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New movie pics 4 July
On a Belgian gaming magazine "PC GamePlay", was a coverdisk with a movie from the Sims 2 at E3. Because I can't post the movie, I've made some screenshots from it. The movie looked alot like the Fragland movie, so i've removed some pics of that.

Makin'Magic officially announced 9 July
Today, Maxis has officially announced their new expansionpack. It's called: The Sims: Makin' Magic and as the title says, it's about magic and scary things like making potions and spells, mummies, ghosts and skeletons.
Read the official press release here: Official press release
I made a Makin' Magic page similar to that of the Sims 2. I don't have a link button yet but you can check it out here: Makin'Magic

New Sims 2 pics 9 July
Gamespot has posted 6 new Sims 2 pictures. Check them out here: Gamepot Sims 2 pics

Site news 10 July
I did the following updates:
- I changed the Sims 2 pics so that the newest are at the top.
- Added some new Sims 2 info from Gamespot.
- And i added 2 new previews about the new Exp.Pack here.

New moviepics 11 July
In my Sims 2 pics section, I have placed some new screenshots from the new GameSpot movies. It has some great views from the 3-story house. Also 2 pics of the Make-a-Sim.

Makin'Magic pics 12 July
If you are unable to see the new Makin' Magic movies at GameSpot, i have made some screenshots from it and placed them in my Makin' Magic page.

Designer diary 19 July
Gamespot is holding a designer diary about the Sims 2 from now on. The first one can be found here: Designer diary 1
There are also 2 new Sims 2 pics.

Site news 22 July
I forgot to mention here that yesterday, I added 3 new Sims 2 pics and also updated the PC Format article.
For today, I added 9 new objects in the downloads section.

GameSpot article 23 July
I've made a temp-page where you can see some more pictures from the Gamespot movie. I will remove it in about 10 days.

Makin'Magic survey 25 July
You can now do a survey about the Sims Makin'Magic. During the survey, you see several objects from that expansionpack including 2 different rollercoasters. Tomorrow, all those pictures will be on this site.
You can find the survey here: Makin' Magic survey

Site news 27 July
Update for today is: I added the survey pictures (boxcovers and objects) to my Makin'Magic page. Oh and yesterday I added a links page for Sims 2 sites.
In the coming days I will add a weekly poll to my Sims 2 page.

Misc news 30 July
Simday brings us 3 new Makin' Magic pictures. Check them out at my Makin' Magic section!
There's also a 2nd official press release. I guess the first one was for Europe and this new one is for America. It's just alittle different; In Europe we get a sexy hostess and in America an entertaining hostess.

New Makin'Magic pics 31 July
Yet again some new Makin'Magic pictures! You can find 5 new pics at the English Maxis site here: Thesims.uk.ea.com I will place those new pics on my site later.