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New movie 1 July
Remember those blurry pictures that were posted a couple days ago? Now the movie from those pictures can be found at the sims 2 official site.
See it here: New movie

Sims 2 scoop 2 July
Everybody probably have seen the latest Sims 2 scoop by now. Nothing new in it unfortunately.
Well, hopefully tomorrow there will be some new pictures cause it's already 3 weeks ago when the last official pictures arrived....

Misc. news 3 July
The chat transcript has been posted at the official Sims 2 site. Read it here: Chat transcript

Also, Lucy's weekly mail arrived and Darren Futa, a Producer on The Sims 2 talks about custom content.
Read the mail here: Lucy's mail.
Here are also 2 new pictures:

Articles 4 July
Here are some interviews/articles:
Warcry posted an article from an interview they had with Lucy Bradshaw. Read it here: Warcry article

SloopySniper from The Sims 2 Creation had an exclusive interview with Tim LeTourneau and Nancy Philippine. With their permission, I translated it. Read this article here: Translated Sims2Creation article

And finally, The Sims Choice Forum had an interview with... Me, Snooty! Read that one here: Snooty's interview. Note that you need to register to read it.

New poll 4 July
A quick notice; If you were unable to download the E3 movie (of cheating Don) from IGN, you can also get it here: E3 movie
Now the poll. In the translated article (see above) you could read that the money cheat will stay a secret for some time. So this weeks question is how badly you want this moneycheat. Click here for the new poll.
Last weeks question was if you will upgrade your PC for the Sims 2. Surprisingly, almost half of everybody say that their PC is fast enough. 1102 people voted and here are the results:

Will you upgrade your PC?
- No need, my PC is fast enough: 45%
- I will get a brand new PC: 12%
- I will upgrade some parts: 12%
- If the game goes too slow, then I will upgrade: 27%
- If the game goes too slow, too bad: 5%

New info and pics 8 July
The French site, The Sims 2 Creation participated in a press presentation of the Sims 2.
Here is just some of the things they learned there:
- At the limit of your sims properties there will be grass and sky (Your property will look extremely big).
- There will be between 6 and 9 tools for each part of your simís face in Create-a-Sim (CAS)
- There will be a lot of clothes in CAS, more than 50 for the normal clothes and more than 20 for the formal clothes.
- Night starts at 7 PM
- There will be an unlimited number of neighborhoods.
- When you chose a sim character traits in CAS he will act in consequence : Ex, if your sims is high on cleaning he will act like someone dusting. On the contrary if your low he will stick his finger in his ear and look what has come out of it! There are also many more animations for the other traits.

They were also given a cd with artpictures. Here are those that were new:

Interview part 2 9 July
Warcry posted part 2 of their interview with Lucy. Read it here: Warcry interview

Lucy's mail 10 July
Lucy's weekly mail arrived and in it she talks about ghosts! Read the mail here: Lucy's mail.
3 Ghostpictures came with the mail:

New pics 10 July
Here are 2 more new pictures. From IGN:

More new pics 11 July
After a long time of no new pictures, here are again 4 new ones. Now updated with the high-res versions. From Sims 2 Gamecentrum

New pictures 11 July
At the official Sims BBS it is learned that the following website has no less then 54 new Sims 2 pictures! It will take ages to get them all uploaded so for now check them out here: GameBase pictures
You can see them all at the bottom of that page.

New poll 11 July
A new poll. Lots of new pictures this weekend. This weeks question is if you like to know everything or rather want to be surprised once the game is out. Click here for the new poll.
Last weeks question was if you will use a money cheatcode. Almost half of all people can't wait to learn the new moneycode. 1457 people voted and here are the results:

How badly do you want the moneycode?
- As soon as possible!: 46%
- I could live without it for a short while: 23%
- There's no rush in getting it: 22%
- I don't use cheats: 9%

DVD version in Europe? 13 July
EA told Computer&Videogames that the Sims 2 DVD version will also be available for Europe. Read the short article here: Computer & Videogames
However in the following press release this is denied. Press release
Hopefully EA will give some explanation about this strange situation soon.

Misc. news 16 July
3 Pieces of news today:
Gamespot, Ign and Gamespy have posted updated impressions about the game. Read them here:

According to thesims.se, in Sweden, Norway and Denmark you will be able to buy a 'super-packet' late this month which contains extra things like screens, movies and more.. just like the DVD-Version. It is unknown if other (European) countries will have this 'super-packet' as well. It will surely be a good alternative since a DVD version probably won't be available outside the US.
Thanks to Sheeps TS2 site for this news.

And lastly, from The Sims zone.uk comes the news that the bonus CD with extras (which you get when you pre-order) is already being sold in several US shops. They contained some new wallpaper which you can also find there. Since they say it's ok to be posted on other fansites, you will find them here soon. A thank you for simszone.

'New' movie 16 July
Gamespot posted a new movie. It's really bits and pieces from other movies though, but a couple seconds are new.
If you still think that's worth to download this 50 Mb movie, go here: Gamespot movie
You can find the movie at the bottom of the page and it's called "Gameplay footage 5"

Lucy's mail 17 July
Lucy's weekly mail arrived and in it there is some talk about the press event and also a Bodyshop competition where you can win some cool prizes.
Read the mail here: Lucy 's mail

New movies 17 July
IGN promised several updates today and the first are some new movies. There are 8 in total. 5 movies on the first page and 3 more on the 2nd page.
Go here to see them: New movies

New downloads and poll 18 July
Some new downloads! In the clothing section there are some nice new items made by Dave. Also in the hair section chestnut hair made by Schweighsr.

Since it's sunday, also a new poll. Since we had some disappointing simdays, this weeks question is what you like to get at simdays. Click here for the new poll.
Last weeks question was if you want to be surprised with the game or rather want to know everything. Almost 8 out of 10 people want to know alot but still like to be surprised. 1613 people voted and here are the results:

Do you want the game to surprise you?
- No I want to know everything!: 15%
- I want to know alot but I still like to be surprised: 79%
- I try not to watch everything: 5%
- I stopped watching pics cause I want to be totally surprised: 1%

New preview 19 July
GameInformer posted a new Sims 2 preview. Read it here: Preview

Lucy's mail 24 July
Lucy's weekly mail arrived and in it Claire Curtin, one of the Game Designers, and Robi Kauker, their Audio Lead, talk about the simlish language. Also several MP3's with examples of this language were in this mail.
Read (and hear) it here: Lucy 's mail

New poll 25 July
Let's have a funny poll this week. What are your thoughts about what happened to Bella Goth? Click here for this new poll.
Last weeks question was what you would like for a simday. This weeks simday was again not much to write home about. Hopefully Maxis will use the results below for a future simday. 1545 people voted and here are the results:

What would you like for simday?
- A sims 2 chat: 17%
- New Bodyshop packs: 23%
- NEW pictures: 54%
- Other: 6%

Translation 26 July
Someone from the official UK sims forum translated some of the Chinese pictures (It was some days ago, but I just found it). Go read them here: Translations

New pics 27 July
The French Sims site The Sims 2 Creation posted some info from a French magazine. I can't make much from it, but there were some new pictures with the article. I also had a Sims 2 add lying around (last picture) so I just add it with them.

New movie and picture 28 July
At the official norwegian Sims site, a new movie can be found about aspirations. This movie was partly to see at Itavisen. See it completely here: Aspiration movie
Thanks to Silver7 from the forums for finding it.

From the official Denmark sims site comes a known garden picture from another angle:

Designer diary 9 29 July
GameSpot posted a new designer diary with 9 new pictures. Read it all here: Designer Diary

New movie 29 July
At the official Japanese sims site you can find a new movie. It's about 23 Mb and lasts for about 4 minutes. See it here: New movie
If you want to save it to your pc, right-click the following link and choose 'save target as...': Link
Thanks to alexdulot from the forums for finding it.

New pics 30 July
Below are 2 new Sims 2 pictures from The Sims 2 scoop newsletter (wich will probably arrive tomorrow).

Misc. news 30 July
On the official Sims 2 site, is now a nice flash page. There you can also see that the Sims 2 rating for The Sims 2 in America will be Teen: Flash page
Thanks to the sims 2.cz for finding it.

A couple of people sent in translations for the French article. Thank you for that! Read it here: French translation

Lucy's mail 31 July
Lucy's weekly mail arrived and in it she talks about Bodyshop and the future exchange. Read it here: Lucy 's mail
The mail came with some new pictures: