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New screenshots 1 July
From the official German Sims site come 4 new Nightlife pictures:


New preview 1 July
The Sims Resource posted a big article on Nightlife. They could play a bit with the game so it has some new info and other pictures then the previews from a couple days ago.
Go check out this preview here: TSR article

Misc. news 2 July
Some miscelanious news:
MaxoidHunter is a frequent visitor of the Sims BBS and occasionally answers some people's questions. About 2 weeks ago, I started a page with this info and today it's updated with some new info. Go read it here: Maxoid Hunter

The following is not for everyone, but here's a link to an article that goes into much detail of how the Sims 2 works technically.
It's a couple weeks old article but I just recently found it. Go read it here: GameDev.net

And lastly, my affiliate thesims2website.com changed their layout and likes to give some attention to it.

New article 3 July
The Sims Zone, has posted yet another article about Nightlife. This time from when Tim visited the UK.
Go see it here: Simszone.co.uk article

Site news 4 July
Snooty Sims has a new affiliate: The Sims 2 Inside
The Sims 2 Inside is a great site with very nice downloads, a big forum and his Sims 2 tutorials are regarded as some of the best you can find. If you're one of the few people who haven't seen this site yet, be sure to take a visit.

New artpics 5 July
Some new Nightlife art pictures were posted on the french site Simsworld. These came from a presskit which were given to them on Tim's presentation.
Thanks to SP Zone for finding them.


New movie 5 July
  A new Nightlife movie can be found on the EA site. In this 5 and a half minute movie, Tim gives a presentation of Nightlife.
Go see it here: New Nightlife movie
[Update:] You can also find it on the German EA site here: EA Germany

New console pics 6 July
For Sims 2 on console, 3 new pictures have showed up:


University patch 7 July
On the official Sims BBS, MaxoidKane posted a long message telling that there is a patch for University in the making. Go read this post here: University Patch
Thanks to Simszone.co.uk for this news

Site news 8 July
  There is a new section on the site with all the info about the Console & Portable versions of the Sims 2.
Every picture, movie and many previews of The Sims 2 for Playstation 2, Gamecube, X-Box, mobilephones, Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable and Gameboy Advance can be found there.
Go check out this section here: The Sims 2 for Consoles & Portables

New article 9 July
Gamesradar posted a new article about Nightlife. In this article, there are also some quotes from Tim LeTourneau. Not a whole lot of new info though, but it's a nice read.
Go see it here: Gamesradar article

Pre-order download 9 July
  When you pre-order nightlife, you will get a bonus in the form of an extra downloadable car.
From Gamestop:

"Preorder The Sims 2: Nightlife for PC and receive a FREE in-game car! Your Sim can turn heads all over town with an additional downloadable car. Get ready to take on the night in your sweet new ride!"
Go read more about it on Gamestop and EB Games

New cheat 10 July
If you think that the TV sound is a bit loud, you can change this with the following cheat which I just found on the Sims BBS:
floatProp tvVolume [0.0-1.0]

0.5 default, 0.0 is no tv-sound and 1.0 is loud. To lower sound, choose for example for 0.3.

New poll 10 July
Now for the poll. This weeks question is what skill you think is the toughest to develop. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you have gay sims in your game. 2 thirds have at least some gay sims, but most have just a few. 1960 people voted and here are the results:

Do you have gay sims?
- Yes quite alot actually: 8%
- Yes, several: 13%
- Yes, but just a few: 42%
- No, not a single gay sim in the game: 37%

Console update 13 July
  From the official German Sims site, come some new console, mobile and psp pictures which can be found in the Console section:
3 New PSP pictures here: PSP pics
7 New mobile pictures: Mobile pics
And left, one new console pic.

New Nightlife screenshots 14 July
9 New Nightlife pictures have appeared.



Gamespot Nightlife update 15 July
Several updates from Gamespot:
An interview with Tim LeTourneau about "The art of Romance". Go read it here: Gamespot interview
An "Updated Impressions"; Bowling, Karaoke, and creatures of the night. Read it here: Gamespot article
2 Developer video interviews with Tim LeTourneau here: Developer Video
And also some new Nightlife pictures:


Misc. Nightlife news 15 July
  Gamespy posted a new Nightlife movie. In this movie, you can see several new Nightlife features in action like the cars, bowling, the pokertable and much more.
Go watch this movie here: Nightlife movie

Also finally a new Tim-mail has arrived. Tim has been touring through Europe to promote Nightlife and in this mail he tells something about it. He also talks about the progress of the game. Go read this mail here: Tim-Mail 4

IGN Nightlife update 16 July
  As Gamespy and Gamespot did yesterday, today IGN has some Nightlife updates:
A small preview can be found here: IGN article
And 6 short Nightlife movies can be found here: Nightlife movies

Big Console update 17 July
There was alot of Nightlife news the past days. However there was also alot of Console news. In this newspost I'll update you with every newsitem regarding Sims 2 on consoles/portables from the past days.

Playstation Portable:
- 4 new pictures here: PSP pics
- A preview by Gamespot: Gamespot article
- A preview by IGN: IGN article
- 4 new gameplay footage movies from Gamespot: Gamespot movies

- 5 new pictures here: Console pics
- A preview by 1 UP: 1 UP article
- A preview by IGN: IGN article
- A preview by Gamespot: Gamespot article
- A movie from Gamespy: Console movie
- 4 new gameplay footage movies from Gamespot: Console movies

Mobile phones:
7 new pictures here: Mobile pics
A movie from Gamespy: Mobile movie

Nintendo DS:
- 5 new pictures here: DS pics
- A preview by Gamespot: Gamespot article
- A preview by IGN: IGN article
- A movie from Gamespy: Nintendo DS movie
- 3 new gameplay footage movies from Gamespot: Gamespot movies

Gameboy Advance:
- 5 new pictures here: GB Advance pics
- A preview by Gamespot: Gamespot article
- A preview by IGN: IGN article
- 2 new gameplay footage movies from Gamespot: Gamespot movies

New downloads 17 July
  After a long time, there are some new downloads on the site. Not many yet, but that will change because the owner of katies sims 2 movies allows me to post her creations on this site. 3 clothing items from there are already available under the creatorname 'Moonkat'.
Go see the new downloads in the Bodyshop section here: New downloads

Gamespot Console update 19 July
Gamespot posted a couple new pictures from several Sims 2 versions:

- 2 New Playstation Portable screens here: PSP pics
- 3 New Nintendo DS screens here: DS pics
- 2 New Gameboy Advance screens here: GBA pics

Sims 2 survey 19 July
At the official Sims 2 site, you can again take a survey. Like last time, it's about future expansionpacks. The difference with this one is that the Spooked & Haunted option was gone and there are more details concerning the other options.
I'll post these details when the survey is over, so those that couldn't take it, can still read about them.

Go find this survey on the official sims 2 site here: www.thesims2.com

New nightlife pictures 20 July
Some new Nightlife pictures. 4 somewhat small pics from the Japanese EA site and 2 artpics from Cibersims.net:



Nightlife Styles Contest 21 July
At the official Sims 2 site, the winners of the Nightlife Styles Contest have been announced.
Go find them here: Nightlife Styles Contest Winners

New patch 21 July
An updated patch is available at the official Sims 2 site. According to the bbs message from MaxoidKane here, you do NOT need to install this patch if you have University installed.
If you don't have University, this patch will fix just a couple new things since the last patch like preventing accidental deletion of game data files, support for Hungarian in the package installer, etc.
Go find the patch here: Sims 2 patch

New artpics 21 July
Simszone.co.uk found some nice new artpictures. Note that I made them a bit smaller for easy viewing. See them bigger at simszone.


Misc. news 22 July
An update from the official Sims 2 site: 2 New pictures and also a new Nightlife movie can be found here: Karaoke movie
A new survey can also be found on the Sims2.com. This one is mostly about if you are planning to buy a console/portable Sims 2 version. Go find it on the official Sims 2 site which is here: www.thesims2.com
And lastly, my affiliate thesims2 website likes to give some attention to his new forum which you can find here: thesims2 website forum


Jack Thompson 23 July
Gamespot (as well as many other gaming sites) posted an article that Jack Thompson, an attorney and antigaming activist, gave the updated statement that "EA is "cooperating, gleefully, with the mod community to turn Sims 2 into a porn offering."
That ofcourse is totally stupid; Maxis always made sure that the game is suitable for all ages. Also, the modcommunity is what makes the game so great. Thousands of walls, skins and objects are already available keeping the game fun and interesting.
Thompson did however manage to give GTA: San Andreas an adult rating after the discovery of adult content in the game. It will be interesting to see how this develops.
Go read this article here: Gamespot article

Console update 23 July
Some new pictures for the Console and Portable version have shown up at Gamespot:

- 4 New Gameboy Advance screens here: GBA pics
- 4 New Playstation Portable screens here: PSP pics
- 4 New Console screens here: Console pics
- 3 New Nintendo DS screens here: DS pics
- 1 New Mobile screen here: Mobile pics

Misc. news 23 July
Gamespy posted an in-depth article with, um, Tha Love Doctah. It's mostly about dating. Go read it here: Gamespy article
Gamespy also had some new pics:


Gammo 23 July
Gammo, a dutch gaming tvshow had an item on Nightlife. Besides on TV, they also put these on their website.
In this report, Tim LeTourneau talks a bit about Nightlife and you see parts of Nightlife video's. Though some images are from the console version or just the original Sims 2 version.
It's still worth to see it though. You can find this streaming video on the homepage of Gammo here: Gammotv.nl

New poll 24 July
Time for a new poll. This one is about that Jack Thompson person. Are you worried about this whole issue? Click here to vote: New poll.
Please also sign the petition here: Petition
Last poll question was which skill you think is the toughest to develop. The Body skill with 38% and Charisma with 25% were the most picked choices. 2386 people voted and here are the results:

Which skill is the toughest/most annoying skill to develop?
- Mechanical: 11%
- Cooking: 4%
- Cleaning: 8%
- Body: 38%
- Logic: 11%
- Creativity: 4%
- Charisma: 25%

Misc. news 24 July
As promised, for those that missed it, here is the info from the 'next expansion survey' from a couple days ago: Maxis Survey
Also in the Bodyshop Downloads section, 3 new skins from Moonkat.

Console preview 25 July
For those interested in the console version of The Sims 2, Gamespy posted a small 2 page article about these versions.
Go see it here: Gamespy preview

Jack Thompson update 26 July
The Sims Zone.co.uk made a great article with many updates about the Jack Thompson case. In this article you can find many interesting links for more info about this matter.
Go see it here Simszone article

Let's all hope this ends well, as can be read from the article from Eurogamer:

"The ESRB has made no comment on Thompson's statement, and there is currently no suggestion that The Sims 2 could be slapped with a higher age rating as in the GTA: San Andreas case."

Misc. news 28 July
  Gamespot posted a new developer video about the portable Sims 2 versions. In this 6 minute movie, Virginia McArthur talks about the features of these games.
Go see it here: Developer video
A new Nightlife interview from Computer&Videogames. In this interview, EA's Shanti Bergel talks about many Nightlife features like Cars, Vampires, new activities and much more. Go read this interview here: Nightlife interview.
Thanks to Simszone.de for finding it.

Shacknews brings an updated reply from EA to the Jack Thompson case. Again, they deny there being bad content in the game. Go read it here: Shacknews article.

Lastly, on the Sims2.com you can now download a "Content Manager". It is a tool that allows you to view, enable, disable or delete modified content added to the game.
You can download this tool here: Content Manager

Jack Thompson update 28 July
Good news for all Sims fans; The following can be read in a new article from CNN:

"Thompson told CNN/Money that he's not sure he's even going to push for the ESRB to change the "Sims 2" rating, but he believes Congress will soon hold hearings on the whole issue of ratings and the content of video games.
Thompson acknowledged that any game, even one directed to young children, can be modified to include inappropriate images."

Read the full article here: CNN/Money article

New Nightlife pictures 29 July
From Gamespot come 4 new Nightlife pictures:


New poll 30 July
The new poll is a bit early but since the whole Thompson thing seems to be over, it's time to put it behind us.
The new poll question is if you fullfill your Sims Lifetime Goal. Click here to vote: New poll.
The result of the Thompson poll are pretty much devided on every option; One third was really worried and about 44% weren't much. 1657 people voted and here are the results:

Are you worried about the Jack Thompson issue?
- Yes, I'm very worried!: 33%
- I'm a fair bit worried yes: 23%
- No, just a little bit: 22%
- No this will all just blow over: 22%

Tim mail 30 July
The fifth mail from Tim LeTourneau has arrived. In this mail, he makes it clear that Nightlife is nearing completion. Go read it here: Tim-Mail 5
Also 4 new Nightlife pictures were sent, including the first official picture with a Vampire.


Misc. Nightlife news 31 July
  Simszone.co.uk found some great new artpics from Nightlife.

Also on the official site is a new Nightlife movie. In this movie you see nearly all Nightlife's new features like the cars, poker, bowling, disco and much more.
Go see it here: New movie

Site news 31 July
A small site update:
3 new downloads from Moonkat here: New downloads
And the movies section has been updated: Nightlife movies