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First pic of Outdoor Living 6 January
It took a few days to appear complete, but the first screenshot from Outdoor Living Stuff has been released.

Sims3 Store update 7 January
TheSims3Store has updated with 4 new sets:

- Muse Luxury: 9 items for $4,50
- Through the Spy Glass: 16 items for $8,50
- Luxe Kidswear: 14 items for $10,-
- Year of the Rabbit: 5 items for $1,-

Yes, there are no free sets or items this month. Also, to avoid disapointment on the Muse set; Only a few items from the screenshot are available. The vases, statue and buildmode items will most likely come in a future set.

New Outdoor Living pictures 11 January
Sims Facebook UK released 3 new screenshots for the Outdoor Living pack:


New poll 18 January
There's a new poll. The question is if you use 'negative' traits on your Sim like Unflirty or Dislikes children . Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you like the old or new Sims3 box better. A pretty divided result. Most people prefer the old box but still almost 1 in 3 likes the new one better. 7% wants another redesign.
2338 people voted and here are the results:

Do you like the old or new Sims3 box better?
- The old one: 39%
- The new one: 32%
- They're both nice: 22%
- They're both not that good: 7%

Article on Sims' behaviour 20 January
Gamasutra posted a big article where they mostly discuss the behaviour of The Sims. Charles London, creative director of EA's The Sims Studio talks about many examples of this. It does go a bit technical at some points but you may find it interesting nonetheless.
Read the story here: Gamasutra article

Future Store set 22 January
     EA revealed images of a future Sims3Store set. It's an Anime style clothes set. Hopefully it won't be too long before it arrives cause the former sneak peak, the futuristic kitchen set is long overdue.

New poll 27 January
With my busy work on the daily site updates, I totally forgot to post the latest poll results. First this week's question: What do you think of the upcoming Anime style clothes set? Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was if you use 'negative' traits like Unflirty or Dislikes children. As expected a bit, negative traits are not very popular. They're interesting for an occasional Sim but not used regularly. 8 out of 10 uses them very occasionally.
1762 people voted and here are the results:

Do you use 'negative' traits on your Sim?
- No, rarely!: 36%
- Yes, but only occasionally: 42%
- I use them on a regular basis: 18%
- I use them a lot: 4%

New Store set 28 January
There is a new set in the Sims3Store. It's a bit special as it's a lot download and contains 12 items. It's a bit expensive with a price of $10,- There are a lot of complaints on several forums about this expensive price. Especially since the items can't be purchased seperate.
For those that like to see what's inside this lot, check out The Mare's Nest
And here's the link to the Store item: Olympian Physique

Small tutorial 28 January
Because of a bug, I am unable to use the community buildings from Late Night in my other towns. I found out that more people had this problem so I made a little tutorial to make it possible to use these buildings.
Hopefully EA will fix this in a future patch, but for now, check out the tutorial.

Outdoor Stuff preview 28 January
'Omnii' from the Sims forums got Outdoor Stuff a week earlier and posted screenshots of all the objects.
Check it here: Sims3Forum

Barnacle Bay coming to stores 30 January
Infinite Sims found a pre-order of Barnacle bay on Gamestop and Amazon. The price is no less then $19,99!
I guess after that ridiculous price of 10 dollar for that Olympia building, EA thinks the Sims fans will buy everything no matter what the price is. They really should get their act together cause while Late Night is still full of bugs, they happily keep selling more stuff instead.

Outdoor Stuff trailer 31 January
The Outdoor Living trailer is released on YouTube. Now in English thanks to Sims Nieuws
Check it here: Outdoor Living trailer