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Sims 3 Store update 10 January
The Sims 3 Store has been updated with new sets and a few new free items. The new sets are 'Gothique', 'Old Town', 'Fanciful Fashions', 'Lunar New Year' and the free set called 'Happy Valentines'.
Find the sets here: Sims3 Store

The free items can be found here: Bonsai tree - Shoji Screen - Table Lamp - Banquett Fan

Misc. news 11 January
Sims on console
No big surprise really but now it's officially mentioned by EA boss John Riccitiello that there will be Sims on console this fiscal year. No details about it yet though.
Read more about it here: Computerandvideogames.com

Sims T-Shirts
The official Sims 3 site posted the news about Sims 3 T-Shirts available at Hot Topic. I never heard of that store but they do have international shipping for those interested.
Check the shirts here: Hot Topic

High-End Loft screens 14 January
3 Weeks before the first Sims 3 Stuffpack arrives, screenshots from this pack are posted on the Sims3.com. I will add a High-End Loft infopage soon.
Check the screens here: High-End Loft screens

Sims 3 bestselling game 2009 18 January
Tracking firm NPD posted a list of the best selling US retail games from 2009. Sims 3 is placed at number 1 with a good placed World Adventures at 7. Unfortunately they're not counting online sales, which make up a larger percentage of sales each year. But it's at least a good indication of the popularity of the Sims 3.
Check the full list here: Gamasutra.com

New poll 19 January
Time for a new poll. The question is how long you've been playing The Sims. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you think of the World Adventures tombs. Almost nobody find them too difficult and most find them either easy or well balanced. A big percentage for those that haven't been treasure hunting yet, but most likely these also includes those who doesn't have the expansion yet.
1943 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think of the World Adventures tombs?
- They are way too easy: 17%
- Difficulty is just right: 18%
- I find them too hard: 2%
- Some are difficult, some are easy: 34%
- Haven't really been treasure hunting yet: 29%

Interview Evan Taubenfeld 22 January
I had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Evan Taubenfeld. That's a singer who had a simlish song in World Adventures.
Check out this interview here: Evan Taubenfeld.

Sims3 Stuff interview 23 January
German fansite Simfans had the opportunity to have an interview with Associate Producer Melanie Lam about the upcoming High-End Loft Stuff pack.
Check the interview here: Simfans.de

Expansionpack rumour 25 January
There was a Superstar and Pets expansion rumour but now there's also a Hobby expansion rumour! This time however it looks a bit more serious. Apparently an employee from the Dutch toystore 'Bart Smit' saw this expansion on a release list and later it was confirmed by this store that it's real.
The title is going to be Hobby and Profession with a releasedate of June 4.
With thanks to vliegtuig1992 from the Dutch Sims forums and Simsplanet2.com for confirming it with the store.