though this list comes from EA, these titles are not announced yet, so they are still technically un-official. Again the updated releasedate list:
The Sims 2: Glamour: August 29

The Sims 2: Pets:
- For PC, NDS, PS2: October 17
- For PSP: November 14

First pics of Glamour 7 July
For some reason, Maxis likes to cover up their future games; The pre-order from Gamestop is gone, the Hong Kong list of future games is removed, but fortunately a member from The Sims Resource found some official pictures on the official Thai Sims site.
I've quickly set up a Glamour page with some more info here: Glamour infopage



MaxoidBlog 8 July
MaxoidMoonBelly has updated her blog and in it, she talks a bit about her work at Maxis.
Find it here: MaxoidMoonBelly blog

Cover pets for console 9 July
Besides Glamour and Pets for PC, another game, Pets for Consoles was found for pre-order on several foreign sites. But no real proof was to be found. A French site 'JeuxPo.com' has a picture of the cover for the PS2 version. There is also a screenshot from the game, but that may be from the PC version.
Find the page here: JeuxPo.com
Thanks to Simfantastic2.com for finding it.

New poll 10 July
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is what you think about the Glamour pack and if you plan to get it right away or wait a bit. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was when you thought the next big expansion was going to be announced. 12% was wrong since those voted for last week. Let's hope the 30% of those that voted for the coming week are right. 2120 people voted and here are the results:

When will the next pack be announced?
- This week! (=last week): 12%
- Probably next week (=this week): 30%
- About 2 more weeks (=next week): 34%
- At least 3 weeks from now (=in 2 weeks): 24%

New info Pets expansion 11 July
A new article for the Pets game has appeared on a French gaming site. In this article, lots of interesting things are to be found:
You can create new races, there will be guinea pigs and birds and the game will start with 30 dogs and 15 cats.
Find the article here: Inpact virtuel.com
Because the article is in French, I translated it with the help of an online translator and you can find it in the Pets section
Thanks very much to L'Universims for the info.

More Pets info 11 July
Some more Pets info has been found. Gamespy has a 'hidden' page which looks like an announcement but it isn't. At the top it says "Hold for July 27". So that may be the day of the announcement. The most interesting part in this article is that there will be a Create-a-Pet.
Find this page here Gamespy.com

Since these exp.pack info pages seem to often magically disapear, the text can also be found in the Pets section of this site.
Thanks very much to sissyangel from the forums for finding it.

Summer downloads 11 July
The Sims2.com has updated with several Summer downloads. MaxoidMoonBelly has created several swimsuits for nearly every age group and they all have a nice bunny theme.
You can download them all on the special download page here: Summer downloads

Misc. exp.pack news 12 July
Here's some miscellaneous expansion pack news:
EA had a showcase of 20 new titles. The Sims 2 is mentioned as follows: "For a whimsical romp, players can get their paws on the new game from The Sims franchise". Yes that's all what was said. Hopefully some more info comes available from this showcase.
Find this page here: Press release

As expected, the Gamespy page has been removed. Another, similar page, can be found here: Comcast.net
Again, thanks to sissyangel for this link.

French site Playingzone.com claims that Maxis confirmed a release date for the Pets expansion for October 18 as the release date.
Thanks to JessicaD for this info.

And lastly, Play.com has a game called: The Sims 2: Festive Holiday Stuff for release on 01/12/2006. Now it is unsure if they mean the Holiday pack, or could it mean there will be a new Stuff pack being released on December 1?
Thanks to Knazzer for this info.

Glamour Life officially announced 13 July
Glamour Life Stuff has been officially announced on the official Sims 2 site, together with many European Sim sites. Lots of screens, movies and details have been posted.
Find it here: The Sims 2.com

Misc. Sims2.com news 14 July
After the announcement of Glamour, Maxis quickly made a BBS for it. Also their BBS has updated their list of rules.
Although 99.9% of all people already know that the Pets expansion is coming, Maxis still added a 'cryptic' pawprint on the frontpage along with a BBS for it. At least they're not hiding it so much anymore, which annoyed many people.

Blog updates! Several Maxoids have written something in their blogs. Find all links below:
MaxoidMoonBelly About the Summer downloads.
MaxoidDrea About "culling" (removing Lots and Sims from the Exchange).
MaxoidDano Replying to some questions from people.
Thanks to Paul for these links.

Misc. news 15 July
For those still doubting about a Pets expansion, EA Poland has The Sims 2: Pets for PC and consoles on a list of upcoming games. Find it here: EA Poland
Thanks to SimPassion.pl for the link.

A bit more about the Festive stuff pack, A simmer named 'Hunty', sent some info from a survey that wasn't on thesims2.com but just mailed. Most of the info was the same as other survey's but the following lines could contain some info about the pack that comes out December 1:

- "Items to throw a party for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or holiday"
- "Items for entertaining including weddings, fiestas, birthdays, anniversary or cocktailparties."
Note; This is not official Maxis info.

More news later today.

Misc. news 15 July
Today, the 'Glamour Life' page has been completely updated. All pictures, artpics and more have been added.

Gamestar.de posted that EA has set the releasedate for Glamour Life Stuff for August 31. Find this page here: Gamestar.de
Thanks to Simtimes.de for the link.

The 'hidden' Gamespy page currently has another Sim game posted called Sims 2: Holiday Pack 2006. Note that just as with the Pets info, it may be on there for a very short time.
Thanks to Kat for mentioning it.

The Sims 2 is still selling very well. Paul has let me know that it is in the top 10 of best selling items on Amazon.com. Find the link here: Amazon best selling list

Pets t-shirt 16 July
Here's something interesting; When you pre-order the Pets expansion in Thailand, you get a special Pets T-shirt!
Look here: zest.co.th

Co-worker 16 July
For over 3 years, this website (apart for the forum moderators) has been run by just 1 person, but since a couple days, it has a co-worker. His name is Jusinbuzz and you may have seen him posting in the guestbook or from the Sims BBS where he wrote some great guides, like the one about running a business.
He will help with many parts of the site, like creating reviews, guides, searching for tutorials, and several other things. Several of these will be posted in the course of the coming days.
It's great to have his his assistance and am very glad he's helping me out with the site.

New poll 17 July
Time for a new poll. This weeks question is if you think Maxis brings out too many (expansion)packs. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was what you thought about Glamour and if you would buy it right away. 1 in 3 people think it's great and will get it right away. But also almost half of all people does not plan on buying it the day it's for sale. 2423 people voted and here are the results:

Does the Glamour pack look nice and will you get it right away?
- It looks great and will definitely get it right away!: 33%
- It looks great but I will wait a bit with buying it: 18%
- It looks fine and will buy it: 14%
- It looks fine but I will wait a bit with buying it: 19%
- It doesn't look great but I probably end up buying it: 6%
- It doesn't look great and I won't get it: 10%

Site news 18 July
As you may have noticed, the countdown has returned. The release date for Glamour Life has been set to August 29, since most online shops and several official European Sim sites have this as the date of release.
Note that the pack may arrive in some countries a couple days earlier or later. See it more as an average date.

New editor 18 July
jfade has created a very handy program in which you can edit many things for Walls, Floors and Terrainpaints. Like the price and description but also you can easily delete or rename them. Very usefull for those that have great amounts of this custom content in the game. The program has just hit its final Beta and everything seems to work perfectly.
Find it in the forums of GreenSims.net here: wtf editor

Open for Business for Mac on Aspyr 20 July
Aspyr has posted an info page for Open for Business for Mac on their site. On this page you can find a description, some screenshots and the system requirements. The game should come out somewhere in September.
Find the page here: OfB for Mac on Aspyr

Sims2.com update 20 July
Maxis posted 3 new wallpapers for your desktop and some new clothing items can be seen on them. Find them here: Glamour wallpapers

Also, a couple of Maxoids have written something in their Blog:
MaxoidMoonBelly Answers questions and talks a bit about the Glamour pack.
MaxoidDrea About the new signature rule on the Sims2 BBS.

Thanks to Paul for these links.

Sims 2 Pets in EA store 22 July
Even though it's not officially announced yet, The Sims 2: Pets can already be found in EA store. Besides the cover, also several features of this pack are posted.
Find the pre-order here: Pets in EA store
Thanks to Knazzer and others for the tip.

Also the console and handheld versions are for pre-order here: Pets for consoles

New poll 23 July
A new poll. This weeks question is if you will give your pets a career. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you thought Maxis brings out too many expansionpacks. Interesting that a huge number of 44% thinks 'the more the better'. However 1 in 3 people think 1 Stuff pack inbetween is enough. 2653 people voted and here are the results:

Does Maxis bring out too many packs?
- No the more the better!: 44%
- It's just the right amount of packs: 11%
- 1 Stuff pack inbetween is enough: 32%
- There are too many packs coming out: 13%

Misc. news 24 July
A big hint on the releasedate for Pets; On Amazon.com, the Prima guide for this game is given a releasedate of October 17. Since the guide usually comes out a couple days before the game, Pets should come out somewhere around October 20-24.
Find it here: Pets Prima guide

MaxoidDrea has updated her Blog with some replies to her guestbook postings. Read it here: MaxoidDrea blog
Thanks to MikePlay321 for the tip.

Co-worker Jusinbuzz made reviews for all the expansionpacks and here are 2 for now:
- University review
- Nightlife review

And lastly, a couple days ago, there was a survey on the Sims2.com. It was there for only a couple of hours so for those that missed it, the interesting parts can be found here: Survey info
Thanks to 'arndutcas' for mailing the details.

Thursday chat on Sims2.com 26 July
From the official Sims 2 site comes the news that coming thursday, there will be a chat about the next expansionpack. Again with the infamous pawprint attached to the message.
It's a half hour chat and will begin on 3 pm PST (midnight for Europe).

Announcement confirmed today 27 July
MaxoidDrea confirmed in a BBS post on the Sims2.com there will be a big announcement today. They will give the announcement 6 hours before the chat starts which is at 9 AM. (18.00 for Europe). Find the message here: MaxoidDrea message
Thanks to Brewcrew4191 and NEON88888 for the tip.

First official Pets pictures 27 July
A little before the official announcement, some pets pictures have been posted by Gamesradar. On the following page, you can find pics for the PS2 version:
Thanks to Brewcrew4191 for the link.

Also Amazon.com has some Pets pictures here: Amazon
Thanks to Simtimes.de for this info.

Sims 2 Pets officially announced 27 July
The Sims 2: Pets has now been officially announced on the Sims 2.com as well as several European Simsites. It will take several hours to update the site with all the new info but until then, here are some interesting links:
The official announcement
Product info page on Sims2.com
TSR article
More pictures from official French Sims site

Check back later for more!

Misc. pets news 27 July
Many people wondered what the 'creature' in the next pack would be. On the last page of the French article (posted below) there is a picture of a Werewolf.
Let's see who can make the first alien-vampire-robot-zombie-werewolf. ;)

Dutch Fansite SP Zone visited a fan-event about Pets and brought back dozens of pictures. You can find these here: SP Zone fan-event

Info pets on gaming-news sites 27 July
Now that The Sims 2: Pets has been officially announced, the big gaming-news sites are starting to write about it. Most sites just post the press release but here are 3 sites that posted a little bit more.
CNET has an almost 3 minute movie which features an interview with Robin Hunicke, lead designer of the Pets expansion. Find it here: CNET
Gamespot posted a small article with not much new info, but they end their article with the message that later, they will have an interview with the franchise's executive producer, Rod Humble. IGN also has a small article:

Misc. pets news 27 July
Last update for today. More news and info will be posted tomorrow.
The Pets section has updated with all the Pets for PC pictures. Later will follow the artpics and info about the console versions.
2 more fan-event articles:
- Simszone.de
- Simszone.co.uk

Misc. pets news 28 July
Maxis has hidden a fun puzzle game on the Sims2.com. Search for the picture you see left and click on it. Now a new screen will open with the puzzle.

Also, the transcript from yesterday's chat has been posted and you can find it here: Chat transcript

Misc. news 28 July
Gamespot posted an impression about the Pets expansion. Interesting part of the article is that you can also train your pet to be mean instead of nice.
Find the article here: Gamespot.com

2 Maxis blog updates:
MaxoidGrant About some of the Pets objects.
MaxoidMel Replies to her Guestbook questions.

For those that couldn't solve the 'hidden' Sims2.com pets game, the picture you get when the puzzle is solved, has been posted in the Pets section.
Thanks to 'sims2madaddict' for sending it.

And lastly, another article from the Fan-event by Simmingworld.com. It's a nice and easy to read article because of the many examples of things they saw in the game. Also interesting is that the article also contains a part about the lesser things namely the problems with the smaller pets like birds and guinea pigs.
Find the article here: Simmingworld.com

Misc. pets news 28 July
Gamespot has posted their promised interview with Sims executive producer Rod Humble. It's an interesting interview where they talk about the console versions, Will Wright and a small bit about the future of the Sims franchise.
Find the article here: GameSpot Q & A
Gamespot also has a 2nd, slightly different Pets movie on their site. Just a couple scenes are different or longer but ofcourse it's still a must see.
Find it here: Official movie 1
And lastly, '-SimsRoc15' found a bit odd movie on YouTube about a Sim and a skunk. See it here: YouTube movie

Misc. pets news 28 July
Today, the Pets section of this site has been completely updated; Artpics, Previews, links to the Fan-event and more can be found there.

In other news, the official German Sims site also visited the Fan-event and made a big article. For those that can't read German, it also has some nice pictures.
Find it here: Official German Sims site

New preview 30 July
Here's another preview for Pets. 1Up wrote the most negative article about Pets so far. They don't like the smaller pets (birds/guinea pigs) and also are negative about the fact that cats and dogs can't die other then old age.
Find the article here: 1Up preview

New poll 31 July
A new poll. This weeks question is what you think of the Pets expansion after the announcement.. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last weeks question was if you were going to give your pet a career. It looks like it's a very interesting part about the next expansion as 3 out of 4 people will do that. 3210 people voted and here are the results:

Will you give your pet a career?
- Yes that is just so cool!: 32%
- Sounds interesting. I think I will: 41%
- Not sure yet. Maybe: 23%
- No that's just silly: 4%

New pics and video 31 July
Another Fan-event article. This time from French site Simsologies. A couple of interesting pictures and also a small clip about a Sim getting bitten. A bit in the same style as the Skunk movie posted some days ago.
Find it here: Simsologies article
Thanks to 'arndutcas' for finding it.