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Misc. news 2 January
Forum update
You may have noticed the old forum gone. It's still there, but it's upgraded to version 3. There is still a lot of work on it though, so in the meantime please use the new forum.

New interview
I found a new interview with Ben Bell. Still need to translate it but hope to post it tomorrow.

InfiniteSims asks submissions
You can send questions to InfiniteSims for the band Bang Camaro, who is composing a Simlish song for The Sims 3.
Send them here: InfiniteSims

New interview 3 January
Dutch gaming site DGS-online posted an interview with Ben Bell. He's asked about neighborhoods, aliens and even about DRM.
Note that it's translated from Dutch so it's a bit rough. Also note that the interview was taken 2 months ago; I only recently found it.
Check it here: New interview

New Sims2 Store items 8 January
The Sims 2 Store continues to update with new items. Today, 80 new items in the new category 'Art Nouveaulicious' was added.
Personally I still think the store is way too expensive but there may be a few items of interest for you.
Check the new items here: The Sims 2 Store

New poll 13 January
There's a new poll. This weeks question is what age length you would give your Sim. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you think of the reduced Needs. It's pretty clear from the results that EA made the right move with lessen the importance of the Needs. 80% is fine or happy with the change. Only a small number (4%) is disapointed.
5383 people voted and here are the results:

What do you think of the reduced Needs?
- Good! Now I can finally focus on stories and such: 41%
- I'm fine with the change: 39%
- I rather kept it the old way, but I will manage: 16%
- I'm HIGHLY disapointed the they reduced the needs so much!: 4%

Creator's Camp 13 January
The Sims 3 Creator's Camp has started and the invited fansites are already reporting new details about the game. Below a few interesting facts:
- You can set lifespans to range from 25–1,000 days.
- There's a roof height slider.
- There’s a "Create-a-Twin" tool in CAS.
- There is a button that lets you buy a certain house furnished or unfurnished.
- You can set light colors and brightness levels (both indoor and out).

Check out all the details at Thesiddog and Simcredible Designs

Misc. Sims 3 news 14 January
Bang Camaro
Infinite Sims posted the interview they had with Bang Camaro, the band with a song for The Sims 3.
Check it here: Infinite Sims

Teen rating for Sims 3
The ESRB, the company that decides the age rating for games, gave a teen rating for Sims 3. Not very surprising or interesting but the official, serious reason is actually quite hilarious:

Sims characters need to maintain their health and hygiene and do so by eating, exercising, bathing, and using the toilet, which is depicted by a blurred, pixilated effect and trickling sounds. Avatars can also vomit, emit flatulence, and wet themselves if no toilet is available.
Check the full text here: ESRB

Creator's Camp update
The second day at the Creator's Camp gives a huge amount of new Sims 3 info. A few highlights:
- Due to her daredevil trait, I don't get the normal interactions, but I get interactions like extreme nap, extreme sleep.
- Households can be merged, evicted and splitted.
- Build Mode plants are very nice. And anytime you place a shrub it is automatically a different size.
- Tombstones now show the cause of death. The ghosts are still colored according to death.
- Hair styles can be custom to each clothing category, so if your Sim has long hair, you could choose for her to wear it up whenever dressed in formalwear or sportswear. Sims might be seen with it down while showering.

Check out all the details at Edenstyle, tdyannd and TSR

New Sims 3 pics 16 January
German gamesite GamesWelt posted a preview with 3 new Sims 3 Screenshots.
Thanks to Sim Times for the find.


Site news 17 January
There was a lot of confusion if the old forum could continue or if we had to go for a new one. Fortunately, the old forum has been succesfully upgraded and is available again. You can find it in the main menu on the left. The Test forum will stay for a few more weeks to make the transition easier.

Creator's Camp
I haven't updated with the latest info from the Creator's Camp, instead, I created a large page with most of the new info that came from all the fansites that were present. Check it here: Creator's Camp info
In about a week, it will be merged with the Facts page.

Site loading
You may have noticed that Snooty Sims occasionally loads a bit slower then normal (or not at all). This is because of the huge amount of new visitors this site is getting now Sims 3 is close to release.
I ask for your understanding in this; Once the Sims 3 is released, loading times should return to normal.

IGN Sims 3 update 18 January
Sorry, I'm a bit late with this news. IGN had a big Sims 3 update yesterday with a preview, movie and screenshots.
Check it here: IGN.com


New poll 19 January
There's a new poll. This weeks question is what you don't like about Sims 3. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what age length you would give your Sim. More then half of all people will use the same agelength as in Sims 2 (95 days). 200 Days is also popular with 25% but all the others got fairly low amounts of votes.
3262 people voted and here are the results:

What age length you would give your Sim?
- Short (25 days): 7%
- Normal (95 days): 51%
- Long (200 days): 25%
- Epic (1000 days): 10%
- I will turn off aging: 7%

New Sims 3 screenshots 22 January
EA Poland posted 4 screenshots coming from the Creator's Camp.
Thanks to Sim Times for the find.


Sims 3 megapost 24 January
I missed a few newsbits so here is it all in a big newspost:

Gamespot updates
As IGN did a few days ago, now Gamespot updated with lots of Sims 3 news.
- First of all, they posted a big 'Hands-on' article where they created a new Sim and followed it around town. Check this article here: Gamespot Hands-on
- Gamespot also posted an article about the Creator's Camp. They checked out the Create-a-Style and CAS. Read this article here: Gamespot Creator's Camp
- And lastly, they posted 2 movies. One about the Creator's Camp and in another they interviewed MJ Chun. Check them here: Creator's Camp movie - Interview

Machinima blog
Decorgal is a machinima director and was invited to the Creator's Camp. In a blog, she goes into big details about the moviemaking tools, but also about many other interesting parts of the game like Sims animations, cheats and missing features.
Check it here: Decorgal's blog

Delay rumours
On many forums, there are rumours about The Sims 3 being delayed! The source of this rumour was a visitor from the Creator's Camp who noticed the game still had many bugs. There are absolutely no signs of this;
- EA always announces delays with a press release (did not happen).
- Those who pre-ordered did not get other releasedata.
- Sim Times asked EA and assured them there is no delay.
- Tdyannd posted at the TSR forums that they played an older version and that 150 people are working on any bugs.

TheSims3World posted an interview with Bang Camaro. Check it here: Interview

Delay rumours II 25 January
And I thought the rumours about a delay of Sims 3 was just that, a rumour, but more worrying news keep surfacing:
- The official releasedate is removed from both the official Sims 3 site and several EA sites (EA UK).
- There is still no official cover for the game despite it should almost go to the presses.
- Someone from the BBS who pre-ordered got a releasedate of June 18! Sims BBS
- French Amazon give a releasedate of February 26 (though a delay of just a week is not unusual considering shipping times).
- Many Australian stores give a releasedate of March 26: DStore

Hopefully EA will clear up the confusion soon. Note that near all american shops still have a releasedate of Feb 16 or 20.

EA "evaluating" Sims 3 release date 26 January
It looks like there will be a delay after all. Eurogamer posted an article where Electronic Arts said the following:

"We are evaluating the launch window. The game looks great and in the near future we'll have more information."
Check out this news here: Eurogamer.com article

New poll 27 January
A few bits about the delay; I've set the releasedate countdown a full month later, but you must realize that it may not come out until May/June as EA told European stores that it will be released in the first half of 2009. Further more, Spong.com was told that February 3, EA will give an official statement about the delay.

Now the new poll. This weeks question is if you prefer a bugged game arriving on time or a complete game somewhat later. Click here to vote: New poll.
Last poll question was what you don't like about Sims 3. It's obvious that DRM is the most hated part of Sims 3 with almost 1 third of all votes. The fact that it doesn't have expansionpack features annoys 1 in 4 people. The ads, unable to transfer Sims and the looks of them did not get a whole lot of votes.
6077 people voted and here are the results:

What's the most negative point about The Sims 3?
- It has DRM: 31%
- The in-game ads: 13%
- I need to upgrade my pc or it runs slow: 19%
- Bare game; no pets, seasons,etc: 25%
- Can't transfer my Sims to new game: 5%
- I don't like how the Sims look: 7%

Parsimonious Sims 3 review 28 January
Parsimonious visited the Creator's Camp and has now written up a massive Sims 3 review. They've written down all the traits, an overview about CAS and Create a Style, the worrying issues like in-game ads and lots more.
Check it here: Parsimonious

New blog 29 January
The official Sims 3 site posted a new blog today from Eric Holmberg-Weidler, Sims 3 designer, but was removed shortly after. Fortunately, InfiniteSims saved it and you can read it here: New blog

New Sims 3 video 31 January
Fr.msn.com updated with a new movie in their series where French fansites visit EA. This movie shows quite a lot of gameplay actually and also shows the editing of the neighborhood terrain.
Check it out here: New Sims 3 video