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Sims3 Store update 3 January
There's a new set in the Sims3 Store:

Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes: 28 items for $20,- (temporarily $16,75)

Livestream 8 January
Check the recording of the live stream with news of upcoming Sims titles here: Live broadcast

The Sims 3: University 8 January
  The Sims 3: University has been officially announced. With the announcement comes a new set of screenshots and a press release.
Check it here: Press release
And here's the trailer: University Life trailer


Sims line-up 2013 8 January
EA released the line-up for upcoming Sims titles for 2013:
- January 22: The Sims 3: 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff
- March 5: The Sims 3: University Life
- June: The Sims 3: Island Paradise
- Fall: Yet unnamed Stuff pack inspired by iconic movie themes and settings.
- Fall: Yet unnamed expansion pack where Sims will be able to travel to the future.

Check the details here: Press release

Misc. news 10 January
University blog
SimGuruKarsky posted a blog about the recently announced University Life expansion. The blog is about grades, social groups and parties.
Read it here: University blog

New patch
There's a new patch and it fixes a few minor things for the game, Create-a-World and store items.
Check the fixes here: Patch 1.47

New University screenshots
From the official University info page on TheSims3.com and Facebook come a few new University screenshots:


New University blog 17 January
Lauren McLemore, University Life Assistant Producer posted a new University blog.
Check it here: "A social life" blog

70s, 80s, 90s blog 20 January
SimGuruSarah posted a new '70s, 80s, 90s' blog.
Check it here: "Sims Get Fly in the 90s" blog

New poll 25 January
There's a new poll. The question is what you think about the expansion after University, Island Paradise. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you liked the Sims 2 University. It seems EA did a good thing bringing this expansion back as 59% liked it a lot while 31% thought it was ok. Just a very small percentage didn't like it.
2046 people voted and here are the results:

Did you like the Sims 2 University?
- Yes I liked it a lot!: 59%
- It was ok: 31%
- No, I didn't like it at all: 6%
- I never played University: 4%

Sims3 Store update 25 January
There's a new set in the Sims3 Store:

Ragtime in the Big Easy: 25 items for $16,50 (temporarily $13,50)

University Q and A 27 January
SimGuruHydra posted a blog with a Q and A for University.
Read it here: University Q and A

New University blog 30 January
Brittany Henry, Associate Producer, wrote a blog about University where she explains how classrooms work.
Read it here: Academics: A Guide to Making the Grade

Aurora Skies 31 January
SimGuruTaterTot revealed the next downloadable world; Aurora Skies. This new world resembles Iceland with its hot springs and waterfalls, but the main feature is the Aurora Borealis (northern lights). Aurora Skies willl be released on February 21.
Read the info here: Forum post - Blog - Community blog